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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Come Join The Circus

As with most of Britney Spears' music videos, her current one, titled "Circus", is filled with symbolism.
The video opens with a shot of Britney's two perfumes Curious and Fantasy. One is blue while the other appears to be red. Blue and Red are polarizing colors; combined they make the color purple. Polarizing colors are used a lot in mind control and Occult practices because it contributes to the process of splitting the mind so that there's more than one mental compartment to begin creating alters. The actual perfumes are really Blue and Pink so I'm not sure why the bottle is made to look Red in the video. Perhaps to create that subliminal programming that I just explained.
Here is the actual Fantasy bottle and as you can see it is Pink. Also, the word Fantasy is inside of a pyramid.

Next Britney is seen getting ready in front of a mirror with lights. This is very similar to her opening sketch at the MTV Video Music Awards last year. Pseudo-Occult Media did a post on that show and explained the mirror symbolism quite well so if you're interested Click Here to read that analysis.
Now the symbolism and programming starts to get a little more blatant. Here we see an umbrella being opened up revealing a spiral. Spiral are used a lot in hypnotizing people which is basically mind control. I'm sure you've seen spirals used in that contexts plenty of times (you're getting sleeeepy), if not just google "spiral hypnosis" and research the origins. By the way, if I don't provide links to back up what I say feel free to research anything I've posted on this blog. Don't take my or anyone elses word on anything.
Throughout the video there are several shots of Britney with hair covering one of her eyes with only her left eye revealed. Women who are used for Occult and/or mind control purposes in the media often are seen with their hair in a similar style symbolizing who they serve.

Here are a few shots of Madonna.
(Blue and Red outfit)
(Occult = secret/hidden)

If you watch this Johnny Cash video you'll see that all of the celebrities in this videos left eye are zoomed in on. Jay-Z even takes it a step further and throws up his infamous pyramid hand sign over his left eye. Also note the all seeing eye behind Bono and all of the skull jewelry and clothing featured throwout the video (Iggy Pop, Keith Richards, Jay-Z).
Here we see Britney in her Marilyn Monroe inspired hair. Marilyn Monroe iconography is an alter used on many industry Monarch and Marilyn's image is also used as a mind control technique. That is why you see so many MK Sex Kittens dress as Marilyn (Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera, Anna Nicole, others). You can read more about Marilyn programming as Pseudo-Occult Media linked above.
Later Britney is symbolically placed between twin Lions. Lions are a major icon used in Egyptian mythology and as you should know Egyptians iconography are appropriated by the Illuminati with the images on the dollar, the eye symbolism used often in the media (CBS just to name one), and various other things. The male cat/lion was regarded as an incarnation of the Sun God and the female cat was equated with the solar eye. The movie Lion King is highly symbolic, by the way. Twin symbolism is also used a lot, most notably the ritualistic crashing of the Twin Towers on 9/11.
Next we see Britney and her dancers dancing inside of a burning ring of fire. Of course you all know Johnny Cash, who we just mentioned, has a famous song titled "Ring Of Fire". The ring of fire represents the ring of knowledge, so basically the symbolism is very Luciferian.

If you want the performance of "Circus" on Good Morning American you'll see lots of Black/White duality used in the clothing of the dancers. I will post more about Britney in the future. I want to cover the symbolism used for the "Womanizer" video and performances, I also want to address the symbolic relationship between Britney and Madonna as they are rumored to be performing together yet again on Britney's next tour.


  1. Wow, on the color/mind process. Didn't realize you had covered the perfume bottle:)The perfume bottles somewhat resemble genie bottles to me.


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