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Sunday, December 20, 2009

DNA Activation on the Express Kundalini

Just wanted to post the following excerpt from The Sync Hole.

"The DNA Strand bears a remarkable resemblance to Train Tracks. Ever sense I heard this argument With Ralph Abram, Rupert Sheldrake, and Terrance McKenna over the association of Train Tracks with Strange Attractors in the Chaos Theory I can't help but think that Train Tracks=Destiny. Everything from the Blue Car scene in Hancock to the train in Polar Express above falls into nice context change when viewed with these sync glasses on. DNA is a genetic unavoidable destination. It's predestined if you would. Just like the Train above with the top of the mountain looking much like DNA Kundalini style. The Train is Destiny, the Mountain is the Spine or Human Body, the moon is Imagination. Destiny? You have to be destine to catch a fish? And what if it's not my destiny? Is there any other way to think that will influence my luck?"

Read the entire blog entry here.

That post reminds me very much of the themes I was trying to cover in Christ's Musical Express. It's good t0 see someone else coming to similar conclusions. Interesting that it's all coming together close to the holiday season considering all the references to Christmas. Also there was an interesting conversation in Christ's Musical Express' comment section so check that out too.

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