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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Occult Clothing

Ever since I've started this path of discovery I've noticed that people are wearing Occult symbols on their clothing without even realizing it. Recently I went shopping with a few friends and realized that you couldn't even find clothing without Occult symbols at Macy's in the mens department. I won't go into detail about this first shirt because most people will just assume they're using lions to make the shirts cool and won't realize the occult symbolism at play.

This shirt brings to mind Skull & Bones. Skull & Bones symbolism is everywhere, one example is Gwen Stefani who uses skull & bones and checkerboard symbolism A LOT. I will most likely cover her work in the future because it is full of Occult symbolism and it goes way behind the obvious checkerboard and skull & bones imagery.
This shirt has a lot going on. There's the crown, double headed eagle (this symbol is used a lot), and Jay-Z "Roc" (it's really a pyramid) hand sign with an all seeing eye in the middle. A lot of people think Jay-Z's hand sign means the "Roc" but it's really a pyramid and is used in other areas besides his work. This shirt is one example and Daft Punk are another.
This is a screen cap from Ecko's website. If you look you'll see the Occult horns hand sign.
More Skull & Bones.
Skull. The skull is highly symbolic is Occult practices as it represents death. Death & Rebirth are embraced in Occult circles so it's not surprising they we see the symbolic "comebacks" of Illuminati puppets like Britney Spears and rebirth themes in the works of stars like T.I., Lil Wayne, and Jennifer Lopez. This is a concept I'll get more into in the future since it is popping up so much latelym, but I'm just briefly covering topics in this entry because I want to keep the focus on Mark Ecko right now.

Death watch. Tick tock tick tock tick tock...

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