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Monday, June 29, 2009

Open Your Heart to Pedophilia

A few weeks ago I posted this picture of Madonna's boy toy, Jesus, in my Christ's Musical Express blog entry. I highlighted the connection between the age gap between Madonna and Jesus, the fact that he's wearing a shirt that says "boy", and the fact that he has on Disney mouse ears.

A couple of days ago I ran across these photos of Madonna from around 86/87 (True Blue/Who's That Girl/You Can Dance era).
As you can see, in the last picture, Madonna has placed Micky Mouse's hand in her shirt on her breast.

Earlier that year (or the year before) Madonna kissed a young boy on the lips in the music video for "Open Your Heart". Surprisingly the scene caused no controversy and no one in the media even mentioned it. Yet, even before any allegations, people were already questioning Michael Jackson's association with children. Let's take a look at the video for "Open Your Heart".

The video has a lot of interesting elements to it like the inclusion of gay characters and the female characters who lust after Madonna but I want to focus on something that hasn't been addressed enough, Madonna's relationship with the young boy in the video.

The video is about a young boy trying to get into an adult erotic peep show.
The star in the show is Madonna. Her look in this video is androgynous and it reminds me of a mix between James Dean and Sally Bowles from Cabaret.
http://artfiles.art.com/images/-/Cabaret-Poster-C10053920.jpegAt the end of the video she leaves the club and kisses the young boy on the lips.

At 2:48 of the following clip, Madonna's inappropriate conduct towards thee young boy (played by a different actor on the tour) continues. When she kisses him here the crowd screams.

Her interaction with him was inappropriate several times during the show. You can view the entire show here.

Moving right along...

At this weekend's BET Awards (ironically dedicated to Michael Jackson) rising rap star Drake performed "Every Girl" with Lil Wayne. If you haven't heard the song yet the main lyrics are "I wish I could fuck every girl in the world." The entire song is basically about fucking girls. Let's take a look at the girls they chose to perform with them for this song.

What the hell? What is the point of these children being on stage "shaking it" during such a vulgar song?


  1. Your connections are brilliant. The pedophilia elements/tactics are subtle to blatant. Wow @ Drake's performance pic.

  2. I asked the same question....how old are those girls? Has to be someone's daughter or little sister or something....But what a degrading, babymama producing, HIV spreadng song.....blame it on the alcohol, right?

  3. One of the girls is his own DAUGHTER [Lil Wayne]

  4. Its amazing what you can get away with in our society if you are wealthy or famous, or both.

  5. Wow. Great post. I think you're definitely onto something here. Walt Disney has been pushing pedophilia since day one; Lenon Honor did a great piece on his early stuff, but you can find erections on priests in their recent stuff, so, y'know...

    That BET performance was just ridiculous. At the end of that song, Miley Cyrus is actually named as one of the Girls on a list of celebrity sex fantasies (Nobody seemed to notice). If you wanna go deeper; he names Meagan Good, who got her first role as a young girl in a Eve's Bayou where she tries to make out with her dad, Samuel L. Jackson.

    Quote from Lil Wayne from that same song: "But anyway I think you're bionic ..."

    This post entrains heavily with my current line of research; I've been looking deeper into Disney and their messaging, as well as the Black Jesus Pop Star (MJ, Wayne), and of course Madonna and Miley. Didn't Madonaa kiss a black jesus in a video?

    Will Verify. Great work.

  6. Also; remember Micheal Jackson's song Ben? It was a beautiful song a friendship about a young boy and his pet rat. Mickey Mouse Maybe?

  7. Toure, VERY interesting about Meagan Good. I had no idea she was mentioned in the song and I've never seen Bayou so thanks for that information.

    Also, very good observation about "Ben". There are photos of Disney merchandise all over Neverland Ranch and Michael has been wearing Mickey Mouse t-shirts long before people like Rihanna and Chris Brown made it normal.

  8. MJ and Disney :


  9. .
    Checked out the video after I say your post/
    Hope it is ok/added a link to your blog too :)

  10. The old Madonna interview is pretty good. She mentions Marilyn Monroe being a slave to the machine (awwwh) and says she was a victim. She also mentions that will never happen to her. I like her line about fighting people, yet manipulating them to think their not being fought. Also, mentions that porn/movie that was her 1st film. Never saw it but seems to have blood/sex rituals within it.

  11. Well Madonna is an interesting character, isn't she? I remember around 1998 she was asked about her infamous Sex book. She said she did the book to show that women could be sexual, provocative, and ironic at the same time because the idea is that if women explore sexuality it means that they have nothing else to offer. She also said she found the reaction to the book interesting because while everyone was criticizing her everyone was going out to buy the book and talking about it and she found that hypocritical. I was thinking maybe that's the point of these photos. Disney obviously has subliminal sexual messages in their films, maybe the point of Madonna's photos is to point out hypocritical response to her work by intentionally using sexuality with a corporation geared towards children. Regardless of her intentions she is still contributing to the visualization of children.

  12. I personally have never felt that MJ was a pedophile, but always wondered how he could be accused when there were more obvious perpetrators? I believed his accusal was punishment for breaking away...I hate that he fell for their final trap. I have long struggled too with the idea that technically all men are encouraged to be pedophiles because they expect women to maintain their youthful or teen bodies...to be submissive like little girls...it's horrible and disturbing, but I see it more and more in our culture now. The writing is on the wall but it's as if the people are MK victims and not the celebrities, politicians and athletes.


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