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Saturday, September 11, 2010


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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

True Blood

"Dance, it's all I want to do..." - Kylie Minogue

In my last post, Ego and Revelations in Pop Synchronicity, I further explored the reoccurring theme of dance in pop culture and it's relation to spiritual practices as wide ranging as Shamanism to Whirling Dervishes. Since then elements of dance have continued to pop up in ways that have amplified my interest in the subject.

I ended my last post with a photo of Australian pop star Kylie Minogue. Since then she has released a new album and a music video for her single "All The Lovers". The first word that is sung is 'dance' and that theme continues throughout the video. That isn't surprising considering Kylie Minogue has been a continuous presence in my inquest on the subject.

The song is featured on the pop stars latest album Aphrodite. For this era in her career Kylie Minogue is embodying Greek goddess Aphrodite. This idea of a human representing a God or Goddess reminds me of the dance rituals in many African and Native American tribes where an initiated dancer will wear a mask to represent an ancestor and/or God/Goddess and embody them to transmit messages to the people. Kylie's inclusion of the dance theme and her embodiment of Aphrodite heightens the connection to generational spiritual rituals.

In the video Kylie is invisible until the other people begin to embrace each other and bring about a loving energy. This too is very similar to a ritual as the other participants energy is essential in calling forth the spirit that is desired. The doves are an interesting inclusion because not only are they an important symbol for Aphrodite but doves also represent spirit.

A more blatant pop culture reference to this ancient ritual came with a music video by rising star Janelle Monae.
The screen cap above is the first thing you see when you watch Janelle's latest video for the single "Tightrope". The inclusion of the term 'magical practices' are an obvious nod to the spiritual rituals of our ancestors.
A ball levitates in mid-air, defying gravity.
The ground in front of the hospital is made of a hexagon honeycomb pattern similar to Kylie Minogue's symbolic X album cover. Hexagon's are of course highly symbolic, I explored this theme in Nike and Saturnalia.
She also dances in front of a mirror which is symbolic of dimensional traveling as I explored in my Magic Mirrors series. Also notice the checkerboard pattern at the top which is also symbolic.

Recently I have found that I have a growing interest in my heritage. That interest has led me to information regarding both African and Native American ancestry which is interesting considering I was already reading about medicine men who can be found in both cultures.

In a recent viewing of the film Twilight (don't ask) I was surprised to see some of the subliminal references to the history of America and how it really came about. As most of you probably know the film is a teenage lover story about vampires and werewolves. The plot centers around Bella who must make a choice between vampire Edward and werewolf Jacob.

Starting at 2:09 in the clip above the character Jacob explains to Bella that his people are descendants of wolves.
Wolves are of course an important symbol to Native Americans. Wolves can be found in just about any painting depicting Native Americans.

As the conversation continues Jacob explains that his great grandfather, "the chief", found them hunting on "our land". Now if that doesn't ring a bell I don't know what will. The clip continues with one of the kids scaring another with a fake snake...

As I watched the second installment of the series (don't judge me, lol) I noticed even more interesting things about the series. The other character, Edward, described his people to Bella. He describes them as a very old, very powerful family. He describes them as very refined, no respect for human life, but respect for the arts, sciences and above all the law which consists of keeping the existence of their kind a secret. Doesn't that pretty much sum up what some would refer to as the Illuminati?

The whole thing reeks of the old dreaded Christopher Columbus story that was sugar-coated and served to us as children, the story of how this land was stolen.

I hadn't thought about Christopher Columbus in years but as I googled his image I noticed something peculiar.
Pimp C

Any of you who have read a little bit about the many conspiracy theories out there know that the sign Christopher Columbus is making with his hand has turned up on paintings of many prominent historical figures and is suppose to represent Freemasonry and the secret bloodline that has controlled all of history. That is suppose to be the reason behind the Royal Family and why the roles are passed down to family, so that the bloodline stays in control.

It's easy to dismiss this theory but once you do a bit of research you'll see that this hand sign does indeed appear in many historical paintings. Luckily The Atlantean Conspiracy has done the research for us.
The photo above showcases just some of the historical paintings that this mysterious hand sign can be found in. As we will discover later historical paintings are notorious for showcasing symbolism. Click here to read more about this hand sign and it's historical significance.

The film Avatar also seems to embody a plot narrative with historical context. In the film the Na'vi tribe (the blue...thingies) could easily represent both Native American and African tribes. It's hard to distinguish which race they actually are and I believe that was done purposely. They are a tribe that is one with nature. The explorers pretty much come and take over their land, killing many in the process. It's all pretty blatant if you ask me.

In Twilight, the fact that the Cullen's are vampires heightens another connection to the Illuminati and their omnipresent symbolism. The most famous fictional vampire is Dracula. What many don't know is that it is common belief that the character Dracula is based off of is real life historical figure Vlad the Impaler. Vlad's father's nickname was Dragon due to his association with the Order of the Dragon. Vlad was nicknamed Dracula as the name Dracula means son of the Dragon.

Even without the historical connection to Vlad the Impaler, the connection between vampires and Dragons are there because Dracula is derived from the word Draco which is Latin for Dragon.

Dragons are an important symbol seen all over Europe. They are also suppose to represent the secret bloodline which is a concept that has been explored by David Icke and those kind of researchers.

This of course ties in with the whole Reptilian theory. The Reptilian theory ties in with Serpents. The "Illuminati" or secret bloodline are often called the Serpent Cult and Serpents are another notable symbol that has been discussed.
Historically the painting of Queen Elizabeth I has been known to show her holding a flower. Earlier this year it was revealed that the original painting showed her holding a snake and was later painted over with a flower. Years have faded the painting and revealed it's original design. What's the point of the snake? There also seems to be a mustache in the original painting. Actually, she's looks very masculine....

The iconic image of the hermaphroditic Baphomet shows two intertwining Serpents. The intertwining snakes are reminiscent of another symbol that has been shown in different variations throughout history.
Of course the term Hermaphrodite derives from Greece's Hermaphrodite who was the child of Hermes and Aphrodite.

I already explored masculine and feminine energies in my last post and how it relates to many spiritual beliefs. It was interesting when I found the connection to paintings of Jesus Christ. I won't get into it too much but it appears that someone else has come to the same conclusions I have. Check out what Freeman has to say on the subject.
The reptilian complex, also known as the R-complex or "reptilian brain" was the name MacLean gave to the basal ganglia, structures derived from the floor of the forebrain during development. The term derives from the fact that comparative neuroanatomists once believed that the forebrains of reptiles and birds were dominated by these structures. MacLean contended that the reptilian complex was responsible for species typical instinctual behaviors involved in aggression, dominance, territoriality, and ritual displays.
This area of the brain is the root of many of the problems in the world and in our personal lives. The obsession with power and control.

The picture above shows the connection between the Caduceus and DNA.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers album cover for Blood Sugar Sex Magik shows the band members with snake like tongues drawing a connection with Serpent/Reptile symbolism. The rose, I'm told, is meant to represent bloodline. The title of the album brings to mind the Occult ritual of Sex Magic.

The tattoo above with shows the connection with our family tree and our DNA. Our spiritual awareness is informed by our ancestry.
Speaking of tattoo's, Angelina Jolie, who is always identified by researchers as a tool for the bloodline, has a tattoo of a Dragon.

In the film Avatar the Na'vi tribe people do not kill or fear the Dragon but instead tame it in order to preserve their balance with nature.
In the film Alice in Wonderland, Alice slays another Dragon-like creature. Once she slays the creature the characters break into dance.

That dance sort of looks like Janelle Monae's tightrope dance.
Upon researching Shamanism I ran across the book The Way of the Shaman by Michael Harner. In the book Michael Harner visits the Peruvian Amazon to study the culture of Conibo Indians. During the trip Michael is served a drink made of Ayahuasca which is known as the "soul vine". He began to have visions of Dragon-like creatures. Here's some of his experience.
It's interesting that the creatures he sees are Dragon-like, possible reason for all of the symbolism?
You can read the entire passage here.
It's interesting that the Shaman says that they rule the sky. Isn't that where Jesus comes from. He is coming with the clouds, right?
This theme has also been carried out in pop culture. During Madonna's Confessions Tour, which I covered in my Magic Mirrors series, Madonna descends from above in a giant mirror ball. She then sing the lyrics "Connect to the sky" and "In the demonstration of this evidence, some have called it religion. This is not a coincidence."
The sky symbolism is also reminiscent of Donnie Darko, a film about a teenage Messiah-like character. The story unfolds when a piece of an airplane drops out of the sky. It all seems to recall teleporting, where matter is tranferred from one point to the next through a wormhole. This theory is used in time travel theories.
I'm late, I'm late for a very important date!

A bunny obsessed with time and dates again.

"In another dimension..." - Rocky Horror Picture Show

I recently came across this painting by Charles Bartlett titled The Portal. Notice that the portal is snake shaped. Also notice the rainbow, more four colors symbolism from Dimensions of Dance?

The wormhole/Messiah connection was heightened even more when I stumbled upon this
great article by Red Ice Creations. I really do suggest that you check it out, it's very short.

Upon further research I discovered some interesting scientific theories that stated that human DNA produces wormholes.

"They are like tunnels with ends in different parts of the universe through which information can be transmitted beyond the laws of space and time. DNA draw information this way and deliver it to our consciousness. It something like a multiple resonator, like a radio able to receive more than one frequency."

Interesting. Read more here.

Donnie Darko

In the photo above Bruce Lee is shown in front of the sun. The sun is a symbol representing spiritual power. In this sense the dragon represents power in Chinese culture. The spiritual power of the Dragon and Serpent connects to the imagery of Jesus and Buddha with snakes.

So once again the lines between what is perceived to be good and evil become blurred. On one hand we have found Reptilian symbol in connection with totalitarian control and on the other hand we have also found connections to personal spiritual power. In the end we once again find ourselves lost in meaning.


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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I wanna see the receipts!

Let me start off by saying I am not linking to where this situation took place. I'm not giving this person any shine.

I apologize for troubling you all with this situation but it's time for what has been going on behind the scenes to be brought out into the open. This post is partially so that this person can see themselves and the situation for what it really is and it is also so that you guys can know what's going on if you start to see a bunch of angry replies from someone and a bunch of deleted replies by me.
The picture you are seeing above are screen caps taken from both my blog and someone else's blog. Obviously there is a striking similarity in both the subject matter and the writing style. The posts are almost identical word for word.

The person who wrote the blog that pretty much copied mine has been a member here from almost the very beginning. At first they were very supportive and I even acknowledged their support and thanked them.

Around March of 2009 I started noticing little things that they were picking up from my blog and just from me in general. That's fine because we're all inspired by each other, right? When I first started this blog I was very much inspired by Pseudo-Occult Media. I publicly acknowledged that and would link to Ben's blog all the time. He embraced this blog right away and there were no issues. That's how you do things. There are a slew of blogs that have came out that acknowledge Mk Culture as an influence and link to me. That's just how things go.

The thing is, in the beginning, I covered the same topics as POM but I never in my life would copy someone basically word for word. Even when we covered the same topics my take on the subject was very different than his. The blogs that are inspired by MK Culture never just outright copy my posts and they always give credit.

So as time went on I noticed that this person was posting at a forum I use to frequent before I even started this blog. They were pretty much taking things that I said and posting them as their own thoughts. No links to the blog, no acknowledgment of where they got the ideas from - nothing.

Eventually I confronted them about their overall personality. They took this personally and wrote a blog about me at the end of June of 2009 (yes, that is how long this has been going on). The blog pretty much painted me as a bad person and made it seem like I confronted them for no reason. I let it slide. I was thinking, whatever, they can be mad at me if they want. If they hate me maybe they will stop studying me.

Imagine my surprise when at the beginning of July they replied to one of my posts as if they didn't just diss me days earlier. But you know what? I let it slide and replied respectfully.

Months go by and they're still responding. I'm just ignoring them at this point and going about my business.

By December 2009 they are still responding. Repeatedly. So I decide to just reach out to this person and throw up a white flag so there will be no negative energy floating around. If this person checks their records they will see that I contacted to them the day after they responded to one of my posts. That is the ONLY reason I got back in contact with them. Prior to that I had been ignoring them.

After that I checked out their blog and saw that in November of 2009 they were still copying me as shown in the screen caps above. This is before I contacted them and this is while they were suppose to dislike me and while they were saying I was negative. If I'm negative and you don't like me why are you copying me and lurking on my blog?

I also noticed that they were still on that forum that I use to go to presenting my ideas as their own. I let it slide. I figured maybe since I threw up the white flag things would change. I didn't even confront them with this.

As the months go by they continue to repeat their behavior. As a matter of fact it had gotten worse. So I finally brought it out in the open and gave my thoughts on the situation. This person had the nerve to act like I was the one following them and that I was slandering their name. It was fine when they were writing blogs about me but they want to play the victim when I give them a taste of their own medicine.

Here's the funny thing about the internet, once you put it out there it's there forever. So I have evidence to back up everything I've said...you on the other hand don't because you're lying...So don't try to twist the story around, I have everything saved, do you?

So this person pretty much monitors everything I do online. I recently wrote something without even having him in mind and he went and lost his mind posting all over the place that I was slandering him and lying...the post wasn't even about him. Paranoia is a funny thing.

So this is advice to everyone out there, keep an eye on who's responding to your blogs. It's not always the best idea to let things slide once you notice a problem. Thanks to all of the blogs that support this blog and are about positivity. It's great that we all support each other but I guess I should have expected that there would be one bad seed in the bunch.
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