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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Christ's Musical Express

As a teenager David Bowie was my hero. He was dangerous, intelligent, mysterious, and sexually ambiguous. To enjoy his work was to step into a world of everything I'm interested - the dichotomy of religious and Occult symbolism, the dissection of traditional gender roles, and the satirical commentary on the idolatry of pop culture. He explored Satanism, Gnosticism, Kabbalah, and Christianity all under the iconic masks of characters such as Ziggy Stardus, Aladdin Sane, and the Thin White Duke.

It has long been known that David Bowie's work is full of Occult and Magickal references. In the 70's David Bowie introduced Kabbalah to the general public. In interviews he identified himself as a practicing Kabbalahlist. This declaration was one of David's many media manipulations; a few years earlier he had referred to himself as a Buddhist. Despite the questionable authenticity of Bowie's allegiance to Kabbalah, this very public association of a famous pop star with a, then, obscure spiritual practice brought Kabbalah (the inspiration behind Freemasonry) into the the mainstream and introduced Bowie next character, the Thin White Duke, as a Kabblahlist.


David Bowie's next album was titled Station to Station. In a 2001 interview Bowie admitted that the inspiration for the title and the lyrics to the title track was the cabbalistic (same as Kabbalah) tree of life and the fourteen landmarks on Christ's path to the crucifixtion (and conjuring up spirits; something I will get into later when we boogie with Madonna). This fusion of the Occult and Christianity is interesting and a concept I will return to later in this blog. For now let's stick to David Bowie.

the Kabbalah Tree of Life and the Chakras of the Kundalini represent the same thing, the merging of the feminine and masculine energies to obtain spirirual enlightenment. As I explained here, I believe that is what is behind the androgynous public personas of artists like Bowie, Prince, and Marilyn Manson who's work all contain esoteric symbolism.

Verily, verily I say unto thee, except a man born be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.

The symbol often associated with the Kundalini is the Caduceus which is better known today as a symbol for the medical industry. As a teenager I wore a necklace with the symbol and I always got the question "Do you want to go into the medical field?".

The relationship between the Tree of Life and the Chakras is interesting because just as Bowie used train stations to symbolize a spiritual experience the band Love and Rockers, who were also mentioned here, associated trains with spirituality on their song "Kundalini Express".

Here's another one of their album covers which uses the 8 pointed star that I always write about here. It's interesting how it all starts to come together.

Years after David Bowie first introduced Kabbalah to the mainstream in the 70's, Kabbalah become a solidified pop culture staple when the ultimate pop star, Madonna, jusitified her love for the faith on a glabal scale. It is now common for celebrities such as Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, and Paris Hilton to be photographed sporting the infamous Kabbalah red strings and attending Kabbalah services; where as when Bowie first introduced it Kabbalah was seen as weird and satanic. Social conditioning?

In Madonna's 2008 Sticky & Sweet tour she performed her hit song "Music" wearing purple shorts (also note the rainbow belt with stars).
Purple is the color often associated with Kundalini as it symbolizes the red and blue (masculine and feminine) energies coming together (blue + red = purple). To top it off the video projection behind her is of a New York Subway (train).

The line "Do you like to boogie" reminds me of this video series where they explore Michael Jackson's "Rock With You" and the line "boogie" as association with spirits or entities, remember Bowie said one of the inspiration behind Station to Station was conjuring up spirits.

So where does Christ come into all of this? Besides Bowie's revelation that Christ was one of the inspirations behind Station to Station, a train was used in a VERY symbolic Christmas movie geared towards children.

All aboard the Express Kundalini.

The Polar Express is very symbolic and I find it interesting that a lot of Christians enjoy it. The film stars Tom Hanks who, in my opinion, is an Illuminati movie star but let's not go there because I don't want this blog entry to be about the Illuminati on the control behind the scenes.

To keep it moving, Christmas itself is full of Occult practices. Click here for more on that (and do further research).

The fusion of Christmas and the Occult was explored on Eyes Wide Shut as all of the rituals were performed during the "holiday" season". The 8 pointed star was also featured prominately during this film. The 8 pointed star is the symbol of regeneration as the snake sheds his skin, the intertwining snakes of the kundalini. It all relates to rebirth or as Madonna would say "re-invention".

Speaking of Madonna, she herself is a fusion between religion and the Occult. Her name signifies her Catholic faith yet she is a Kabbalahist. Her name represents a Goddess but her persona was that of a whore. Her current boy toy, Jesus, displays that same dichotomy. First of all the pairing of the Madonna and Jesus is incestuous. Since his pairing with Madonna the media has jumped on him presenting a darker image for him.
Here he is photographed for a recent photo shoot. Considering Walt Disney's rumored rumor pedophilia (and the age difference between Jesus and Madge), his "boy" shirt and Disney ears were an interesting choice.


  1. I heart this entry on Bowie and your blog in generally. Very interesting on Madonna's latest,woW More evidence on the Disney/pedophilia connection! More incest propaganda/advertisement.

  2. I was with you until you said Tom Hanks was an Illuminati member. This is all speculation.

    Disney has nothing to do with the photo of Jesus. The ears have come to represent something to certain people, such as the person who styled that shoot. That doesn't make disney categorically evil. Symbols take on different meanings, and they take on their own meanings. Sometimes their meanings transcend or contradict their original intent. The mouse ears symbolizing young people/pedophilia is more a reaction to disney's art rather than an example of disney's art.

    The symbol is used everywhere, check lady gaga's video for "paparazzi." It is a symbol of our culture, but conspiracy theories about disney itself are generally absurd, unfounded, and silly.

    I am not sure where you are going with this post, you've made some good points but I don't buy the whole Illuminati thing, or the whole everyone who isn't a christian is evil thing. But again I'm not sure what side of the fence you're on, can't tell.

    Did it ever occur to you that the Madonna/Jesus pairing, if significant at all, could just exist to shake things up? That's what madonna's career has been about: shaking things up so that people view things in a different way. It doesn't mean she is promoting incest, it means she's asking people to think about why their worldview is what it is. That's what she's always been about. Sometimes you can be contrary just for the sake of being contrary -- sometimes you have to turn symbols upside down just to keep things moving and prevent a paradigm from becoming too unnecessarily rooted in human consciousness.

  3. Hi Christopher. First of all, I appreciate your reply. I'm always open to criticism and I'm glad you're questioning things.

    Concerning Tom Hanks, of course it is speculative that he is a tool for the "Illuminati", that's why I said it's of my opinion that he is being used by the elite. It's my opinion, not fact.

    In reading over this blog entry I kind of regret even mentioning the Illuminati because this entry and this blog in general is not about the Illuminati. In my first post I tried to make it clear that this blog is about exploring repetitive themes presented in the media. I really don't want people to think this blog is simply about spotting all seeing eyes or checkerboard designs and screaming "Illuminati!".

    In your reply you stated that you don't buy the whole everyone that isn't Christian is evil thing; that's great because I don't either! A common misconception is that I am a Christian but I'm not. Also, I'm not even saying that the themes in this blog are evil - I'm simply pointing out alternative views of pop culture iconography instead of viewing everything at face value.

    You made some interesting points about Madonna. I've actually been a fan of Madonna's for most of my life so when I first read about her relationship with Jesus I knew in her mind she was challenging social taboos like she's done for her entire career. I'm not really interested in Madonna's intentions though, my main focus is the public perceptions of her public image and how it's translated on a subconscious level. Most people are not going to look at a picture of Madonna and Jesus and have some deep philosophical awakening, most people will just move on and take it all in without thinking about it. That's what I meant by incest. Most blogs and media outlets have commented on the incest angle of the pairing.

    I'm sure Madonna is trying to challenge things, but just like most people didn't get her sexual politics and simply saw her as a slut, people aren't getting this either.

    Once again, I enjoyed your response and I hope I answered certain questions you had.

  4. Wow this is kind of interesting, excellent blog at least you don't just talk about one thing.
    Good luck.

  5. Just a note on Tom Hanks. I have been sure of his illuminati affiliation for a long time now. Think of the symbolism of that lovely Forrest Gump movie and you have a few clues, yet I still love the film.

    However, it becomes more obvious with the Dan Brown works he starred in. Those silly novels are pure Illuminati disinformative, poorly done, but compel action films with just enough religious idiocy and Illuminati references to have the general public think they are learning about the cabal itself. In reality they are getting butkus. Also Tom and, I think it was Ron Howard, both visited the Vatican before kicking off both projects and, yes, they did meet Ratzinger.

    Enough to make me look twice.... Oh and then there was the subtle rewriting of parts of WW2 in Saving Sgt Ryan.

    Again, the signs are there, just keep aware..

  6. Great article and have just found your blog and it looks like it right up my alley. And as you mentioned that you didn't want to get into the issue with Tom Hanks and the Illuminati, after reading your comments I had to interject that Mr. Hanks is in fact part of an Illuminati bloodline. And here's why:

    "Abraham Lincoln's mother's name is Nancy Hanks. Nancy Hanks was visiting Lincolnton, NC where she was impregnated by A.A. Springs who is of the Rothschild bloodline. The Springs name was originally known as Springstein, but they changed their name to hid their genealogy. Lincoln's half-brother worked for a very powerful man named Lewis Cass Payseur of the Merovingian 'holy' bloodline. Several distant relatives of Nancy Hanks are very famous, for instance, Tom Hanks, American UN Ambassador George W. Ball's aunt Gladys Hilda Ball is Tom Hank's grandmother."

    "Abraham Lincoln was the head of all the Rosicrucians in the US. He was also a member of the Order of the Lily which uses the same logo as the Merovingian bloodline logo of the fleur-de-lis... Lincoln married into the Todd family, which were a branch of the Collins bloodline... Lincoln had a secret liaison with King Leopold's daughter and secretly sired a set of twins, Ella & Emily. All European royalty is of the 13th Illuminati bloodlines..."
    -From the Book, 'Bloodlines of the Illuminati' - Page 68

    So, does all this make Tom Hanks part of the Illuminati himself, we can merely speculate. Yet his family bloodline IS Illuminati and that is FACT. Also, it is widely known that major actors that play roles in the realm of high profile such as Tom Hanks are usually always apart of some sort of elite family bloodline that can be traced to past elite people plus the roles they play in movies are a part of it as well.

    Not too mention we all know he played a major role in an Illuminati themed 'The Da Vinci Code' and many other roles. Not too mention his personal life as being a supporter and member of the National Space Society, serving on the Board of Governors of which that 'society' was founded by Nazi (Operation Paperclip) Dr. Wernher Von Braun of NASA.

    There is a lot more to this man that most people think or know, but the truth is out there, you just have to do the research to find it, of course. And I know that if someone were to write an article on Tom Hank's life, genealogy and so on, it could very well prove his bloodline straight back to the Illuminati, Freemasons / Rosicrucians just like any other high profile Hollywood (Holly Wood) actor/actress are part of some type of secret tradition or secular religion, etc... I digress.

  7. So I am curious to know what the underlying themes in the movie Polar Express are...obviously it is not just a innocent straight forward movie but I don't know what the message is. I do realize that this is not a Christian movie.

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