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Sunday, December 13, 2009

One Eye of Horus

The clip above is a rare glimpse in how the "one eye" symbolism appears in photos. If you skip to 2:45 you can see Lady Gaga covering one eye in a photo shoot. Later on she is informed that she is covering the wrong eye. You can hear her say "This eye? Sorry". The symbolism is intentional and they are very specific with which eye they want covered.

Speaking of the one Eye of Horus, you may remember my post Aaliyah, Left Eye, Horus, and the Moon where I tied TLC member Left Eye to the Eye of Hour.
I recently watch her documentary The Last Days of Left Eye and found it interesting that she had the Eye of Horus above her bed.


  1. I am fascinated by Gaga. Thanks for posting that video link with the Australian interviewer. That is the first time I've seen Lady Gaga in a 'mean' mood and not acting like she's on something! Her true colours! Instead of saying I love travelling the world and sleeping with lots of goodlooking people, she could have said I love travelling the world and performing...but she wanted to be 'rude' to the interviewer on purpose after being asked about her relashionship status and children. It really makes me laugh when people say the following - and Gaga said it here also - 'I'm NOT promiscuous, I'm a free-spirit, I love to travel the world and have sex with lots of goodlooking people'...My God, listen to yourself woman!!!
    As for the photoshoot behind-the-scenes video - it is VERY telling - as it's not the photographer that tells her she's covering the wrong eye, but someone else, off camera, and the photographer just keeps doing his thing...total proof!!

  2. I agree with '...' She was being rude on purpose. But that's because she's a fake and a fraud! The sooner her fans realize this, the sooner her handlers will program her to self destruct and the world will be a better place.

  3. satanic=mystical hatred of childhood

    CK Chesterton, "Everlasting Man"

  4. the video is no longer available. :(


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