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Monday, June 29, 2009

Open Your Heart to Pedophilia

A few weeks ago I posted this picture of Madonna's boy toy, Jesus, in my Christ's Musical Express blog entry. I highlighted the connection between the age gap between Madonna and Jesus, the fact that he's wearing a shirt that says "boy", and the fact that he has on Disney mouse ears.

A couple of days ago I ran across these photos of Madonna from around 86/87 (True Blue/Who's That Girl/You Can Dance era).
As you can see, in the last picture, Madonna has placed Micky Mouse's hand in her shirt on her breast.

Earlier that year (or the year before) Madonna kissed a young boy on the lips in the music video for "Open Your Heart". Surprisingly the scene caused no controversy and no one in the media even mentioned it. Yet, even before any allegations, people were already questioning Michael Jackson's association with children. Let's take a look at the video for "Open Your Heart".

The video has a lot of interesting elements to it like the inclusion of gay characters and the female characters who lust after Madonna but I want to focus on something that hasn't been addressed enough, Madonna's relationship with the young boy in the video.

The video is about a young boy trying to get into an adult erotic peep show.
The star in the show is Madonna. Her look in this video is androgynous and it reminds me of a mix between James Dean and Sally Bowles from Cabaret.
http://artfiles.art.com/images/-/Cabaret-Poster-C10053920.jpegAt the end of the video she leaves the club and kisses the young boy on the lips.

At 2:48 of the following clip, Madonna's inappropriate conduct towards thee young boy (played by a different actor on the tour) continues. When she kisses him here the crowd screams.

Her interaction with him was inappropriate several times during the show. You can view the entire show here.

Moving right along...

At this weekend's BET Awards (ironically dedicated to Michael Jackson) rising rap star Drake performed "Every Girl" with Lil Wayne. If you haven't heard the song yet the main lyrics are "I wish I could fuck every girl in the world." The entire song is basically about fucking girls. Let's take a look at the girls they chose to perform with them for this song.

What the hell? What is the point of these children being on stage "shaking it" during such a vulgar song?


LOVE the ending. Right along the lines of things I've been covering. Can someone tell me what the name of the Jodie Foster movie at the end is?

Update: The movie is called Contact.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chariot Princess

In a recent blog entry about Usher, by celebrity gossip site Bossip, the subject of staged celebrity publicity shots came up. Apparently stars like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Usher, and Rihanna are hiring paparazzi agencies to take photos that the stars and their handlers later sift through to find the best shot to send out to the media. This is, of course, nothing new. Old Hollywood was completely staged with not only staged paparazzi shots but arranged marriages. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with that. With stars like Britney Spears almost being consumed by paparazzi vultures I can see why others stars are attempting to take back control of their public image.

My main interest in this scenario is what are the messages being propagated through these highly publicized shots?
Here is a staged shot of Beyonce and Jay-Z leaving a restaurant. Jay-Z is wearing a Saturn inspired shirt while Beyonce is rocking a military, Michael Jackson style jacket. The image of Saturn has huge Occult importance as Occultist worshiped the God of Saturn among many others.

The military inspired fashion always reminded me of royal bloodlines. It's of no surprise that all of the usual suspects have worn similar outfits.
Michael Jackson started the trend way back in the 80's. With his huge success, he was of course a huge tool. He pioneered many of the programming themes like the military fashion, Clockwork Orange, and the robotic agenda that we see being used on the new generation today. He eventually rebelled and was punished but that's a whole different story. I may cover that in the future (I mentioned some of it in my Just Dance entry).
Here we see Britney Spears whipping her observers into shape as the Ringleader of her Circus Tour.
Kanye under his multi-colored ella ella eh eh (another staged photo? He's linked to Jay-Z).
Little Miss Sunshine herself (Rihanna) always being used as a tool these days.

And then there's this video by Janelle Monae. Full of symbolism. We have the military outfits, Metropolis theme, robots, holographic images, Eyes Wide Shut masks, top hats, umbrellas (inside of a building), MJ dance moves, lightening shock (awakening), wedding.

Let's bring it back to the publicity shots. The first photo of Rihanna getting into a cab is interesting. If you've followed Soundlessdawn on Youtube I'm sure you're aware of the Taxi Cab symbolizing a dimension traaveling chariot. That is why the checkerboard pattern is on Taxi's.
To conspiracy theorist, the checkerboard pattern simply means "Masons", but it has deeper symbolic meanings concerning dimensional traveling and duality. Conquring the light and dark, heaven and hell and that is why it is used in Masonry.

The cab has been used in association with Rihanna various times. Other than this publicity shot, the most notable example would be her music video for the song "Don't Stop The Music" (which samples Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin Somethin"). Click here to watch.

In the video Rihanna and her friends emerge out of a taxi. Notice how long she sings in front of the mirror. Why is that necessary? If you watched The Workings of Evil. I'm sure you know what she's singing to.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Same as it ever was.

This is going to be a bit of a stream of consciousness so bare with me.

Unless you've been living under a rock, I'm sure you've heard by now that Michael Jackson has died. Sadly, Farrah Fawcett died too, but her death was overshadowed by the passing of the King. It's sad that even the dead must compete for attention in this celebrity obsessed culture.

Death has been on my mind a lot lately. My father, who has been battling cancer for years, is finally dying. I am literally watching him disappear. Every bit of what defined my father to me is gone.

On the flip side, life has been on my mind a lot too. Watching my father die and the recent deaths of MJ and Farrah has made me realize that life is right now. This is something I've always known, but it's not something I always live by.

It feels like everything is ending for me. My father is dying and I'm losing a lot of old friends for various reasons. On the flip side I'm gaining a lot of new friends and doors are opening for me in terms of my career and life. Maybe that's what it's all about. To gain something you have to lose something. That's life. People die and babies are born. It's a cycle that never seems to end.

So right now, in this moment, there is nothing to fear. Outside forces and circumstances change form but I'm still here on my journey trying to make the most of it until I die.

Same as it ever was, same as it ever was. Peace.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I know I haven't updated in a week or so but my personal life has been really busy. I do want to say that I have A LOT to cover when I start blogging again. I plan on covering a few areas concerning Rihanna which is something I've wanted to do for a long time but something else always comes up. I will be addresses some of her symbolic publicity shots and the manipulation of her image. I will also be going further with my exploration of dimensional traveling and receiving messages from other realms and how these concepts can be found in work by Madonna and Mary J. Blige. I'm really excited about the Madonna and Mary J. Blige entries because I feel like it will answers a lot of questions about the themes that I've been exploring for a while. Until then, stay in touch!

Things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

Ring of Knowledge
Chariots of Ascension/Taxi Cabs
Magic mirrors and reflections of the future
Glamour and the Occult

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tom Hanks : Illuminati Actor

In my last entry, Christ's Musical Express, I briefly mentioned Tom Hanks and my belief that he is an Illuminati actor. This morning I found the following video by Youtube truth seeker Killuminati that points out the various Masonic and Illuminati symbols that appear in numerous films by Tom Hanks and other actors. Check it out.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Christ's Musical Express

As a teenager David Bowie was my hero. He was dangerous, intelligent, mysterious, and sexually ambiguous. To enjoy his work was to step into a world of everything I'm interested - the dichotomy of religious and Occult symbolism, the dissection of traditional gender roles, and the satirical commentary on the idolatry of pop culture. He explored Satanism, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and Christianity all under the iconic masks of characters such as Ziggy Stardus, Aladdin Sane, and the Thin White Duke.

It has long been known that David Bowie's work is full of Occult and Magickal references. In the 70's David Bowie introduced Kabbalah to the general public. In interviews he identified himself as a practicing Kabbalahlist. This declaration was one of David's many media manipulations; a few years earlier he had referred to himself as a Buddhist. Despite the questionable authenticity of Bowie's allegiance to Kabbalah, this very public association of a famous pop star with a, then, obscure spiritual practice brought Kabbalah (the inspiration behind Freemasonry) into the the mainstream and introduced Bowie next character, the Thin White Duke, as a Kabblahlist.


David Bowie's next album was titled Station to Station. In a 2001 interview Bowie admitted that the inspiration for the title and the lyrics to the title track was the cabbalistic (same as Kabbalah) tree of life and the fourteen landmarks on Christ's path to the crucifixtion (and conjuring up spirits; something I will get into later when we boogie with Madonna). This fusion of the Occult and Christianity is interesting and a concept I will return to later in this blog. For now let's stick to David Bowie.

the Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Chakras of the Kundalini represent the same thing, the merging of the feminine and masculine energies to obtain spirirual enlightenment. As I explained here, I believe that is what is behind the androgynous public personas of artists like Bowie, Prince, and Marilyn Manson who's work all contain esoteric symbolism.

Verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man born be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.

The symbol often associated with the Kundalini is the Caduceus which is better known today as a symbol for the medical industry. As a teenager I wore a necklace with the symbol and I always got the question "Do you want to go into the medical field?".

The relationship between the Tree of Life and the Chakras is interesting because just as Bowie used train stations to symbolize a spiritual experience the band Love and Rockers, who were also mentioned here, associated trains with spirituality on their song "Kundalini Express".

Here's another one of their album covers which uses the 8 pointed star that I always write about here. It's interesting how it all starts to come together.

Years after David Bowie first introduced Kabbalah to the mainstream in the 70's, Kabbalah become a solidified pop culture staple when the ultimate pop star, Madonna, jusitified her love for the faith on a glabal scale. It is now common for celebrities such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton to be photographed sporting the infamous Kabbalah red strings and attending Kabbalah services; where as when Bowie first introduced it Kabbalah was seen as weird and satanic. Social conditioning?

In Madonna's 2008 Sticky & Sweet tour she performed her hit song "Music" wearing purple shorts (also note the rainbow belt with stars).
Purple is the color often associated with Kundalini as it symbolizes the red and blue (masculine and feminine) energies coming together (blue + red = purple). To top it off the video projection behind her is of a New York Subway (train).

The line "Do you like to boogie" reminds me of this video series where they explore Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" and the line "boogie" as association with spirits or entities, remember Bowie said one of the inspiration behind Station to Station was conjuring up spirits.

So where does Christ come into all of this? Besides Bowie's revelation that Christ was one of the inspirations behind Station to Station, a train was used in a VERY symbolic Christmas movie geared towards children.

All aboard the Express Kundalini.

The Polar Express is very symbolic and I find it interesting that a lot of Christians enjoy it. The film stars Tom Hanks who, in my opinion, is an Illuminati movie star but let's not go there because I don't want this blog entry to be about the Illuminati on the control behind the scenes.

To keep it moving, Christmas itself is full of Occult practices. Click here for more on that (and do further research).

The fusion of Christmas and the Occult was explored on Eyes Wide Shut as all of the rituals were performed during the "holiday" season". The 8 pointed star was also featured prominately during this film. The 8 pointed star is the symbol of regeneration as the snake sheds his skin, the intertwining snakes of the kundalini. It all relates to rebirth or as Madonna would say "re-invention".

Speaking of Madonna, she herself is a fusion between religion and the Occult. Her name signifies her Catholic faith yet she is a Kabbalahist. Her name represents a Goddess but her persona was that of a whore. Her current boy toy, Jesus, displays that same dichotomy. First of all the pairing of the Madonna and Jesus is incestuous. Since his pairing with Madonna the media has jumped on him presenting a darker image for him.
Here he is photographed for a recent photo shoot. Considering Walt Disney's rumored rumor pedophilia (and the age difference between Jesus and Madge), his "boy" shirt and Disney ears were an interesting choice.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Adam tempted by Eve


After months of speculation, American Idol loser Adam Lambert finally "comes out" of the closet during a recent Rolling Stone cover story.

It's interesting they'd use a green serpent on a cover story about a pop star named ADAM. Also notice the butterfly. I'm sure he's up for an a interesting career with lots of symbolism; he's backed by Freemason Simon Cowell after all.


Monday, June 8, 2009

Blonde Ambition 2

Here's a screen shot from Blondie's "(I'm Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear" music video.

There's the video above and as you can see there's a ton of shots of two Deborah's which heightens the duality theme.
In Madonna's video for "Rain" which, like the Blondie video, uses the color blue a lot, Madonna is wearing headphones (which I explained in the Radio Star entry). If you read the lyrics the song is also about a presence. Madonna even sings "I know it's real". There would be no need to question the reality of something that is physically present.

This would also be a nice time to bring up the new Basement Jaxx video "Raindrops". Obviously the song has similar lyrical content with Madonna's "Rain". Basement Jaxx also have an album titled Crazy Itch Radio. The outfits worn by one of the females in the video reminds me of Britney in her current tour.
The duality theme is all over the Basement Jaxx video.

Blonde Ambition

Here's a picture of Blondie's lead vocalist Deborah Harry with a bunch of old fashion radios. The picture is very similar to concepts and themes I've been exploring for a while involving the usage of radios in popular culture and how they subliminally represent trans-communication and/or channeling spirits or entities from other realms or dimensions. I explored these these here in my Radio Star entry.

Being that I am a big Blondie fan ,and have always been spiritually tuned in, I have always been aware of the hidden meanings to a lot of their songs. Recently I've re-discovered how great they were musically. Upon listening to their songs I was reminded of spiritual radio frequency, waves, and vibrational elements to their song "(I'm Always Touched) By Your Presence Dear".


Was it destiny?
I don't know yet
Was it just by chance?
Could this be kismet?
Something in my consciousness told me you'd appear
Now I'm always touched by your presence dear
When we play at cards you use an extra sense
It's really not cheating, you know?
You can read my hand I've got no defense
When you send your messages, whispered loud and clear
I'm always touched by your presence dear
Floating pass the evidence of possibilities
We could navigate together psychic frequencies
Coming into contact with outer entities
We could entertain each one with our theosophy
Stay awake at night and count your REM's
When you're talking with your super friends
Levitating lovers in the secret stratosphere
I am still in touch with your presence dear
I am still in touch with your presence dear

To me these lyrics are clearly referring to both the physic abilities that can be tuned and used to communicate and connect more intimately in human relationships and the ability to communicate with entities from other dimensions. All of this in a pop song? You'll be surprised how many songs have alternative views in plain sight if you take a closer look. Let's inspect the lyrics a little more.

Was it destiny?
I don't know yet
Was it just by chance?
Could this be kismet?
Something in my consciousness told me you'd appear
Now I'm always touched by your presence dear

In the first verse above Deborah is clearly singing about someone or something as she ponders what exactly was it that made her consciousness tell me her that this person or thing would "appear". Now that her consciousness made her aware she is always "in touch" with their "presence". The lyrics lead me to believe Deborah is not singing about physical contact.

When we play at cards you use an extra sense
It's really not cheating, you know?
You can read my hand I've got no defense
When you send your messages, whispered loud and clear
I'm always touched by your presence dear

She now sings that when this person or thing plays cards with her they use an extra sense. She is singing about the ability to see beyond the five senses.
This sixth sense ability allows her "dear" to see what card she has and so he wins at the game. She then sings that when her dear sends their messages that is when she is in touch with their "presence". Again, she refers to the contact as "presence" instead of "I'm am always in touch with you".

Floating pass the evidence of possibilities
We could navigate together psychic frequencies
Coming into contact with outer entities
We could entertain each one with our theosophy

In the section of lyrics above she sings that once they establish that this spiritual and mental dimensional traveling is possible they can travel together using their minds and spiritual energy and not be limited by their (or at least Debbie's) physical existence. They can then come into contact with other entities from the outer limits. This of course reminds me of the show Outer Limits and David Bowie's album Outside which I believe have similar themes. The line about Theosophy is also interesting consider Theosophy is the metaphysical (meta = beyond, physic = physical - so beyond physical limitations) study that aims to conclude that all religions have truth and push humanity towards spiritual perfection in their own way.

Stay awake at night and count your REM's
When you're talking with your super friends
Levitating lovers in the secret stratosphere
I am still in touch with your presence dear
I am still in touch with your presence dear

REM's are Rapid Eye Movements while sleeping. Deborah's dear's REM's are being caused by their inter-dimensional traveling and communication. "Super Friends" refers to friends with super abilities who are possibly from other realms.


Blondie of course have a shitload of songs with deeper meanings. The picture above from Parallel Lines is indicative of parallel univeses and/or worlds or being in two worlds. Until next time, stay in touch (LOL).
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