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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Seekers of Truth

Just a quick blog entry here to forward some interesting stuff I've found from other people who are seeking the truth and spreading knowledge to the public. I feel like we're all moving in the same direction and voicing what we know for the same purpose; to become aware of what's going on and hopefully inspire others to wake up themselves. I say inspire others because I realize no one can wake up anyone else, it's a personal journey.

Click here
to read an article about the orchestrated propagation of Beatle mania. I mentioned Beatle mania in my Just Dance blog entry and compared Madonna mania to Beatle mania, so I'm just posting this article to give feedback on how the Beatles were used as tools and how the Madonna scenerio was very similar. By the way, I'm not saying this article is fully acurate; as with anything you have to take it with a grain of salt and make up your own mind. The article addrsses a lot of important issues concerning the Beatles too. Honestly though, all you have to do is just look at the Beatles' career to see that they were used as tools.

On another note, there are a lot of truth seekers on Youtube bringing up very valid observations about the music presented in popular culture.

This video analysis of Omarion's music video for his song "Ice Bog" is very detailed a makes a lot of sense. the baphomet, 666 themes, Timbaland's eerir presence; it's all so symbolic and I don't see how anyone can question this analysis. Check it out.

This is another video by a guy named Lenon Honors who does some good stuff although I do not agree with ALL of his videos, especially the criticism of homosexuality, although I must say he does it in a very respectful way and is not disrespectful to homosexuals in any way. Anyway, this video addresses the sex slave themes presented in popular videos by Beyonce, Rihanna, and Ciara. It's very similar to this blog entry where I explained how all of these pop stars represent the same thing and that is the reason behind the similarities in their images instead of the lazy assumption people make which is that they are simply copying each other.

As far as MK Culture, I have a lot more I need to get into. I will be doing a blog on the hidden meaning of Madonna's song "Hung Up" and how it relates to Jesus (Christ, not her boy toy; although he ads an interesting dynamic to the scenario) and her adoption controveries in Africa. I will also be exploring the themes in Kanye West's videos and photoshoots. I've addressed his symbolism in the past but I want to get more in depth with it and explore some of the films that he's taken inspiration from. I will also be addressing mass mind control experiments of the past like the hippie movement and show how artists like The Doors had early MK themes in their work. Besides that I STILL have not done anything on Jay-Z! I have so much to say about him but I've been putting it off for some reason. Expect more on him in the future. Until then, stay conscious.

I will leave you with an interesting documentary by well known truth seeker Michael Tsarion. Click here to watch the series of videos, they are in order.


  1. I'm glad to see somebody else on OrangeMoon and LenonHonor... they are at the cusp of a new movement of awakening to the poisonous hypnosis pop music propogates. I'm discovering some amazing connections to this very movement at my blog The Patternist; I'd love to hear your thoughts on the research.

    I dig your direction; will be watching your stuff. keep the light burning...

  2. This was a great post! Thank You:) How are you doing?

  3. toure, your blog is phenomenal! I can tell you've put a lot of work into it and I can appreciate your knowledge on all of the subjects you write about. I'll definitely be keeping up with your work.

  4. Also, thanks for the comment, Leon.


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