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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More on Watchmen

Alex Jones recently gave a review of the new blockbuster Watchmen. He pretty much sums up the Illuminati agenda that the film propagates. Click the below videos to view his reviews.

Alex Jones points out that the creator of the comic book, Alan Moore, is an admitted Freemason, Occultist, and Magician. What I found interesting is that Alan Moore does not support the film adaptation of his comic book. Click here to read an article on his displeasure with his work being turned into popcorn propaganda.

Below is another link of Alan Moore and he shares some pretty interesting thoughts. I know because he's a Mason I'm suppose to hate him, but generally he seems pretty insightful and I share a lot of his thoughts on the disintegration of art, music, literature, and film. I also agree with him on his assessment that artists, authors, directors, etc. are essentially magicians. I believe that fact is what is behind all of the rituals we see in pop culture.
Magicians wear top hats and pulled bunnies out of the hat to symbolize magic. In Britney's video for "Circus" we see the same thing happen (although she herself does not pull the bunny out because she is not in control of her career or even life). This is to symbolize her (or the people behind her) control over mass consciousness at the moment. When she makes a move people stop and stare. Look at how she sexualized young girls at the beginning of her career. Older men were openly lusting over this then 16 year old pop star. Madonna once shaped popular culture even more so than Britney. Remember the "Madonna wannabes" of the 80's? When she got into Eastern philosophy so did the world; she made Kabbalah an accepted part of culture. She passed the top hat onto Britney because Britney has more influence these days. The stars that I talk about on this blog are modern day magicians. The only difference is their power is backed by huge corporations who want to control us. That's why exploring the repetitive themes they present to the media is so important. Put on your own top hat, unless you don't mind being led by this...
Yes, that is a period stain. Anyway, watch the video.

Alan Moore, Creator of Watchmen, on what Magic is Video

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  3. @ november 11,2011 6:22pm,you obviously have learned nothing.all celebs do whatever their masters i mean "managers" tell them to. celebs do whatever they are programmed to do. it is sad u still havent figured out celebs.get set up to look bad so you can constantly talk about celebs behavior instead of giving any thought to what our naughty government is doing.


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