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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Black Horse

In the video above you'll see Michael Tsarion talking about the black horse symbolism and how it relates to Kabbalah.
It's very interesting because Madonna, the Kabbalah queen, used black horses prominently during her 2006 Confessions Tour.

In this performance we see Madonna, representing Kabbalah, comes out of a giant mirror/disco ball bearing light/knowledge. If you read the lyrics they're obviously about spirituality but with Madonna as your guide. Something odd about the performance is how the dancers almost appear as slaves. Is that her idea of "a world that's free"?
Miss Elliott is another star that has appeared with a black horse.

Notice the crown on her hat and jacket in this picture.
Missy was apart of the VMA ritual with Madonna, Britney, and Christina and has had symbolism in her past videos.
Chanel, CC, 33.
Last but not least we have Santogold (now Santigold). The video is full of creation out of destruction themes. The people die and paint and vegetation arise. The song itself is about giving up things in order to do something better with your only. The creation out of destruction and rebirth themes are common in the Illuminati.

More symbol pictures with interesting outfits ftom Santogold.


  1. equus is the right latin word for horse.

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