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Friday, December 4, 2009

3 Inverted Pentagrams

Lately I've been noticing an influx of references to the number 3 in popular culture. This trend started with the recent Britney Spears song "3" and more recently has found itself associated with the use of inverted pentagrams in popular culture.In a recent trailer for the Disney film Toy Story 3 there was an interesting scene where a dog descended on a ball containing an inverted pentagram (star). This is an obvious reference to Sirius the dog star which is an important aspect of Occult doctrine.The trailer reminds me of a scene in the film the Truman Show where there is an obvious reference to Sirius.In the scene a light falls from the sky and when Truman picks it up it contains the word Sirius. There are a ton of other esoteric references in this film.

The inverted pentagram symbolizes spiritual subservience to physical matter as opposed to spiritual ascension. It is meant to represent carnal desire and could also represent the animal aspects in us all (hence the goat head often being associated with it).

The number 3 and inverted pentagrams also found themselves on the cover of a recent release by singer Slim. You may remember Slim from the 90's R&B group 112. They were signed to P. Diddy's Bad Boys records.Obvious inverted pentagram+ 3; red, white, black

Wonder Woman on Esquire magazine

Rapper Birdman's new tattoo


  1. Three was a very important number to the Gaulish and Briton Druids. There is a mobile phone company called "3" in the U.K. It crops up in the lore of the Druids all the time. Some say that Sirius was an important motif for the Druids also:

    Advanced Celtic Shamanism By Deanna J. Conway: Druids & Sirius

  2. I've been hearing about the Druids all week. This is just more reason to research them a bit more. Thanks for the information.

  3. theres also a '3 is a magic number' advertise for a british channel bbc 3

  4. in esoteric arts, 3 is the number of the holy trinity, three are the persons within me, and the inverted pentagram is the signal of the fallen man.

  5. I like how it all resembles fractals, nature, life and the universe is all about fractals, once that we understand this concept, we can understand the laws of all.


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