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Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Death & Rebirth

In my previous post, Eye of the Beholder, I continued to delve into the reoccurring theme of dance in pop culture which led me to the ritualistic dances of Haitian voodoo to the trances of Shamanism. I eventually wound up exploring the Goddess symbolism associated with Madonna, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga and the Christ and Horus symbolism associated with Kanye West.

Ending the last entry with Jesus made me recall an entry that I coincidentally wrote a year ago titled Gaga for Death. In that entry I pondered the habitual response to media and artistic representations of death when death is an exalted subject of many cultures and religions across the world.

In fact, a large part of the worship of Jesus centers around his death and eventual return. Followers of Christ symbolically eat his flesh and drink his blood with the serving of wine and crackers in Communion.

With the Halloween and Day of the Dead celebrations recently taking place I was reminded of just how much death is a common theme in many of our cultures. Although separated by various nuances it seems that we all share a common need to invest energy into the dead.

This need was resurrected with the recent Messiah like appropriation of Michael Jackson's image since his untimely death in June of 2009. At first glance you may assume that the pictures above were taken at a Day of the Dead celebration. They are actually images taken at a celebration in honor of Michael Jackson's birthday. The shot of the moon intensifies the ritualistic nature of the celebration of Michael Jackson.

Conspiracy aside, our global investment in the death of Michael Jackson did spark a major shift. Whenever that much energy is invested something will come of it, whether the shift was manipulated or not is beside the point. The brilliant Michael Jackson monolith series over at All Signs Point To God exposed the intensity of events that took place around the time of Michael's death and around the time of his media exploitation following his death.

The public's reaction to the news of the death of Michael Jackson displayed our need to invest energy into the deceased. It appears that this need may be instinctual if you take into account the footage of people immediately running to the streets and blasting Michael's music and lighting candles. Some of this took place in his hometown of Gary, Indiana, the Apollo where he performed throughout his career, and various places around the world. One celebration took place under the Eiffel Tower which is interesting if you take into account the aforementioned series over at All Signs Point to God and his thoughts on the exposure of Jackson's daughter Paris and the symbolism associated with it. There was even a Mass Moonwalk that took place in London.

The ritualistic nature of the death of Michael Jackson was presented once again with the recent premiere of the music video "Runaway" by Kanye West.

Michael, I can see your halo

Even other pop stars like Beyonce and Madonna got involved in the worship of the fallen king. During Madonna's tribute the four colors from Dimensions of Dance were even used.

Image taken from Paranoicos

The recent increase in celebrity deaths brought attention to many people to that fact that these deaths usually come in three. Another pattern people have began to notice is that many of these celebrities die on the 25th of the month. 2+5 would make 7 which in itself is a highly symbolic and important number in not just the Occult but many religions and cultures around the world. The fact that there are usually three deaths points to 777 which is an important number to Occultists as pointed out by Aleister Crowley.
The number 777 comes from the Qabalisitc (or Kabbalistic) Tree of Life. The Tree of Life has 22 pathways that connect the spheres and each Sephiroth has it's own number value. When those numbers are added together they equal 777. The gap between Binah and Chesed equals 3. The number 3 is also symbolic as it is representative of the triad and holy trinity.

The Tree of Life itself is for for spiritual beings to descend the Tree, and for human beings to ascend the Tree which is interesting if you take into account the context of this post.

Death and rebirth as a vehicle for spiritual power is a concept associated with the Occult. I first explored death in the Gaga for Death series around this time last year. I recently found a series by The Forerunner where he analyzed Lady Gaga's 2009 performance of "Paparazzi" at the MTV Video Music Awards. In the series he highlights the use of two pillars, winding staircase and light which are used in Freemasonic initiations. The same scenario was pointed out by Jake Kotze in his classic video the 911 Stargate. In Eye of the Beholder I explored the Goddess, Isis, and Lady Liberty symbolism associated with Lady Gaga.
In the Gaga for Death series all of the death symbolism were geared toward the negative aspects of death. The raven which is a symbol of the negative aspects of death along with the repetitive focus on dead celebrities who died in tragic circumstances such as Princess Diana, Jon Bonet Ramsey, and Marilyn Monroe. This ties in with Michael Jackson as his death was ruled a homicide.

All of this talk of energy reminded me of an article written by Matthew Delooze titled You Say She's a Virgin. The article was about Al Gore's Live Earth event headlined by Madonna. Matthew has written many articles about events and festivals being used to extract energy. In this particular article he pointed out something I'm sure no one watching the event noticed. At the same time as someone in the audience threw a flag barring the Knights Templar symbol the same symbol appeared unnoticed on the screen projections behind Madonna.

It is interesting that Madonna, the pop culture face of Kabbalah, is being used to showcase Knights Templar symbolism. The Knights Templar's utilized the Dome of the Rock. It has been speculated that they began to deviate from Christianity (and/or Gnosticism) and learned the Kabbalah from the Jews. The Jews had learned the arts from the Pagans in Egypt. Some have connected the Knights Templar's to what would later become the Freemasons; this connection has, however, been disputed by many.
Solomon's Temples got a Secret

Speaking of energy harvesting at festivals, Jay-Z recently performed at Coachella with his wife Beyonce. As he performed for the crowd he told them that he felt their "energy and spirit". His wife Beyonce wore what some would describe as a Baphomet ring. They perfomed Jay-Z single "Forever Young". Immortality is of course a key theme in many Occult orders.

furthermore, "celebrity", rooted in "celebration", is our modern version of the celebration the ancients undertook for literal stars. celebration, dance..

Dancing in the Dark

Madonna celebrated the dead by incorporating Michael Jackson into her music video for "Celebration".

...you wanna dance?

The music video was used as a promotional tool for Madonna's greatest hits album. Also used as promotional tools were short clips which played many of her hits backwards. The use of backwards recordings, known as backmasking, was advised by Aleister Crowley. This applies to Necromancy which is, in short, communication with the dead.

David Bowie also used both the Kabbalah and the summoning of spirits in his song "Station to Station". The station in the title refer to the 10 Sephirot's of the Tree of Life as well as the fourteen landmarks on Christ's path to crucifixion. David Bowie also sings of the descent of God to the physical plane thus making man one with God.

"Bring the heavens and the stars down to Earth for me" - Madonna, Isaac

The rebirth theme was exemplified in Beyonce's "Crazy in Love" music video as she burns and is reborn as Sasha Fierce much like a Phoenix. We have also seen a return to form from actor Joaquin Phoenix after a downward spiral which many speculate was orchestrated to promote a movie.

We also witnessed the 33 Chilean miners as they were rescued by the Fenix (Phoenix). 33 is of course a highly symbolic number. 33 is the highest degree of Scottish Rite Freemasonry. The first temple of Solomon also stood for 33 years. Jesus Christ also lived to be 33.

Kanye West, who's current music video "Runaway" prominently uses a Phoenix theme, is 33 this year. The rapper, who's Horus/Christ symbolism I explored in Eye of the Beholder, debuts this week at #1 on the billboard charts after what some guessed would mark the end of his career after a series of media backlashes.
Sacred Heart

Friday, November 5, 2010

Point of View

Lately I've been noticing a lot of critical analysis geared towards sites that explore symbolism in pop culture. A lot of people seem to feel this research is pointless and leads no where. They also feel that by exploring symbolism we are indoctrinating people on the Occult instead of leading people away from it.

At one point I shared this thought. I became disillusioned with the research and it's repetitive nature. I found myself wondering where exactly it was heading. The more I researched the symbolism the more I found links to various spiritual practices which threatened the perceived assumption that these symbols were being used for nefarious purposes.

Eventually I realized the significance of my disillusionment. The frustration did not mark an end to the research but instead aided in the progression of my own personal realizations. I had risen above the intentions of the string pullers and was now focused on the power of my own perception of the narrative. The symbols association with spiritual rituals highlighted the fact that symbols change and can be used for various purposes. In order for the symbols to be used as a form of suppression we have to perceive them to represent someone elses power, not our own. So in the end our perception is in control; that realization puts us back into the drivers seat.

What I've also realized is that I would have never gotten to this point if I wouldn't have been exposed to the symbolism in the first place. In order to realize your authority over the symbolism you must first be awakened to the fact that these symbols exist and are around you. When you think about the term expose it means to lay open; to undercover; to present to view. The exposure of this symbolism is necessary. What happens is when people move past this step of analysis they undermine it's significance and forget that they were once uncovering the layers themselves.

In the end we are all where we chose to be. I wouldn't say we're all on different levels because that would imply that some of us are better or more advanced than others. Everyday there's a new person being exposed and awakened to what we're already aware of. It's beautiful that there are now so many researchers out there because no matter where you are in your own personal journey you have a place of refuge. Here's to respecting and honoring everyone's point of view.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Reconsider Columbus Day

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Short Hiatus

I will be on a short hiatus from blogging. A lot is going on in my life so I won't have much free time. They're all positive changes so don't worry. Once I get use to my new schedule I'll be back and better than ever. I will be doing some things over at Stop the Sexualization of our Youth which I will let you know more about later. See you soon.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Eye of the Beholder

Disclaimer : Please click on the pictures to enlarge them so that you can see the text.

"welcome to the 22nd century
everybody's dancin, dancin
cause we are the stars, we're the stars" - kelis, 22nd century

In my previous post, True Blood, I continued my exploration of the spiritual elements of dance contained in pop culture. That exploration led me down the path of genealogy and the Reptilian and Draconian symbolism associated with the ruling elite. As the post continued I eventually ended up with strange connections between the ruling elite and the inter-sex and Solar symbolism contained within many of the leading religions and spiritual practices.

Pop star Madonna has remained a prominent presence in this blog. As I've mentioned before, many of her songs contain the theme of dance. In fact it was the repetitive themes in her music that first allowed me to spot the pattern. The fact that many of what the general public assumes are mindless songs were paired with esoteric symbols caught my attention. Madonna is frequently portrayed as a Goddess with symbolism associated with many Goddesses.
Our Lady

Songs such as "La Isla Bonita" and "Vogue" reference dreaming in relation to creativity, empowerment, and escapism. Dreaming is taken even further as a reference in the music video for "Bedtime Story". Many of the themes featured in Madonna's work can still be found in current pop culture.
Often times as I research these themes I find striking similarities between spiritually rooted altered states and mind control and possession. This shouldn't be too surprising considering many ancient spiritual practices were studied in order to create the system that sends victims of mind control into dissociative states. Genealogy plays a major role in determining which child will be chosen as a mind control experiment. Beyonce's Creole ancestry and their Voodoo traditions could be a major contributing factor to the themes contained within her work. She even admitted that her music video for "Deja Vu" was inspired by Creole Voodoo.

Put on your red shoes
Let's dance under the moonlight,
the Sirius moonlight

In True Blood I explored the Twilight series. A prominent theme in the series are the moon cycles which are even referenced in the titles of the books and films such as New Moon. The moon cycles are important in rituals. There are rituals done on every moon cycle.
I explored moon references almost a year ago with Aaliyah, Left Eye, Horus, and the Moon. In that post I found connections between Aaliyah, Left Eye, and Horus symbolism including Falcons (the symbol for Horus) and of course the emphasis on the left eye. As I mentioned in that post during the battle of Horus and Set, Horus' left eye was torn out. Thoth magically restored Horus' left eye. The myth is representative of the restoration of the moon every lunar month.

Horus and the Eye of Horus are of course hot button topics among many researchers of pop cultural symbolism. It seems any artist who uses anything similar to any symbolism associated with Horus is branded a demonic satanist. In the same respect, anyone who points out symbolism associated with Horus is assumed to be exposing some evil conspiracy resulting in the true information being lost in translation.

Besides the connection to Horus, the Moon is often seen as a symbol representing feminine energy. Many Goddesses have Lunar iconography. Many other symbols took on these Goddess attributes including Lady Liberty and Columbia. This is of course evident in pop culture as Rihanna holds the torch in "Run This Town" as Isis in the Osiris, Isis, and Horus trinity with Jay-Z and Kanye West.

After listening to an interesting interview over at Indigo Nine I began to think about aspect of the Goddess and/or feminine energy in our personal lives. In the interview Greg Ilg describes the feminine energy as dark. He explains that many people assume that this is negative energy and run towards lighter energy which results in them missing out on lessons that could be learned. This makes sense considering the Moon is representative of the subconscious mind. When you bring about that energy it's not always happy go lucky. The subconscious stores many of the issues we reject and don't come to terms with. Repressing this energy halts spiritual growth.

That section of the interview made me recall when I first began my spiritual journey. A lot of Venus references began popping up in my life. Venus is also representative of feminine energy. Many unresolved issues began to prop up but luckily I chose to deal with them instead of suppressing them.

As the interview continues Greg goes on to explain that a balance of these energies brings about our pure clear essence.

Thanks to Mechanical Dummy for this image.

In True Blood I also discussed pop star Kylie Mingoue's representation of Greek Goddess Aphrodite. Since then she's released yet another video, this time for the song "Outta My Way". When the video was released a lot of people compared it to Black Lodge of the TV show Twin Peaks. I personally have never seen the show but a side by side comparison shows a striking similarity.
As we see above the Moon Goddess Kylie confronts the Sun. Upon research I found out that the Black Lodge is a extra-dimensional place which is often seen in dreams. Native American character Deputy Hawk says it is based on the mythology of his people. The Black Lodge can also be reached through a portal. I'm sure you're spotting the connection to the themes I've been exploring by now. It is said to be the shadow self of the White Lodge and every spirit must pass through there on the way to perfection.
"Have you ever had sex with a pharaoh, put the pussy in a sarcophagus" - Kanye West

Apparently "the pussy" is inside there.

Kanye West recently caused controversy by wearing a giant Horus necklace. His necklace caught my attention because as I mentioned earlier I had already noticed the Osiris, Isis, and Horus connection with him, Jay-Z, and Rihanna. Horus is a Sun God of the sky which draws comparisons to Jesus Christ.
I'm not telling you something new, there ain't no time to lose.

In triads and trinities the third representative is often a combination of the first two. With Horus this is represented with his eyes. His right eye of is the sun and his left eye is the moon representing Osiris and Isis. When this is considered Horus has masculine and feminine attributes. In Greek culture Hermes and Aphrodite's child was Hermaphrodite. This is where the name of people who have both sex organs came from. In Kabbalah Severity and Mercy are the dual masculine and feminine aspects of the Tree of Life. These connections could explain the strange connections I made with Jesus in my last post. Also consider David Bowie's androgynous image while he was the messiah-like character Ziggy Stardust.
In True Blood I shared an exert from the book Way of the Shaman in which a Shaman identified the Serpents/Dragons from the authors dream as the rulers of the sky. In Greg Ilg's interview with Colleen Thomas there is talk of sky/star people returning to Earth. They are said to be of the same race as the rulers of planet Earth but not all are evil.

To be continued.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

True Blood

"Dance, it's all I want to do..." - Kylie Minogue

In my last post, Ego and Revelations in Pop Synchronicity, I further explored the reoccurring theme of dance in pop culture and it's relation to spiritual practices as wide ranging as Shamanism to Whirling Dervishes. Since then elements of dance have continued to pop up in ways that have amplified my interest in the subject.

I ended my last post with a photo of Australian pop star Kylie Minogue. Since then she has released a new album and a music video for her single "All The Lovers". The first word that is sung is 'dance' and that theme continues throughout the video. That isn't surprising considering Kylie Minogue has been a continuous presence in my inquest on the subject.

The song is featured on the pop stars latest album Aphrodite. For this era in her career Kylie Minogue is embodying Greek goddess Aphrodite. This idea of a human representing a God or Goddess reminds me of the dance rituals in many African and Native American tribes where an initiated dancer will wear a mask to represent an ancestor and/or God/Goddess and embody them to transmit messages to the people. Kylie's inclusion of the dance theme and her embodiment of Aphrodite heightens the connection to generational spiritual rituals.

In the video Kylie is invisible until the other people begin to embrace each other and bring about a loving energy. This too is very similar to a ritual as the other participants energy is essential in calling forth the spirit that is desired. The doves are an interesting inclusion because not only are they an important symbol for Aphrodite but doves also represent spirit.

A more blatant pop culture reference to this ancient ritual came with a music video by rising star Janelle Monae.
The screen cap above is the first thing you see when you watch Janelle's latest video for the single "Tightrope". The inclusion of the term 'magical practices' are an obvious nod to the spiritual rituals of our ancestors.
A ball levitates in mid-air, defying gravity.
The ground in front of the hospital is made of a hexagon honeycomb pattern similar to Kylie Minogue's symbolic X album cover. Hexagon's are of course highly symbolic, I explored this theme in Nike and Saturnalia.
She also dances in front of a mirror which is symbolic of dimensional traveling as I explored in my Magic Mirrors series. Also notice the checkerboard pattern at the top which is also symbolic.

Recently I have found that I have a growing interest in my heritage. That interest has led me to information regarding both African and Native American ancestry which is interesting considering I was already reading about medicine men who can be found in both cultures.

In a recent viewing of the film Twilight (don't ask) I was surprised to see some of the subliminal references to the history of America and how it really came about. As most of you probably know the film is a teenage lover story about vampires and werewolves. The plot centers around Bella who must make a choice between vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob.

Starting at 2:09 in the clip above the character Jacob explains to Bella that his people are descendants of wolves.
Wolves are of course an important symbol to Native Americans. Wolves can be found in just about any painting depicting Native Americans.

As the conversation continues Jacob explains that his great grandfather, "the chief", found them hunting on "our land". Now if that doesn't ring a bell I don't know what will. The clip continues with one of the kids scaring another with a fake snake...

As I watched the second installment of the series (don't judge me, lol) I noticed even more interesting things about the series. The other character, Edward, described his people to Bella. He describes them as a very old, very powerful family. He describes them as very refined, no respect for human life, but respect for the arts, sciences and above all the law which consists of keeping the existence of their kind a secret. Doesn't that pretty much sum up what some would refer to as the Illuminati?

The whole thing reeks of the old dreaded Christopher Columbus story that was sugar-coated and served to us as children, the story of how this land was stolen.

I hadn't thought about Christopher Columbus in years but as I googled his image I noticed something peculiar.
Pimp C

Any of you who have read a little bit about the many conspiracy theories out there know that the sign Christopher Columbus is making with his hand has turned up on paintings of many prominent historical figures and is suppose to represent Freemasonry and the secret bloodline that has controlled all of history. That is suppose to be the reason behind the Royal Family and why the roles are passed down to family, so that the bloodline stays in control.

It's easy to dismiss this theory but once you do a bit of research you'll see that this hand sign does indeed appear in many historical paintings. Luckily The Atlantean Conspiracy has done the research for us.
The photo above showcases just some of the historical paintings that this mysterious hand sign can be found in. As we will discover later historical paintings are notorious for showcasing symbolism. Click here to read more about this hand sign and it's historical significance.

The film Avatar also seems to embody a plot narrative with historical context. In the film the Na'vi tribe (the blue...thingies) could easily represent both Native American and African tribes. It's hard to distinguish which race they actually are and I believe that was done purposely. They are a tribe that is one with nature. The explorers pretty much come and take over their land, killing many in the process. It's all pretty blatant if you ask me.

In Twilight, the fact that the Cullen's are vampires heightens another connection to the Illuminati and their omnipresent symbolism. The most famous fictional vampire is Dracula. What many don't know is that it is common belief that the character Dracula is based off of is real life historical figure Vlad the Impaler. Vlad's father's nickname was Dragon due to his association with the Order of the Dragon. Vlad was nicknamed Dracula as the name Dracula means son of the Dragon.

Even without the historical connection to Vlad the Impaler, the connection between vampires and Dragons are there because Dracula is derived from the word Draco which is Latin for Dragon.

Dragons are an important symbol seen all over Europe. They are also suppose to represent the secret bloodline which is a concept that has been explored by David Icke and those kind of researchers.

This of course ties in with the whole Reptilian theory. The Reptilian theory ties in with Serpents. The "Illuminati" or secret bloodline are often called the Serpent Cult and Serpents are another notable symbol that has been discussed.
Historically the painting of Queen Elizabeth I has been known to show her holding a flower. Earlier this year it was revealed that the original painting showed her holding a snake and was later painted over with a flower. Years have faded the painting and revealed it's original design. What's the point of the snake? There also seems to be a mustache in the original painting. Actually, she's looks very masculine....

The iconic image of the hermaphroditic Baphomet shows two intertwining Serpents. The intertwining snakes are reminiscent of another symbol that has been shown in different variations throughout history.
Of course the term Hermaphrodite derives from Greece's Hermaphrodite who was the child of Hermes and Aphrodite.

I already explored masculine and feminine energies in my last post and how it relates to many spiritual beliefs. It was interesting when I found the connection to paintings of Jesus Christ. I won't get into it too much but it appears that someone else has come to the same conclusions I have. Check out what Freeman has to say on the subject.
The reptilian complex, also known as the R-complex or "reptilian brain" was the name MacLean gave to the basal ganglia, structures derived from the floor of the forebrain during development. The term derives from the fact that comparative neuroanatomists once believed that the forebrains of reptiles and birds were dominated by these structures. MacLean contended that the reptilian complex was responsible for species typical instinctual behaviors involved in aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritual displays.
This area of the brain is the root of many of the problems in the world and in our personal lives. The obsession with power and control.

The picture above shows the connection between the Caduceus and DNA.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers album cover for Blood Sugar Sex Magik shows the band members with snake like tongues drawing a connection with Serpent/Reptile symbolism. The rose, I'm told, is meant to represent bloodline. The title of the album brings to mind the Occult ritual of Sex Magic.

The tattoo above with shows the connection with our family tree and our DNA. Our spiritual awareness is informed by our ancestry.
Speaking of tattoo's, Angelina Jolie, who is always identified by researchers as a tool for the bloodline, has a tattoo of a Dragon.

In the film Avatar the Na'vi tribe people do not kill or fear the Dragon but instead tame it in order to preserve their balance with nature.
In the film Alice in Wonderland, Alice slays another Dragon-like creature. Once she slays the creature the characters break into dance.

That dance sort of looks like Janelle Monae's tightrope dance.
Upon researching Shamanism I ran across the book The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner. In the book Michael Harner visits the Peruvian Amazon to study the culture of Conibo Indians. During the trip Michael is served a drink made of Ayahuasca which is known as the "soul vine". He began to have visions of Dragon-like creatures. Here's some of his experience.
It's interesting that the creatures he sees are Dragon-like, possible reason for all of the symbolism?
You can read the entire passage here.
It's interesting that the Shaman says that they rule the sky. Isn't that where Jesus comes from. He is coming with the clouds, right?
This theme has also been carried out in pop culture. During Madonna's Confessions Tour, which I covered in my Magic Mirrors series, Madonna descends from above in a giant mirror ball. She then sing the lyrics "Connect to the sky" and "In the demonstration of this evidence, some have called it religion. This is not a coincidence."
The sky symbolism is also reminiscent of Donnie Darko, a film about a teenage Messiah-like character. The story unfolds when a piece of an airplane drops out of the sky. It all seems to recall teleporting, where matter is tranferred from one point to the next through a wormhole. This theory is used in time travel theories.
I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

A bunny obsessed with time and dates again.

"In another dimension..." - Rocky Horror Picture Show

I recently came across this painting by Charles Bartlett titled The Portal. Notice that the portal is snake shaped. Also notice the rainbow, more four colors symbolism from Dimensions of Dance?

The wormhole/Messiah connection was heightened even more when I stumbled upon this
great article by Red Ice Creations. I really do suggest that you check it out, it's very short.

Upon further research I discovered some interesting scientific theories that stated that human DNA produces wormholes.

"They are like tunnels with ends in different parts of the universe through which information can be transmitted beyond the laws of space and time. DNA draw information this way and deliver it to our consciousness. It something like a multiple resonator, like a radio able to receive more than one frequency."

Interesting. Read more here.

Donnie Darko

In the photo above Bruce Lee is shown in front of the sun. The sun is a symbol representing spiritual power. In this sense the dragon represents power in Chinese culture. The spiritual power of the Dragon and Serpent connects to the imagery of Jesus and Buddha with snakes.

So once again the lines between what is perceived to be good and evil become blurred. On one hand we have found Reptilian symbol in connection with totalitarian control and on the other hand we have also found connections to personal spiritual power. In the end we once again find ourselves lost in meaning.
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