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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Robotic Ritual

I would like to give everyone a heads up on a Youtube series I've been following for a while about the robotic agenda in popular culture. It's a brilliant series that really shows a lot of in depth clues as to how deep this ritual has really gone. I definitely suggest you watch the whole series and his other videos as well. It's always nice to find other people who are on to what's going on so I don't feel as crazy, LOL. Anyway, check it out.

This series actually brought Ciara's video for "Go Girl" to my attention. I don't really know that much about stars post 2003 because that's when I really distanced myself from mainstream entertainment so I had never even seen this video. The series points out a lot of the symbolism in the video like the checkerboard ceiling when she's in the office, T-Pain's top hat, and of course the robotic outfit but I also noticed the elevator symbolism I discussed in my blog entry about Britney's video for Madonna's tour. Click here to read that entry and click here to watch the Ciara video. Notice how when she reaches a new floor on the elevator she comes out "re-invented".

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  1. If you look st the video for " crazy in love" by beyonce, it shows her being killed by Jay z, (who is her partner in reality. Since that video I think) She then comes back from the dead and she's all over him, kinda. It represents him killed the old girl, and ressurecting a new one.

    Also, check out the full video of " Deja vu" with her and Jay Z. I can't watch it on youtube for some reason, bt if I remember correctly, it is full of symbolism. I could be wrong.


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