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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gaga for Death Continued

All seeing eye on dancers jacket + Gaga's Occult hand sign

Lady Gaga kicked off her Monster Ball tour this week and added more weight to the themes I covered in Gaga for Death. In addition to the symbolism featured in the photo above, there were other elements worth noting. The show started with her new song "Dance In The Dark" which is a song about the tragic deaths of icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Judy Garland, Sylvia Plath, and Jon Bonet Ramsey. This is yet another example of how this era in Lady Gaga's career is all about death. Later on in the show Lady Gaga performed as Egyptian God Anubis. Anubis was the Egyptian God of death. He was the patron of mummification and the dead on their path to the underworld.

But it's only about her emotional monsters...


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  2. She surely is charismatic...enchanting in her own way, which makes the symbols sort of fade out of vision...

  3. Hi there. I saw a quick glimpse of Gaga on the Ellen show for a couple of days ago. Although I still cannot work her out or who her influences are (or rather who is influencing her) she does have a good voice and is charismatic on these talk shows...she appears different on clips on MTv and the like...which makes me wonder if it is all one great big ACT on her part...she is an enigma! She reminds me of Elton John at the piano...her costumes etc. I believe sheis destined to be a huge star, bigger than Madonna.

  4. Nice catch! the straightforward-ness of all this symbolism is heading towards a tipping point (like so many things)...

    The death theme here and in Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" has me lost. Could it simply be the signs of the Death of an age? I heard in a lecture recently that we are leaving the age of the goddess... the first image here reminds me of Beyonce's new DVD cover.

    good comments here; the comparison to Elton John is spot-on. and she does actually have a very nice voice- check out her not-so-gaga acoustic performances.

  5. Lady Gaga and Rihanna also both released their albums on the 23rd of November.

  6. You have to look and and analyze sex kitten, talk-show host Wendy Williams. Cheri Dennis' Portrait of Love and Kundalini energy/bisexuality. Is it red or is it blue?

  7. with all these artist invoking these dieties those that mean that they will be sacrificed? do they really know th origions of this stuff? y is everyone basically using the same symbolism ? that photographer dropped dead at the sight of lady gaga seriously wtf

  8. I heard on X Factor Gaga was dressed like some sort of golden bat? I just wondered if that resembled some type of ancient god or if it somehow has to do with another type of symbolism? I just was curious lol

  9. Recently caught up on this Lady Gaga, viewed a a couple of videos. I am an intuitive but not a professional, actully need to supress it alot to work and do my life. Anyway I truly felt deep despair, danger and sickness after viewing one of her videos. It lingered for 2 days. There is something deeply degenerate at the core. The people behind/the scenes, creators of all her images, videos and the strong occolt symbolism to the negative are very disturbed people. She does not create the videos, story lines or imagery. THEY do. By watching Lady Gaga, Beyonce Rhianna ,videos you are being polluted and damaged. You may not think so but it is true.
    I am not a prude, a religous person and earlier in my life even studied some occult history.
    The constant severe and degenerate images of females just keep on pouring out of the entertainment business and people lap it up.. and that actually frightens me the most.
    Also..I might add Interscope Records and others are lan fordresses BIG drug money.
    That is why Gaga has faucet of never ending millions behind her. Some of the cargo and gear for the tours are semi trucks half loaded with crack cocaine to be sold stateside. So besides having to be passed around to higher ups in the industry and raped to get their contracts the are drug dealer accomplices. Beautiful life , huh? Common knowledge females hve t be passed around before getting backed bigtime. Amy Winehouse fell apart ater a Universal "pass around" I believe.

  10. Anubis isn't the Egyptian god of death... He's the god of embalming and mummification. Kenti-Amenthu (alternatively spelled Kent-Amentu, Kentiamentiu,Kenthi-Amenthu, etc.) was the ONLY direct Egyptian god of death. Even Osiris was only the god of the afterlife, not death.

  11. Anubis was the God of the Dead and was once the most important God of the Dead. Where are you getting your information from?

  12. Summer, 2010

    Rick Riordan releases Chronicles of Kane: Red Pyramid, for children.

    I encourage you to read this, as I have. This is Egyptian Book of the Dead death occult for children. The first 50 pages are linguistically/psychologically troubling to say the least.

    Rick Riordan books IMHO are positing new themes for alters

  13. She always has the most creative looks!


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