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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Kubrick Ritual

So I just got done blogging about Stanley Kubrick's last film Eyes Wide Shut but that was not his first film to tackle the top of mind control. I'm sure most of you know of the cult classic A Clockwork Orange.
The film is basically about a street criminal who is arrested and while in jail is recruited by the government to undergo mind control experiments (known as Classical Conditioning) and in return he'll be set free.

Here's a clip from the film.

What I find interesting is that this film, about mind control, has been referenced by a lot of my suspected famous mind control victims.

For starters, here's Christina Aguilera and her Jewish handler...I mean husband, at some party, dressed as the characters in A Clockwork Orange.

Kylie Minogue took it to the extreme with this performance. There's the Beethoven at the beginning, the Clockwork outfits, there's even a hypnotizing spiral that I explained here.
By the way the "mirror ball" or disco ball is something I need to discuss soon. It has been used by Kylie, Madonna, and Beyonce for a reason. Hint: it is fractured.

Usher also used the Clockwork Orange theme for his video for "My Way". Click here to watch it.

Look Again


Eyes Wide Shut

When the film begins we see Tom Cruise's character, Bill, getting ready for some party. He is wearing a tuxedo with a bow tie.

He and his wife Alice, played by Nicole Kidman, say goodbye to their daughter who is being watched by a nanny. Notice her butterfly/angel wings (both common in programming).
They arrive at the party on a checkerboard floor.
They greet the party's host, Victor, and his wife. Notice his wife has on a red dress.
Victor is also wearing a bow tie.
Here we see a view of the entire party and every male is wearing a bow tie. I think Kubrick added this to the film to give hints about what the bow tie symbolizes for Freemasons. If you pay attention, you'll see a lot of influential men wearing bow ties at important times in their career like the James Cameron photos that I posted. It seems really trivial but a lot of what they do is.
As the party progresses we see there are A LOT of wives at the party wearing red. Coincidence? I think not. Kubrick dropped a lot of hints in this film.
Later Bill recognizes the pianist as someone he went to medical school with.
Later on the couple split up and mingle around the party. A strange man approaches Alice and begins to seduce her.
At the same time two women who look like models approach Bill. They try to lead him away from the rest of the party. When Bill asks where they are taking him, one responds "Where the rainbow ends". Hopefully you're starting to spot the MK symbolism.
As the two women try to lead Bill to a back room he is approached by a man (who is also wearing a bow tie) who says Victor needs to see him. The man leads Bill to a room where Victor is standing shirtless in front of a nude woman who is passed out and also looks like a model. Victor asks Bill to help with the situation (because he is a doctor). I'm not going to go into every detail but basically he brings the woman back to a conscious state.
The next morning the family resumes to their normal schedule. As they're getting ready we see the daughter in a red dress. Again, I feel this was intentionally shown. There are a lot of little clues shown throughout the movie with the daughter to show how this trauma is passed down from generation to generation and just how young it starts (sometimes at birth). That's why it's so hard for victims to break free from their programming, "It's all they've ever known."
Later that evening, while smoking a blunt, Alice questions Bill about the two women at the party as if she has room for jealousy with her flirting she was doing that night. Bill answers that they were just a couple of models so my suspicion that they were models is confirmed (I will explain why this is important later).
So yeah, a lot happened in between the last scene in this one but they don't apply to MK so I'm not really bothering to discuss it. I'm going to skip a lot of stuff, if you want to see the full movie buy it or read a more general review about the movie itself, this is only concerning it's MK/Illuminati themes. So anyway, Bill runs across this women who also happens to look like a model (do all women in New York look like models?). She invites him up to her apartment and he agrees. Notice her purple dress.
So pretty much they were about to have sex but Alice calls and Bill decides to leave. Notice the lion stuffed animal and prints all over the bed. She is a sex kitten. The reason all of the women look like models is because they are "presidential sex models" (click that link to learn more) that are basically mind controlled to be sexual slaves to elite men. Notice how these wealthy men have these beautiful women flocking to them? It is not always because they have money. Marilyn Monroe was reportedly the first presidential model to be allowed public notoriety (hence why our current sex kittens love to use her image so much).
Later Bill finds a bar where his pianist friend Nick is playing. Watch this clip to see happens next.

And so he goes to a costume shop, check out the name of the shop...
I guess this is the "go to" shop for the Elite because here we see just about all the suits and tuxedos we've seen and will see throughout the film. Nick was wearing the white tuxedo at Victor's party.
Checkerboard costume with a mask. The masks are interesting. Remember the masks featured in the shop as well as the tuxedo with a bow tie in Kid Cudi's video?
The store owner catches his underage daughter with two Asian men and is very upset and threatens to call the cops on them.
Bill finally gets his costume, takes a taxi to the address, presents the password, and he's in.

When he walks in he sees some type of ceremony going on with strange rituals.
Nick is there playing blind folded as he said he would be.
The people under the robes turn out to be women with, again, long, slender, model looking bodies.
The ritual involves girl on girl kissing.
After the ritual is complete each woman goes to find a man to have sex with. This women is shown walking and if you see the movie you'll see she walks exactly like the models on the runway. Again, this was intentional.
The evening continues with a masked orgy similar to this.
They eventually catch on that Bill does not belong there and ask him to present the password in front of everyone. They ask for a second password and says he has know idea. There are gasps in the room because there is no second password and they realize an outsider has somehow slipped through the gates.
He is then asked to remove his mask. As they are about to carry him away to do who knows what to him the model interrupts and asks to be taken instead. As the film progresses it becomes clear that they sacrificed her.
When Bill returns home he finds Alice in bed talking in her sleep. When he wakes her she tells him about a dream she had where she is having sex with a ton of men. This is very interesting because it has been reported by trauma victims that they are made to believe that their abuse was a dream and sometimes suppressed memories that were buried deep within the subconscious mind due to mind control techniques creep back up at a later time when the programming starts to break down. By this time in the movie it starts to become clear that Alice herself was a sex kitten as more and more memories of past sexual experiences start to come up in conversations.
The next morning Bill goes to visit Nick at his hotel. He is told that Bill checked out earlier with two scary looking men and a bruise on his face and that he looked scared. Clearly they have found out Nick gave Bill the password.
Later Bill returns his costume and is surprised to see that the two Asian men are just now leaving. Even more surprising is that the owner is now friendly with them. Later on the owner even offers his daughter to Bill free of charge. This is most likely ringing a bell with those who have read about the ritual child abuse and sex slavery of MK Ultra.
Later Bill returns to the mansion and is threatened with this note.
Later that night he notices a strange man is following him. They are onto him.
Next he returns to the girl who tried to fuck him apartment (you would think he would just go home and rest by now, lol), her friend informs him that the other girl has been infected with HIV (after she herself tries to fuck him, lol). Bill decides to go home (it's about time).
He reads about an ex-beauty queen that has died of a drug overdose.
Of course you immediately think of the girl at the ball that saved him after the ritual. He then goes to the hospital to check and see if it is indeed her.
Watch the below Youtube video to view that scene.

Later on Victor invites him over to talk to him. He warms him about the people at the ball and says if he knew who was under the masks he would not sleep so well. Basically he is warning him not to fuck with these people because there are high ranking people under those masks. They are the Illuminati.

Britney Spears

Here's an interesting photo made by a group of Britney Spears fans.

Robotic Beyonce

More evidence of a robot agenda in popular culture.

From Beyonce's new I Am... Tour

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kanye West - Beyond Human

Yet another example of people being portrayed as not human, artificial. The magazine also features Mark Ecko who I recently blogged about.

Ciara gets Magical with a Mouseketeer

Ciara's video for "Love Sex Magic" recently premiered. The song and video features Justin Timberlake who seems to be the go to guy for female pop stars these days. Both Rihanna and Madonna have songs with him, Christina toured with him, and Beyonce has performed with him (as well as their much publicized "Single Ladies" skit on SNL).

It's interesting Ciara's handlers chose Justin for this song which heavily features the word magic considering he started out on the Micky Mouse Club. Disney is, of course, all about magic. In all of their ads and in a lot of their movies they program their young viewers with magical themes. Walt Disney himself was a Freemason and was heavily into the Occult. I don't really need to go into some of the subliminal messages Disney movies and products convey because that is pretty common knowledge these days (if you don't know research for yourself) but the subliminal messages usually revolve around sexual themes, so children are being programmed sexually from a young age via Disney.

I believe all of the former Mousketeers were programmed as children due to their suspect behavior and repetitive MK themes in their work. I've posted about Britney Spears more than anyone on this blog because she is one of the most onvious mind control victims. You see it not only in her work but in her personal life aswell. Christina is another who is MK'ed although it's not so obvious with her. But anyway, onto the video.

The song title itself combines sex and magic (very Occult) with love. The video is FULL of MK themes. Ciara is pretty much a programmed sex kitten in this video while Justin plays the handler.
Here we see Justin pulling a chain around her neck like she is a chained animal who he is in control of.
Ciara licks her magical handler like a kitten. Throughough the video she is shown licking him and crawling like a cat.
Here Ciara is Illuminated by multi colored lights. This is very similar to higher ranking Illuminati stars like Kylie Minogue and Madonna.

Since Kylie released her "Chocolate" video before Madonna's photo shoot, there was a war among fans who were debating if Madonna was copying Kylie (similar to what I will dicuss later in this blog about Ciara and Beyonce). What people fail to realize is these themes are passed around from the Illuminati's princesses, queens, and goddeses for a reason. They each represent the same thing; they are interchangable. That's what I found interesting about Lady Gaga's logo.
I believe Lady Gaga is representative of these women and girls. She is just the latest in a long list. A lot of what she does is very much along the lines of Dale Bozzio, Madonna, and Gwen Stefani. She is just needed right now because Dale is no longer a star, Madonna does not influence the youth, and Gwen has lost her edge. Anyway, in the logo we see a female mannequin with it's head missing. It's sort've like you can take one head off and put the another one on but it represents the same thing. Back to Ciara though.

She's Illuminated because she is a product of the Illuminati.
Next we see Ciara and her dancers as, well, dancers. This is another reocurring theme. Madonna and Kylie brought the leotards back into fashion. Madonna has been seen as a dancer in front of a mirror in a lot of her videos like "Hung Up" and "Give It 2 Me". Beyonce has recently joined the list with her leotard in "Single Ladies" and she played a dancer in "Halo". I plan on doing an entire entry on the theme of dance and what it subliminally means in the future.
Next we see Ciara in a zebra print catsuit. As most of you who have read The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave or read Pseudo-Occult Media (by the way, thanks to that blog for linking my blog on their page and giving my blog props in one of their entries) know Zebra symbolism represents duality for MK Ultra vicims (click here to read more about the Zebra symbolism at POM).
Next we see Ciara behind bars. They are always shown trapped or caged. Recently we saw Britney caged on her current tour, Lindsay Lohan was a caged bird in her video for...I actually forgot the title of the song, LOL...but yeah, one of her videos (it was about the paparazzi), and Gwen Stefani was locked up in "The Sweet Escape".

Ciara's video is already causing controversy due to Beyonce fans who claim the video Ciara is copying various videos made by Beyonce.
Like I explained before, they represent the same thing but if you can't stand Beyonce they can program you through Ciara, or if both Beyonce and Ciara are too urban for you they can get to you through Britney.

The gossip site Bossip also posted some examples of Beyonce supposedly copying other artist (as if she comes up with ideas for her work) to get back at the Ciara fans.

(Robot agenda)

(Robot Hands)
Baphomet bike (they are vehicles for the Baphomet)
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