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Monday, June 29, 2009


LOVE the ending. Right along the lines of things I've been covering. Can someone tell me what the name of the Jodie Foster movie at the end is?

Update: The movie is called Contact.


  1. That was awesome. Where to start? I think one of my favorite parts was the picture of saturn that showed the "starfish" like five pointed star at the center of the hex. If you look at alot of Egyption writing it is very simaler to the charactor for the "underworld". The Egyptions would of course have no means (conventional) of seeing saturn.
    All in all a very enjoyable run down the occult history of the world. It was very clear by the authors use of Roman Catholic (only) depictions of Christ/ flaming heart/ hand symbolism, his disdain for non Judeo Christianity. I have often pondered the lore surrounding the number 666. From a biblical perspective it is representitive of an individual of considerable capabilities in world deception and someone who is often called "anti-Christ. Interesting the prefex "anti" has the alternative meaning of "another". Another Christ.
    The androgynous aspect of so many deities and the following they have in terms of people who live the same to more closely identify themselves with them, is something we have seen much of right here at MKC. I enjoyed this doc very much. Great bit about repeditive prayer/ chant. Ancient programming for the masses. Tested in antiquity and still very much in use today....

  2. I just sat up and watched ALL 12 parts! Very good indeed! Soo much to process! Thanks again :D


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