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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Nina Hagen/Lady Gaga

Lady GaGa by princess_lol.


  1. so you find one photo of 2 women who made a circle with their finger and looked through the circle and you have unearthed some kind of Gaga rip off secret? I doubt very very much that Gaga has even heard of Ninam it's like this ; Nina underground german obscure (and the best usually are) opera singer new wave punk and then GaGa : shallow Xtina wannabe devoid of diva octave access and chav queen of a music scene which is the worst it has EVER been

  2. This post has nothing to do with "rip offs". This is a blog about symbolism, think about that a little bit and then come back and read the post again. The fact that you say Gaga doesn't know who Nina is pretty much adds weight to my point, so thanks.

  3. Two worlds separate these two women, one had the career that is also known with another kind of provocation rather feminist (show on tv how to masturbate and reach orgasm, or marry a young punk of 17 years and proud to have young guys, or girls). Nina has caused the passions as does Lady Gaga now. What connects the two women is not the voice that's for sure! Gaga did not and Nina lost! these are two strong heads. They bring each in their kind of music to something.Gaga must be evidence that she is a musician and finally make good music!

  4. Let's face it Lady Gaga is for the ignorant masses who buy product not music. LG makes product Nina Hagen makes music. What ever LG thinks she's doing visually, which is sometimes interesting, has already been done by not only Nina but also, Cher, Debbie Harry, Kate Bush, and Leigh Bowery, etc. The real present day female musical provocateurs aren't Madonna, Britney & Lady Gaga but instead are Beth Ditto (The Gossip), Alison Goldfrapp (Goldfrapp), Peaches and the most visually mind-blowing Fever Ray. In 1985 I saw Nina at the Beacon Theater in New York, front row. One of her costumes included a bra decorated with peace signs and hearts, etc. and when the lights went out in between songs the end of her bra contained two little reds lights that light up where her nipples would be. Even Madonna's nipples have never lit up. But Nina did everything before Madonna too. Except of course for all of those God awful records Madonna has made over the years.

  5. No offense but I don't care who wore lights on their nipples first. The point of this post is to show how long the same occult symbolism has been in pop culture.


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