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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kabbalah star coverts lesbian lover to Jewish faith

From Perez Hilton:


Even though their relationship has been teetering on the edge of destruction, LezLo is insistent on proving her commitment to sa MAN by converting to Judaism!


While in London, Lez put forth her best effort and attended Shabbat services on Friday night with her MAN at a South Kensington synagogue, a hop and a skip away from Bryan Adams' home where the hard pAArtying starlet is shacking up while in London. That is the same home where Lohan once mysteriously "fell" and injured her arm.

Lindz also showed up to the bar mitzvah of saMAN's half-brother, Joshua Ronson, at the synagogue on Saturday afternoon.

Of course the catholic-born L has gone public with the news, updating her Facebook status to read "I'm converting" as well as telling members of the temple that she's "trying" to convert to the Jewish faith!

If Lindz decided to stick with it, Mazel tov!

We have a feeling this will be old news in a matter of days, though.

Wonder how Papa Lohan feels about the conversion??

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