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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Aaliyah, Left Eye, Horus, and the Moon

Aaliyah and Left Eye will always be connected due their their untimely deaths just months apart. Their deaths, along with the 9/11 attacks, marked a dark period in culture where for a moment we turned off their reality shows and ignored the celebrity gossip and focused on the harsh reality of immortality. But just like the world picked up the pieces and moved on after 9/11, pop culture is still flourishing with new stars, some of which have eclipsed Aaliyah and Left Eye's level of fame.

While these two stars deaths are obviously linked within the collective consciousness of pop culture, upon closer examination there were parallels between the two contained in their work long before their demise.

On the surface their fashion senses were clearly similar as well as the fact that they were popular urban acts who dominated in the 1990's. But as you explore their work deeper you begin to spot other similarities concerning their spiritual beliefs and affinity towards Egyptian symbolism that sheds new light on what their deaths meant to pop culture and the Goddess-like iconography both of their deaths created.

With contemporary acts like Beyonce and Rihanna it is hard not to spot the symbolism propagated through their highly publicized music videos and performances. But in the pre-9/11 world of the 90's the world saw Aaliyah and Left Eye as pop stars and nothing more.

I first began to take a closer look at Aaliyah after viewing this incredible video on Aaliyah and some of the themes that were presented in her videos. I was surprised to discover just how much she loved Eygptian atifacts and what she decribed as "the dark side". I was also surprised to learn that her famous hairstyle was inspired by the Eye of Ra/Horus. This fact sparked my interest as I had already discovered the Horus/Ra connection with Left Eye that I will get into later.
As I began to explore Aaliyah for a second time, this time with eyes open, I began to spot other Egyptian influences in her work that I had not noticed before. One of those instances was her music video for "4 Page Letter". The music video pretty much showcases a modern version of the Horus myth.

As the video begins Aaliyah is watch a male from a distance illuminated by sunlight.
Later on there's a scene of the man above with chains in his hands. This scene is meant to let the viewer know that Aaliyah's love interest in some sort of slave.

Next Aaliyah dances for the slave. Notice during this dance no one else is paying attention to her. Is it because they can't perceive her?

Afterwards there is a battle between the master and slave which of course the slave loses until Aaliyah reappears.

After that the video gets interesting.
Aaliyah appears inside of a ring of fire. As I have stated on this blog before, the ring of fire symbolizes knowledge. It is also interesting that Aaliyah is wearing silver during this scene. Silver is often associated with the moon and the moon often symbolizes feminine energy.

"I am an orange moon reflecting the light of the sun..." - Erykah Badu

This information may add some insight on all of the silver dresses at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Britney Spears wore a silver dress last year.

One example of a Moon goddess was Nanna who I will be exploring further in yet another exploration on Madonna (and her heirs).
Silver Bra

Other Goddesses are Artemis and Diana. Also, Arabic alchemist invoked the feminine name Manet when working with silver as an alchemical symbol.

So what does all of this have to do with Horus and Aaliyah? Well, as I said the video for "4 Page Letter" is symbolic of Horus and Aaliyah represented as a symbol of the moon only heightens this observation.

First of all the video is shot in the day and night (sun and moon). The slave is powerful in the day night but chained at night. No one else sees Aaliyah until she appears in the ring of knowledge. This is representative of feminine energy coming into the slaves consciousness and setting him free.

This relates to the story of Horus because during the battle of Horus and Set, Horus' left eye was torn out. Thoth magically restored Horus' left eye. The myth is representative of the restoration of the moon every lunar month. So Aaliyah's video is a representation of this myth.
Left Eye fits into this theme as she and her group TLC wore silver outfits in their video for "No Scrubs" which was obviously inspired by the moonwalker Michael Jackson's video for "Scream" featuring his sister Janet.

Click here to view "Scream".

TLC were also the ladies in red at the always symbolic MTV Video Music Awards in 1999. They were introduced by Prince who was wearing blue.

Although Left Eye never spoke publicly about Egyptian artifacts as Aaliyah did, there are still signs that she appreciated the culture and after her death one symbol has been used to represent her numerous times.

As I mentioned in Magic Mirrors 4, the Falcon is used to represent Horus.

In the picture below you can see Left Eye had a tattoo of a Falcon. Most people assume this tattoo is in tribute to her boyfriend Andre Rison who was on the football team the Atlanta Falcons. But the first picture was taken in 1992 before Left Eye had even met Andre. She later had the tattoo altered to represent him but it is clear that she liked Falcons before she met Andre Rison.

After Left Eye died TLC tried to regroup and release one more album with the two remaining members. They agreed to represent Left Eye by including small little references to her in every public appearance.
The above picture is from the music video "Hands Up". There we see T-Boz and Chilli with an illuminated eye on their faces. This is fine, I mean her stage name was Left Eye afterall. I was, however, surprised when they took the stage to perform with Alicia Keys at the 2008 (or 2009..I don't know) BET Awards.
Take a look at the earrings that the dancer behind Chilli has on.
This is not surprising considering Alicia Keys' recent love of Egypt.

I will leave you with a small section of Left Eye's rap in Melanie C's "Never Be The Same Again".

"And as our energies mix and begin to multiply.
Everyday situations, they start to simplify.
So things will never be the same between you and I.
We intertwined our life forces and now we're unified."


  1. I was just thinking about Lisa the other day cause remember she was the host of the MTV series called 'The Cut'. It was way before and pretty much like 'American Idol'.

    A then-unknown singer Anastacia finished in third place, but so impressed Lopes and the show's three judges, that she scored a record deal as well.

    Well this is what made me think of Lisa Left Eye. It's a picture I came across of a tattoo Anastacia has and Ankh ....


    Anastacia Wiki:

    It's funny says her record label is 'Mercury'. I am sure there might be some other interesting stuff there to, who knows.

    PS just thought that kinda went along side kinda what you were getting into. Good now I used it I don't have to blog about it, BONUS POINT!

    Peace "C"

    PSS I remember LLL used to wear a condom on her eye [to cover it] way back when they first came out.

  2. C, I remember The Cut! I forgot all about that show until you just mentioned it. I also remember Anatasia. I believe she actually became a big star overseas but never caught on in America. Interesting observation about the condom over the left eye.

  3. Good post! Always a treat to read! :D

  4. its always an honor when Goddesses give honor to our spiritual customs the right way...I am saddened that they are not here to bring forth the knowledge and empowerment and young girls are reduced o the trash being peddled now. LE was coming out w/ a group called Egypt and she took them for physical and spiritual training down with Dr. Sebi. She was going 2 bring the truth w/these girls...the industry doesn't want smart women. at least smart blk women w/ knowledge of self. RIP Aaliyah and Left Eye and thank u.

    Embrace do not disgrace.

  5. I always knew there wasn't something right about all this.... I've been really obsessed with Lady GaGa lately because of how open she is about the entire industry, and only the stupid people don't get it (what her music videos mean and her lyrics). I have also been really drawn to the deaths of Aaliyah, Left Eye and other young celebrities.

    As morbid as it sounds, I'm actually glad that girls like LiLi and Left Eye are gone because they were too good to be involved in the Illuminati circus... the whole cult. Although they were very drawn to it, they just weren't the type to be wicked like that.

    Also, notice that Left Eye and Aaliyah had only 3 completed, unique albums after their deaths. (Compilations, etc don't really count) and I'm talking only about Left Eye's albums as a solo artist, not with TLC. Isn't it REALLY interesting that it was 3? 3 points to a triangle... But I'm a bit perplexed as to why Aaliyah died AFTER the release of her last album and Left Eye died BEFORE the release of hers. Does anyone understand that?

    I honestly don't believe it was an accident that Aaliyah died. A big star like her doesn't just get on a plane overweight with freight and an inexperienced pilot at the helm without anyone saying anything. It was definitely planned, and covered up. Same thing with Left Eye, except she was the ONLY one that died out of all the others in the car.. yet in Aaliyah's case EVERYONE died including her.

    1. Aaliyah died because she wasn't thinking about the how much luggage she was putting on the plane, that can kill her. Aaliyah was thinking about herself and no one else. All she was thinking about os the stupid awards, that was her fault no one elses.

    2. your dumb...you don't know what happened because you were not there dumb ass or anyone else for that matter...crazy people stop speculating

    3. actually she died because the pilot was drunk and she was actually thinking about everyone else if the plane was bigger she would have survived get your facts staright honey!

  6. I think they are in fact 'blood sacrifices' for other celebrities/musicians that are connevted to them.... really good observation Nyokou!

    1. I agree to that! Now what artists blew up since their passings?

    2. Beyonce and Jay-z blew up more after her passing.

  7. This is really scary and real and wish a lot of young poeple knew about this as many of them look up to these poeple.Beyonce and Alicia are such a disappointment really..A whole lot of them really..

    But they're not hiding anything now,they just show their signs in each and every video for everyone to see.

    Its all up to us poeple that are aware to make those who are not aware!

  8. For several days I have been reading and looking for Aaliyah, Left Eye, Horus, and the Moon and wow I have no idea that in the web were so many blogs related to generic viagra, but anyways, thanks for sharing your inputs, they are really helpful.
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  9. Yeah their deaths were so odd to me. Left Eye also died EXACTLY 8 months after Aaliyah. That doesn't just happen. They both died on the 25 along with Michael Jackson and a whole lot of other famous people.

    The girl the singer Anastacia has an ankh tattoo and so did Aaliyah. A lot of people didn't know about that tattoo, it was on her right wrist. I don't know how they all tie into eachother but I find it interesting that someone mentioned her and that they both share the same tattoo and that Aaliyah did the theme song for the DISNEY movie Anastacia. How often does that happen? Something isn't right with all of this.

    1. people didn't know about her ankh tattoo because she got it a month before death. even after studying her for years, every info site stated she only had 3 tattoos, she only mentions in the ankh in one mtv interview right before she died

  10. Honestly, just because their fashion styles were similar that doesn't connect them to any type of "illuminati." I have a sort of infinity towards Egyptian artifacts and culture, does that make me a member of some type of Illuminati occult? I think not. Plus Aaliyah and her family always emphasized how much they believed in God and she and her brother both were raised as Catholic - Christians.

    Left Eye believed in spirituality. Unlike Aaliyah who went to church every other Sunday, Left Eye believed in God without being a church but she still read the bible and believed his word.. she's expressed this too.

    Not every artist in this music industry was connected to the illuminati and Aaliyah only was talking about "The dark side" because she was playing in the movie Queen Of The Damned. She was going into that stage of gothic / emo kind of style and a lot of kids even today dress in all black or hide one part of their face by their hair.

    It's just a hair style! And the clothing that you guys think shows some sort of "drawing in" to an occult is only part of the Hip-Hop fashion. People from the 90's wore baggy clothes and with both Aaliyah and Left Eye being somewhat tomboyish it was more natural for them to wear sweats and a t shirt or loose jeans with a tank top.

    Big deal! And it interests me too, how people have so much time on their hands to sit up and conjure up all this mess and to know every little detail or organization associated with this "Illuminati."

    My question would be.. Since these bloggers and Youtubers and people know so much about it, how do we know these people haven't been possessed by some sort of "other worldy" force like the Illuminati itself?

    1. Katy Perry was raised by 2 ministers and she states she sold her soul to the devil, Jay-z publicly said at one of his concerts he sould his soul to the devil, as did Bob Dylan, ask DMX what happens when you try to buck the system. So being Christian does not stop satan from attacking you. God says "My people die from lack of knowledge." Arm yourself with knowledge, learn, and dont be controlled.

  11. Hi, Anonymous. It seems to me that you already had this blog in a box before you read it. If you would have simply read it, let the thoughts marinate, and then came to a conclusion you would have realized that no where in this post does the word "Illuminati" come up.

    You seem to be all too eager to throw every blogger, "Youtuber", or whoever else you referenced in your reply into the same category. Because of your assumptions you're missing out on what really being addressed in this blog.

    Also, you don't have to be "possessed" to know about symbolism, you simply have to be curious enough to educate yourself on the subject. This stuff doesn't come out of thin air.

    Perhaps you should educate yourself and stop making generalizations before you reply next time.

  12. Ok blogspot just e-mailed me a really long anonymous comment to this post but it's not here on the actual blog. Maybe the person deleted their comment.

    To answer your questions, all I'm doing here is exploring symbolism. I know a lot of blogs and people on Youtube are into "exposing" celebrities but my blog has a completely different aim. I think that it's more interesting to explore the symbolism that most people aren't aware of and let the reader draw their own conclusion.

    I post a lot about Madonna who also has a lot of symbolism in her work and has a sort of Goddess presence in the industry. It's interesting to explore the symbolism and question whether she was placed in her position of being an icon, she's pulling the strings and placing symbolism in her work, or it's just her destiny. It's more interesting for me to spark a thought rather than act like I know these people and try to tell you what their motives are. For me it's more about the symbolism, not the actual celebrities.

    I'm not religious and I do not think that all of themes that I write about her are necessarily evil although some of the themes obviously are like the mind control symbolism and pedophilia. I recently did a post where I went back and made connections with Shamanism and trances and how it connects with our modern culture. A lot of people paint it as an evil thing and say these artists are possessed but I don't think that it's that black and white. Being black, elements of what these people are calling evil goes back to my ancestors and many of our ancestors.

    So it's a very complicated subject and interesting subject. I'm just a curious person and I've combined my interest in spirituality, history, and celebrity culture and created MK Culture. I hope I've answered your questions.

  13. Thank you. I was the one who posted a comment. I don't know where it has vanished too. I might have deleted it by accident.

    I'm not a religious person either but I guess I'm spiritual. I'm very much interested in this stuff. I just wanted to know more about Aaliyah. I've always liked her music but have recently been infatuated/fascinated with her after watching tons of her videos. I know people like to say she was a "sacrifice" and she was heavily involved so I wanted to know your input. I know she has said she loved Egyptian stuff so that's the extent I figured of how far into it she was. I just don't believe it in regards to her, I guess my adoration of her is kinda making me biased towards her but I still can't find anything worthy of believing other than her covering her left eye all the time. I'm still trying to figure it all out though and I don’t believe it. I always just thought both Aaliyah and Left Eye were thinkers who loved reading and things to do with Egypt. As they both have stated many times. I didn’t equate it to anything evil or symbolic like other stars. I also didn’t want to believe they were like the others after their deaths-exactly 8 months apart but that in itself makes me wonder… I just always thought their intents/reasoning was very different than the others and still do. Which is why I asked. I guess I thought that maybe they knew too much or knew something they shouldn’t have known.

    I get you and your blog now. I've come to recognize a lot of symbols myself and believe in it to an extent but it still makes me curious why and what it all means. I always hear conflicting views and opinion and my personal opinions is always changing and I don't know what to think sometimes.

    I totally agree with you and get what you mean now. I say that's it's not just "black and white" all the time too. It's just a lot of people are now more "aware" and websites like youtube allow a lot of loonies and religious nuts to rant on with crazy videos and they are reaching most of the time. It’s become like a mockery. People are being feed so much different things now. Sometimes I don't know what to think again but the symbolism is very evident. I'm very curious of it all too. I'm still learning and absorbing it all.

    1. this is to the dumb bitch that said shes glad they are both dead and was too good to be apart of illuminati! first of all u dumbfuck NOONE derserves to DIE and it wasnt her fault! when its your time its your time you dumb ass stupid bitches!now comment on that hoe!

  14. What is going on with this website? Why when I go to other pages now after posting on here a blogspot website comes up? WTF.

  15. Which blogspot website comes up?

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  17. Tiffany; AaliyahFanFOREVERSeptember 12, 2010 at 10:42 PM

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  18. Just to let everyone know, all comments by Aaliyah fans coming here to defend her will be deleted. This comment section is meant for discussion on SYMBOLISM, not celebrity worship. If you would take the time to read you would see there's nothing to be defensive about. No one is attacking precious Aaliyah. I grew up on her music and was saddened by her death so I would never disrespect her or her family.

    1. b4 aaliyah said a premonition about her death saying thigs like she was in the air no one could touch she was free from harm (symbolism)(her rock the boat video the last part when she floating in the water) i think they were trying to get in but she didnt want to...maybe jay z and damon wanted her to join but i dont think she wanted to join them so they used her as a sacrifice (beyonce) i also thinnk it weird how sex exploded when beyonce came out in the early 2000's...(i'm not a beyonce hater) aaliyah couldve been a victim the symbols like her one eye she stated a model inspired the look for her... and left eye she wasnt in it (illuminati) i think clive davis had something to do with her death he took 75 million dollars from tlc and left eye and her friends were going to get it back i think its weird that she dies after that happens that a lot of artists dies with clive davis... do an article on clive

  19. Last night I was watchin what was supposed to be Left Eyes documentary "Last Days of Left Eye" or something like that, anywho in her room she had the "Eye Of Horus" painted on her wall... just sayin

    1. An eye is her logo though too...it's the logo of her foundation and everything.

  20. @ Sasha i just watched it and i didnt see the eye of horus. do you remember what was going on in the clip where u saw it on her wall? do you think it could have been due to her interests and the fact that she was on vacation with a group that she had formed called egypt?

  21. I posted about the documentary Sasha was referring to here : http://mkculture.blogspot.com/2009/12/one-eye-of-horus.html

  22. If Illuminati within the music industry is true; then why must they project all this symbolic imagery into their music videos? I have read that this technique is a way to brainwash the young...& if that's true, how? Please respond, I'm really interested in this topic.

  23. This post isn't about the Illuminati.

  24. I see this blog entry has been linked at another fan website. You all are welcome to reply with feedback but if you're coming here to defend your favorite celebrity instead of discussing symbolism don't be surprised if your reply is deleted.

  25. This is some deep stuff. It is good to have people know the truth about people we think are good role models.

  26. this is sooo retarded for one lisa has a tatoo of an EAGLE not a falcon
    the EAGLE represent freedom

  27. The tattoo is of a Falcon. Years after she got the tattoo she put the number 80 over it because that was her boyfriends number who played for the Atlanta FALCONS. This is known information.

    1. just because someone admits to it, doesn't mean its true. Celebrities are fully capable to lie , they are human after all. I dont know about you, but if someone had something to hide, wouldn't they cover it up to the media? well DUH.
      I'm not big on religion but I'm not stupid either. If you LISTEN to lyrics you can hear all sorts of things that you don't hear when you're not paying attention. I can't even listen to mordern music nowadays without hearing crap about the sun, and egyptian beliefs, about the world and taking sides. Almost like they are trying to make you choose against the world whom the angel of music (gasp satan?) or God .

  28. Here are a couple of links that talk about her Falcon tattoo :



  29. For some reason Blogspot isn't posting new comments. I received this comment in e-mail.

    Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Aaliyah, Left Eye, Horus, and the Moon":

    I would have to agree with the comment left by DJEHUTI.

    After I stumbled upon this blog while doing my own symbolism breakdown of Aaliyah's video "We need a Resolution" I found information here and the comments quite interesting. Maybe I could give an alternate breakdown to some of these symbols which were mentioned here as well as a few other things. Although I do not believe this blog was intended to connect these artist with the illuminati, due to some of the wording I've noticed that some readers in these times of obsession with the illuminti have been lead to believe that these symbols are evil and/or associated with the Illuminati only.

    Before I get into my OPINION I would like to give a little of my background. I was raised both christian and muslim (yeah really lol) around many different religions in my family and I have grown to study many different bibles and religious texts as well as history books along with texts on mythology and spirituality. So I have a HUGE tolerance for anyone's beliefs to this day. I began this research after (like Aaliyah,Left Eye, Alicia Keys, etc) I felt a special connection to Egypt and its history. I have also had the chance to meet Aaliyah a month before she died and have had a conversation with a couple of her family members a year after she died during a ceremony at a church in nyc . Although I consider myself an Aaliyah Fan, I am in no way biased or feel it necessary to convert anyone to my beliefs by twisting the facts or stating my opinion only. I will accompany my beliefs on the meanings of these symbols not just of things I heard on blogs or what is considered conspiracy, but with information from actual texts that any one who is an avid reader can surely enjoy. Knowledge is infinite!

    I guess I'll start with Aaliyah. (Aa-Li-YAH, translates in Swahili and Arabic as the highest most exalted one, the best, of god). Her tattoo (which happens to be identical to a tattoo I decided to get years ago lol) is an ANKH with two snakes intertwined. This is a symbol of LIFE with the two snakes representing the KUDALINI energy, dna, etc (you can look it up) This is the image many people use when Meditating!

    In her "We need a resolution video" I naturally with my studies of symbols was interested in what it all meant. The first thing that stood out to me was it seeming as if Aaliyah was traveling through a vortex inside of something that resembled a globe. Then I noticed her dance movements, the shots of her on the tv screen in blue, her seeming to levitate while listening to music, the scene with the snakes and her shirt with the dragon. After the second time watching it all clicked to me where I've seen all these images connected before. ***********************But don't just believe me RESEARCH and READ for yourself!*************************

    1. Interesting. Im very interested in knowing where you saw them connected. I did a search and I found some things about Islam and some things about ancient Mayans. Id love to hear what you think as a starting point for my research. Thank you for your comment and thank you to the creator of
      this forum. :-)

  30. Then your grandsons will be forced to pray to the devil! O my GOD! we must absolutely spread this information. Thanks Boy!

  31. the earrings are melody ehsani's, it's just a coincidence.

  32. wow this is a amazing but aaliyah is my number one favourite singer of all time and i miss her the most rest peace babygirl.<3

  33. its so sad that she died...

  34. i think all of the illumanti stuff is true,people always says its not true,its just made up but for real people are just saying that because they dont want to believe that they're favorite music artist is apart of something like that or the fan feel as though they know the music artist based on what they see on interviews and they're music. but we don't know how they live or what they believe. they are tricking us and we are dumb enough to fall for it.

  35. this is shit. moon goddess worship and ancient egypt has nothing to to with the devil or illuminati....u dont even know what the illuminati you uneducated fool. it doesnt even exist and you have no proff! God should burn you in hell for ur lies

  36. I have already said that this post has nothing to do with the Illuminati. I'm sorry that your reading comprehension skills have failed you. For future reference, if a post doesn't mention the word Illuminati once it most likely because it isn't about the Illuminati. Read more clearly.

    1. "I'm sorry that your reading comprehension skills have failed you" LOL....OMG one of the best lines I have ever heard.. love it!

  37. @ MK Culture, comprehension issues are rapid now, alot of mental illness around, undiagnosed. You just have to keep putting them in check. lol

  38. Hey, i read your blog, i like it & ima big fan of the both of them & i understand it but then again i dont. like are you sayin Aaliyah & Left Eye were "bad/evil" because of the symbols they used & stuff? just wondering...

  39. Thats me btw^^ i didnt mean to post on anon

  40. Hey, i just wanna say that this stuff is really interesting and I've also done research on these symbols and "2pac's death" which was linked with the Illuminati. I think this is a very good and well researched topic..its something not everyone is aware of and its a real eye opener. We don't realize how much actually goes on around us..good job guys :)

  41. @ MK Culture, i apologize for using the word Illuminati but even if it wasn't mentioned in the post it all links up in the end, though everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i'm just giving mine :)

  42. Alicia really must have had a strong affinity for Egypt...didn't she just name her child that?

  43. YES,that is her childs name.whoever is still listening to the radio/watching videos should know what mkculture says is true. the reality is so many 'Christians' listen to sin(radio)and view sin(videos)and worship these celebs that are paid millions to influence YOU TO SIN. and u defend them-alot of you "Christians" need to get out of the world in into God's word...then you would know too.

  44. da illuminati didn't do this shit it was totaly the free masons. like my sister can't even understand their music its the music of the devil you see and she doesnt even understand the words.

  45. free masons/illuminati both linked to each other and with the same agenda....this aint shit this is a mission...be aware of what u listin to, look at everything critically

  46. This whole thing z so true, it's just tht people r too obsessed tht they cnt even see in ths darkness of musik,the Devil uses musik very much 2 deceive especially the youth.

  47. This is a load of Horse Shit...just someone who has allowed his imagination run away with him. are any of these allegations even verified? Damn!!!you people need to get facts straight before running people down. good luck to you!

  48. Lisa "left eye" lopes wasnt in illuminati or under mk ultra, was she, can sumone give me the real truth on lisa, cuz i luv her dearly and wud want to know the truth about her

    1. I CAN. hit me on facebook K-Blao HoodX.

  49. People are blind too the truth because they are not free;What is comprehensable to one may be
    foreign to others: The illuminati is very real and some young artest innocently wear the symbols and listen to the music/make the music under hidden influences they really have no ties to yet they are programed and puppeted then people say they are good people,they went to church BUT who owns their SOULS?I wish it was a lie,i wish we were all crazy; Sorry if your favoriye rapper is in chains with a price set once he goes over the limit Blood Sacrifice time;scary truth

  50. People are blind too the truth because they are not free;What is comprehensable to one may be
    foreign to others: The illuminati is very real and some young artest innocently wear the symbols and listen to the music/make the music under hidden influences they really have no ties to yet they are programed and puppeted then people say they are good people,they went to church BUT who owns their SOULS?I wish it was a lie,i wish we were all crazy; Sorry if your favoriye rapper is in chains with a price set once he goes over the limit Blood Sacrifice time;scary truth

  51. Hello. iam 12 years old and ... i was watching this docmentary on lisa "left eye" lopez and she stated 5 days before she die she hit a boy and he had died.... she later learned that the boy's last name was lopez thinking that the "spirit" that was "haunting' her accidentlly killed the boy instead of her . Lisa and aaliyah are greatly missed in my opinion and the illamanti is hunting down on the most influencial people yet to come, lisa"left eye" lopez aaliyah whitney houston michael jackson steve jobs tupac, biggie smalls.. ect. so many have thinking that the illmanti is not here.. but it IS worse to come if you let it. please watch lisa lopez docmentary and closey listen and think add up the clues and you will see

  52. Also check out nas one much find the original lyrics. He talks about Illuminati

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