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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Britney Spears - 3

Triangle An emblem of the triad or three-in-one, expressing more than the three dots alone: the points, lines, and the whole figure give a septenate composed of two triads and a monad.

The triangle also symbolizes twin rays proceeding from a central point, and when the other ends of these lines are joined, the base line signifies that which is produced by the interaction and interblending of the two formative rays. The apex, the side lines, and the base thus represent the three chief stages of cosmic evolution. The idea is further elaborated in the square pyramid.

The Pythagoreans recognized the triangle as the first regular rectilinear figure, as three is the first odd number -- the one being considered as the origin and unit, out of which all subsequent parts flow. The usual form of the triangle in symbology is equilateral, with the apex up or down. The circle, triangle, and square form another important triad representing stages in evolution. For interlaced triangles,
Theosophy Dictionary


  1. 123 ---> 1x2= 2 x 3 = 6
    3:33 minutes in track length = 33/3=11
    666 and notice the barcode in the video?

  2. wow well actually many things that are happening right now were already wrote in the bible, so actually things like this are not new, good luck


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