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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lolita's Candy Continued

In June I blogged about Madonna and Lil Wayne and what can be considered to be Pedophilia in their work in Open Your Heart to Pedophilia. That entry led to further explorations of Pedophilia in popular culture with Lolita's Candy. In Lolita's Candy I explored the theme of candy in popular culture and how it relates to Pedophilia. In the comments section of Lolita's Candy it was suggested by member electrobix that the candy theme is so commonly associated with Pedophilia because many Pedophiles use candy to lure in children.

Upon reading about the recent death of Boyzone singer Stephen Gately I discovered that he played the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in a stage production of the film.

The Child Catcher using candy to capture children.

To be honest with you I'm an American so I had no idea who Stephen was before his untimely death, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was a little before my time, so this discovery was a surprise to me; it especially surprised me by how on target his role as the Child Catcher was with what I had been exploring in the aforementioned blog entries.

If you too aren't fully aware of the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or the character Child Catcher, here's a brief description of the villian from Wikipedia (I really need to stop quoting them).

The Childcatcher is the most loyal servant to the Baron and Baroness Bomburst of Vulgaria. Since the Baroness cannot abide the existence of children, she employs him to kidnap and imprison the country's children. He wears a black suit with a top hat, and has moderately long greasy black hair. In general appearance, he is quite pale, thin, and has a spider-like quality and grace in the way he moves. His most recognizable feature is his elongated nose, with which he is able to smell children and find where they are hiding. When searching for the children, he carries a large net and a hook to catch them. The witches in screenwriter Roald Dahl's novel, The Witches, are also able to smell out children to murder them.

He drives a horse-drawn dark buggy equipped with a cage, but he sometimes disguises the buggy as a candy-and-ice cream wagon in order to lure, and so ensnare, children. He also disguises himself as an innocent candy-salesman with colorful clothing and carries lollies and other sweets with which to tempt the children out of their hiding places. When Jeremy and Jemima Potts are hiding in the Toymaker's cellar, the Childcatcher dances through the streets harking about "free" chocolate, cherry pies, treacle tarts, ice cream and other goodies. Jeremy is entranced and runs out into the street, despite Truly warning the twins not to leave until she had returned (she was out shopping for food). Jemima followed against her better judgement, and both of the children followed the Childcatcher. The villagers shouted and called for them to come back, but the Childcatcher lured the children into his cage and took them to the castle of the Baron and Baroness. The twins were locked in the tower and awaited their deaths.

At the end of the film where the natives of Vulgaria and the Vulgarian children ambushed the Baron's birthday party, the Childcatcher was called to detain them. However, his plan failed when he realised that the children were no longer afraid of him and they trapped him in a net which they then suspended from the ceiling-like a spider.

I took it upon myself to read comments about the public's reaction to this film and most people seem to have viewed the Child Catcher as a Pedophile on a subconscious level.

In an interesting twist it appears that Marilyn Manson, who I covered in Lolita's Candy, has appropriated the Child Catcher iconography in the title and cover art for his EP Smells Like Children.

Moving right along...

Noah Cyrus; younger sister of Hanna Montana star Miley Cyrus

The picture above of Noah Cyrus has rightfully caused major controversy. In case you didn't know Noah is only 9 years old. If this was the first time this happened I would consider calling it a mistake but this is repetitive behavior from the Cyrus family. To those of you oblivious to pop culture (I don't blame you) here's a run down of just SOME of the controversy these girls have caused.

At age 15 Miley posed topless for Vanity fair magazine.

Just recently she performed on a stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards.
Even worse, here is her 9 year old sister.

More pictures of Noah Cyrus.

...the fuck?

As if all of this wasn't enough, let's take a look at what children's network Nickelodeon is selling to children. Click here to see the latest calendar for their show iCarly and yes this is real. So it's clear they are exploiting male sexuality and gearing it towards children now.

Clear evidence of this is the latest sex symbol Taylor Lautner from Twilight/New Moon.
The kid is only 17 years old and is already being marketed as a sex symbol. The media, including the always wonderful Perez Hilton (major sarcasm), is reporting on him in a sexually explicit manner and no one is saying anything. Let's do a quick search and check out some of what Perez has to say about Taylor.

"Time to swoon and squeal - Taylor Lautner's looking fine!"

That quote was followed by this picture:
A 31 year old man drawing hearts around a 17 year old boys picture?

It gets worse...

"Check out Twilight hottie Taylor Lautner in GQ looking like the seks in an unbuttoned shirt so we can all admire his hard-earned abs."

"And R-Patz and Tay Tay are looking HOT!"

R-Ratz is Twilight star Robert Pattinson...I officially feel retarded for knowing this.

Anyway, you get the picture. So it now socially acceptable for a 31 year old man to lust over a 17 year old boy. Welcome to the future, people. Welcome to the future.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aaliyah, Left Eye, Horus, and the Moon

Aaliyah and Left Eye will always be connected due their their untimely deaths just months apart. Their deaths, along with the 9/11 attacks, marked a dark period in culture where for a moment we turned off their reality shows and ignored the celebrity gossip and focused on the harsh reality of immortality. But just like the world picked up the pieces and moved on after 9/11, pop culture is still flourishing with new stars, some of which have eclipsed Aaliyah and Left Eye's level of fame.

While these two stars deaths are obviously linked within the collective consciousness of pop culture, upon closer examination there were parallels between the two contained in their work long before their demise.

On the surface their fashion senses were clearly similar as well as the fact that they were popular urban acts who dominated in the 1990's. But as you explore their work deeper you begin to spot other similarities concerning their spiritual beliefs and affinity towards Egyptian symbolism that sheds new light on what their deaths meant to pop culture and the Goddess-like iconography both of their deaths created.

With contemporary acts like Beyonce and Rihanna it is hard not to spot the symbolism propagated through their highly publicized music videos and performances. But in the pre-9/11 world of the 90's the world saw Aaliyah and Left Eye as pop stars and nothing more.

I first began to take a closer look at Aaliyah after viewing this incredible video on Aaliyah and some of the themes that were presented in her videos. I was surprised to discover just how much she loved Eygptian atifacts and what she decribed as "the dark side". I was also surprised to learn that her famous hairstyle was inspired by the Eye of Ra/Horus. This fact sparked my interest as I had already discovered the Horus/Ra connection with Left Eye that I will get into later.
As I began to explore Aaliyah for a second time, this time with eyes open, I began to spot other Egyptian influences in her work that I had not noticed before. One of those instances was her music video for "4 Page Letter". The music video pretty much showcases a modern version of the Horus myth.

As the video begins Aaliyah is watch a male from a distance illuminated by sunlight.
Later on there's a scene of the man above with chains in his hands. This scene is meant to let the viewer know that Aaliyah's love interest in some sort of slave.

Next Aaliyah dances for the slave. Notice during this dance no one else is paying attention to her. Is it because they can't perceive her?

Afterwards there is a battle between the master and slave which of course the slave loses until Aaliyah reappears.

After that the video gets interesting.
Aaliyah appears inside of a ring of fire. As I have stated on this blog before, the ring of fire symbolizes knowledge. It is also interesting that Aaliyah is wearing silver during this scene. Silver is often associated with the moon and the moon often symbolizes feminine energy.

"I am an orange moon reflecting the light of the sun..." - Erykah Badu

This information may add some insight on all of the silver dresses at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Britney Spears wore a silver dress last year.

One example of a Moon goddess was Nanna who I will be exploring further in yet another exploration on Madonna (and her heirs).
Silver Bra

Other Goddesses are Artemis and Diana. Also, Arabic alchemist invoked the feminine name Manet when working with silver as an alchemical symbol.

So what does all of this have to do with Horus and Aaliyah? Well, as I said the video for "4 Page Letter" is symbolic of Horus and Aaliyah represented as a symbol of the moon only heightens this observation.

First of all the video is shot in the day and night (sun and moon). The slave is powerful in the day night but chained at night. No one else sees Aaliyah until she appears in the ring of knowledge. This is representative of feminine energy coming into the slaves consciousness and setting him free.

This relates to the story of Horus because during the battle of Horus and Set, Horus' left eye was torn out. Thoth magically restored Horus' left eye. The myth is representative of the restoration of the moon every lunar month. So Aaliyah's video is a representation of this myth.
Left Eye fits into this theme as she and her group TLC wore silver outfits in their video for "No Scrubs" which was obviously inspired by the moonwalker Michael Jackson's video for "Scream" featuring his sister Janet.

Click here to view "Scream".

TLC were also the ladies in red at the always symbolic MTV Video Music Awards in 1999. They were introduced by Prince who was wearing blue.

Although Left Eye never spoke publicly about Egyptian artifacts as Aaliyah did, there are still signs that she appreciated the culture and after her death one symbol has been used to represent her numerous times.

As I mentioned in Magic Mirrors 4, the Falcon is used to represent Horus.

In the picture below you can see Left Eye had a tattoo of a Falcon. Most people assume this tattoo is in tribute to her boyfriend Andre Rison who was on the football team the Atlanta Falcons. But the first picture was taken in 1992 before Left Eye had even met Andre. She later had the tattoo altered to represent him but it is clear that she liked Falcons before she met Andre Rison.

After Left Eye died TLC tried to regroup and release one more album with the two remaining members. They agreed to represent Left Eye by including small little references to her in every public appearance.
The above picture is from the music video "Hands Up". There we see T-Boz and Chilli with an illuminated eye on their faces. This is fine, I mean her stage name was Left Eye afterall. I was, however, surprised when they took the stage to perform with Alicia Keys at the 2008 (or 2009..I don't know) BET Awards.
Take a look at the earrings that the dancer behind Chilli has on.
This is not surprising considering Alicia Keys' recent love of Egypt.

I will leave you with a small section of Left Eye's rap in Melanie C's "Never Be The Same Again".

"And as our energies mix and begin to multiply.
Everyday situations, they start to simplify.
So things will never be the same between you and I.
We intertwined our life forces and now we're unified."

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