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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tom Hanks : Illuminati Actor

In my last entry, Christ's Musical Express, I briefly mentioned Tom Hanks and my belief that he is an Illuminati actor. This morning I found the following video by Youtube truth seeker Killuminati that points out the various Masonic and Illuminati symbols that appear in numerous films by Tom Hanks and other actors. Check it out.


  1. Hey, just happened upon your blog but, before that I had just mentioned to my husband that I thought Tom Hanks was a Mason.
    I have no proof for that and have never even thought to research it till now. It's simply been a gut feeling of mine for a long time. Interesting to see other people believe the same.

  2. Well, Hanks was in two Dan Brown movies which address secret societies. Specifically, in "Angels & Demons," the Illuminati. So, wouldn't Hanks be thought of part of the, movement, if you will, of exposing the truth?

  3. but hes friend -big friends of Steven S...so..I think he is

  4. You know therefore you don't. I've seen the truth unfold thru the years, & Tom Hanks has been in a lot of important movies that pretty much SLAP viewers w/ the truth but They know 99% of the audience will take it as bullshit no matter how much proof there is in front of them. The Burbs 1989 tells you what you need to know. Youtube scene 4/10

    1. Yup! It doesn't surprise me, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Prince Charles, Churchill, Lady Diana, writers, directors, the list goes on. All of these 'famous successful' types. Everyone's at it. You have to be a Freemason / worship the devil.

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