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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kanye's new Kid in 2 worlds

Here's Kanye's new artist Kid Cudi's debut video "Day N Nite". The themes should be easy to spot after my Mirrors blog entry below.
Freemason Owl with masks in the background.
Checkerboard floor.
Kid Cudi dressed in his Freemason bow tie and suit.
Known Mason Bert Williams in his.
a bow tie affair with M.I.A throwing up Jay-Z's pyramid sign. Lil Wayne also passed a top hat to her during this performance so I guess she is now a part of the order.
Kanye in a bow tie again for Madonna's "Beat Goes On" music video. Anyway, back to Kid Cudi. I just wanted to prove a point because I know a bow tie seems ridiculous because it is so simple.
Prince - Controversy

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