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Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Trance Formation of Kanye West

A heavily airbrushed Kanye West appears on the cover of this months Details magazine. The photos were shot by Steven Klein, who has is known for photographing other Illuminati stars such as Madonna, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt.
Brad & Angelina by Steven Klein by TREND LAND.
Here's a photo from a famous shoot he did with Brad and Angie for W magazine.
Hot Madonna for W Magazine by Steven Klein by TREND LAND.
He also did the new photo spread of Madonna with her new boytoy Jesus, also for W magazine.
But anyway, in Kanye's new photos, he is depicted as being arrested and/or detained by cops or guards. Afterwards he is shown being examined with wires in his heard. There's also photos of him trying to break away from the guards.
It seems that Kanye's alter structure has broken down several times and he's tried to break free from his programming several times because this is not the first time he's been depicted this way. The photo shoot is very similar to his video for "Stronger". Click here to watch that video. As you can see, same idea, Kanye being brought in for examination and causing chaos by trying to break free. The song samples "Harder, Faster, Stronger" by Daft Punk and they appear in the video doing the examination on Kanye. Here's one of the members doing the "a-okay"/"666" sign from this blog entry.
Daft Punk themselves are highly symbolic.
They always perform inside of a pyramid. As you can see, one of the members of the crowd are throwing up Jay-Z's pyramid hand sign. The members of Daft Punk throw up this sign a lot themselves.
Here are a few photos from their film Interstella 5555.
Notice all of the half face/one eye/split mind symbolism. The film centers around a band that is examined like in the Kanye photos and video and transformed into "harder, faster, and stronger" versions of themselves and are promoted as a famous band.
But back to the Kanye video. Later in the video Kanye awakes from his sleep and breaks out of the room he is being detained in. The guards then rush in and try to stop him.
The cops have the Star Of David/Hexagram on their uniforms that I spoke about in this entry.
I've been meaning to do more entries on Kanye. I want to cover his obvious ties with Freemasonry and his relationship with Jay-Z. He and Jay-Z are basically the male version of Britney and Madonna (minus the make out session).
Don't act like I never told ya...

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