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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nike and Saturnalia

A while back I checked out the Nike commercial and the images it portrayed stuck in my mind.
The first thing I noticed were the numbers. They all seemed to represent something more. First of all the commercial stars Adrian Peterson of the Minnesota Vikings and 28 is his real number.
The number 28 seemed to represent something more in this commercial though. I eventually thought of the Saturn Return phenomenon which is the idea that at the age 28 people cross over into a different stage in their lives and major changes occur. There are different opinions of the actual age but once you research you'll find that the most common age given is 28.

At first I thought I was reaching with this connection but as I kept watching the commercial other links to Saturn caught my eye. First of all many have speculated that the Nike logo itself is meant to be a representation of Saturn. This would not be a surprise at all considering the symbolism associated with the logos of most major corporations.
Saturn has been symbolically represented in popular culture for years. If you read Going Green you are already aware of some of these representations.

Gwen Stefani and her band No Doubt have been on my mind lately and they are sure to come up a lot in future posts. In 2000 Interscope Records released their album Return of Saturn.

Saturn symbolism seems to have followed Gwen and No Doubt ever since.
Saturn symbolically represents the Sun God and so does the Orange so the photo above takes on a whole new meaning.

Behold a pale horse.

The checkerboard and Saturn symbolism has followed Gwen into her solo career as seen in this commercial for one of her perfumes (another one of her perfume commercials will be featured in a future post).

Earlier this year the self proclaimed God M.C. Jayhova wore his Saturn inspired T-Shirt.
His wife Beyonce is 28 this year and has just celebrated the biggest year in her career which solidified her as a pop culture icon.
Fellow pop star Justin Timberlake is also 28 this year.

The new King?

Returning to the commercial, the most striking scene was the final scene where Adrian is seen with skin made in the design of multiple hexagons. Hexagons have been associated with Saturn ever since the following photo was captured by NASA.
Hexagons were also featured on Muse's latest album cover. The cover of the album is interesting as the colors used correlate with the Kundalini and Tree of Life systems.

Hexagons were also used on the album cover for Kylie Minogue's last album X. As I stated in Run This Town X symbolizes transformation into Christ Consciousness.


  1. Read James Shelby Downard's KK33 re the number 28. It's linked on wiki.

    Note that when Megrahi (Lockerbie Bomber) was released from prison he was dressed in black and white Nike from head to toe.


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