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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chariot Princess

In a recent blog entry about Usher, by celebrity gossip site Bossip, the subject of staged celebrity publicity shots came up. Apparently stars like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Usher, and Rihanna are hiring paparazzi agencies to take photos that the stars and their handlers later sift through to find the best shot to send out to the media. This is, of course, nothing new. Old Hollywood was completely staged with not only staged paparazzi shots but arranged marriages. That's not to say that there's anything wrong with that. With stars like Britney Spears almost being consumed by paparazzi vultures I can see why others stars are attempting to take back control of their public image.

My main interest in this scenario is what are the messages being propagated through these highly publicized shots?
Here is a staged shot of Beyonce and Jay-Z leaving a restaurant. Jay-Z is wearing a Saturn inspired shirt while Beyonce is rocking a military, Michael Jackson style jacket. The image of Saturn has huge Occult importance as Occultist worshiped the God of Saturn among many others.

The military inspired fashion always reminded me of royal bloodlines. It's of no surprise that all of the usual suspects have worn similar outfits.
Michael Jackson started the trend way back in the 80's. With his huge success, he was of course a huge tool. He pioneered many of the programming themes like the military fashion, Clockwork Orange, and the robotic agenda that we see being used on the new generation today. He eventually rebelled and was punished but that's a whole different story. I may cover that in the future (I mentioned some of it in my Just Dance entry).
Here we see Britney Spears whipping her observers into shape as the Ringleader of her Circus Tour.
Kanye under his multi-colored ella ella eh eh (another staged photo? He's linked to Jay-Z).
Little Miss Sunshine herself (Rihanna) always being used as a tool these days.

And then there's this video by Janelle Monae. Full of symbolism. We have the military outfits, Metropolis theme, robots, holographic images, Eyes Wide Shut masks, top hats, umbrellas (inside of a building), MJ dance moves, lightening shock (awakening), wedding.

Let's bring it back to the publicity shots. The first photo of Rihanna getting into a cab is interesting. If you've followed Soundlessdawn on Youtube I'm sure you're aware of the Taxi Cab symbolizing a dimension traaveling chariot. That is why the checkerboard pattern is on Taxi's.
To conspiracy theorist, the checkerboard pattern simply means "Masons", but it has deeper symbolic meanings concerning dimensional traveling and duality. Conquring the light and dark, heaven and hell and that is why it is used in Masonry.

The cab has been used in association with Rihanna various times. Other than this publicity shot, the most notable example would be her music video for the song "Don't Stop The Music" (which samples Michael Jackson's "Wanna Be Startin Somethin"). Click here to watch.

In the video Rihanna and her friends emerge out of a taxi. Notice how long she sings in front of the mirror. Why is that necessary? If you watched The Workings of Evil. I'm sure you know what she's singing to.


  1. R&B singer Tweet has a song called Taxi, she speaks throughout the song as it the taxi does not have a driver, but is a vehicle taking her to "his home."

  2. Why did you connect MJ to clockwork orange? I don't get that reference?

    So wearing military garb is a sign of illuminati members or pawns? What about those that don't wear it?

    Why would illuminati allow Blacks in if they fel they were/are inferior?

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