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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rik Clay - 2012 Exposed

I know it's long but please watch the full thing. It's very rewarding.


  1. Yeah that's a great interview...

    R.I.P. Rik...

  2. I saw this on that other site. He was the truth seeker who supposedly committed suicide?

  3. I've read that he committed suicide but I'm not that familiar with the situation enough to feel comfortable giving a yes or no answer. Anyone else know?

  4. R.I.P. Rik.

    Yeah, it seems he "probably" technically did kill himself but that he did so under extreme manipulation of dark forces should be a given as he was positive and lively by character. They killed him by psi or syntel.

    The facts of the road names surrounding the site kept clear of development for this Sionist "Olympic Mega-Ritual" indicates yet again that the major elements of the "Evil Design" were traced out and manifested centuries ago... it is a tangled web they weave.

    But they are losing their grip! ;D
    thanks to this medium we are using here. Thanks, DARPA! ;D

    Never the less, whilst we must fear not lest we manifest our fears, the inertia of the Shitstem [Peter Tosh RIP] exists so do take precautions and prepare for chaotic zombified 2012... and BE HAPPY! ;D :D ! :D ! :D ! :D !

  5. ive put Riks info on ebay via a dvd..just search his name

  6. if Rik HAD connected sun symbolism with saturn then it would have been even more powerful..saturn and the crown are very important to the elite

  7. I'm always wondering why the universe keeps creating spheres in every creation, been a supernova, galaxy, planet, star, an atom, etc. It is always a sphere, maybe we should pay attention to the sacred geometry that the ancient cultures use.


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