"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" - Aristotle

Monday, May 23, 2011

2011 Billboard Music Awards Illuminati Symbolism

 Last night the Billboard Music Awards returned to tell-lie-vision after a five year hiatus. The show returned with a bang featuring performances from mega stars such as Britney Spears, Rihanna and Beyonce. I have not done an award show analysis since 2009's American Music Awards because frankly I don't like to watch the shows. I don't like to get involved in the hype of it all and I don't like to support the ruling elite by giving them ratings and energy. However, this award show in particular caught my attention as I had read prior to it's airing that Michelle Obama and other prominent figures would be appearing to honor pop star Beyonce.

First of all, let's cover the nature of these award show ceremonies. A ceremony is a ritual event that takes place on special occasions. In this case these music award ceremonies take place yearly. Ceremonies can indicate initiations or announcements. Orders and secret societies perform various ceremonies to initiate people into the order or advance them within the order.

Music award ceremonies are no different as they often are used to announce the presence of an important figure in pop culture using esoteric and occult symbolism. In 1984 Madonna became an icon as she performed "Like a Virgin" in a symbolic wedding dress. 20 years later, dressed as a Masonic Worshipful Master in a top hat, she walked down thirteen steps (Masonic symbolism) onto a checkerboard floor and initiated Britney Spears who wore the same wedding dress Madonna wore 20 years earlier. In 2009 Lady GaGa performed a death and rebirth ritual inbetween two pillars. Afterwards her fame increased with the release of "Bad Romance". 

The 2011 Billboard Music Awards began with a performance by pop star Rihanna.
Rihanna performed the song "S&M" wearing chains. The song is about the sexual appeal of whips, chains and abuse. The theme of the song brings to mind Monarch programming as slaves are abused and traumatized into submission and programmed to view the abuse as something good. The performance continues on in this vain as Monarch programming themes are used as Rihanna performs.
The surprise guest was Britney Spears. If you've been keeping up with my Youtube videos you're well aware of the overwhelming signs that Britney Spears, who rose to fame under mind control Disney, exhibits both in her personal and professional life pointing towards Monarch programming and ritual abuse. In the performance Britney Spears rises to the stage chained wearing black rabbit ears. Rabbits are often used in pop culture to reinforce the programming of mind controlled slaves who have been programmed with Alice in Wonderland programming. While being programmed slaves are hypnotically instructed to follow the rabbit which is a code to disassociate from the abuse and programming that is taking place. Rabbits reinforce that programming and can even be triggering to a programmed slave.
Later, as the two stars strip on a pole, we see a theme that will be carried out throughout the entire ceremony which is the use of the colors red, white and black. Red, white and black were colors used by Nazi. They are also used to caused chaos in the mind during mind control. You will see these colors used all over pop culture. Msoutofthebox exposed this theme brilliantly in 2009 (Part 1 and Part 2).

In the performance Britney is wearing black while Rihanna is wearing white. This is very similar to Britney's performance with Madonna back in 2003 where Madonna wore black and Britney wore white. This time Britney is the programmed high priestess initiating the younger star into a higher position within the order. The black, white and red theme was also used in Rihanna performance with Eminem at the MTV Video Music Awards.
 Rihanna wearing bunny ears in the "S&M" video with the words Illuminti and Princess behind her.

Later on in the evening Beyonce was honored with the Billboard Artist of the Millennium Award. A whole slew of influential public figures appeared in a video to honor the star including Michelle Obama, Bono, Stevie Wonder and Monarch slaves Barbra Streisand and Lady GaGa. 

After the video tribute was finished Beyonce took to the stage and performed a highly symbolic presentation of her song "Run The World (Girls)". 
The performance started with an image of a lion on the screen. Lions are an ancient sun symbol and are important to the Illuminati. 
Fellow pop star Rihanna featured a lion in her music video "Rude Boy". As you can see a pentagram (star) and an eye (in place of the sun) were also used.
Here are two ads used to promote the Disney films The Chronicles of Narnia. In the first ad there's the lion with a sun glaring behind it. In the second ad the lion is used with it's right eye exposed. In Luciferianism on your Tell-Lie-Vision I explained the right eye symbolism and it's relation to the sun. In the Horus myth (Egyptian mythology which is worshiped by the elite) the right eye represents the sun. During the battle of Horus and Set, Horus' left eye was torn out. Thoth magically restored Horus' left eye. The myth is representative of the restoration of the moon every lunar month. So in the symbolic ad above we have the lion (sun symbol) and the right eye which represents the sun.

Later in the performance Beyonce performed within a pyramid shaped symbol with multiple versions of herself dancing in unison. This resonates the hive-mind mentality enforced by mainstream media. 
Above we see Beyonce dancing with a black sun. The Black Sun is a Nazi symbol used to represent the Aryan race. This concept was used to enforce eugenics which is the genetic composition of population. Within this ideology "ethnic cleansing" is enforced and undesirable population groups are exterminated. This may explain why everyone looks the same in Beyonce's army. The irony is that Beyonce herself is not apart of this desired race. She is merely a tool being used to showcase the agenda.

More pyramid shapes are shown as the performance continues including one made out of a dollar bill. The colors black, white and red are used prominently in this performance. Pretty much all of the performances featured these colors. As I mentioned above these colors were used by Nazi's. 
This is not the first time Beyonce has been used to push agendas. At the 2010 Grammy Awards predictive programming was used as a police state/martial law was depicted. This scenario has been displayed in many performances over the years. 
Both Cheryl Cole and Daddy Yankee have also been used to push predictive programming. The song Cheryl Cole performed was called "Fight For This Love". The title of the song exemplifies the duality ideology practiced by the elite. The Illuminati believe in both good and evil, light and dark. They believe in order to have peace blood must be shed. You will also see this concept in Lady GaGa's "Born This Way" music video as she says "how can I protect something so beautiful without evil". In both of the performances above the Nazi black, white and red colors are used.
Pop star Ke$ha also performed in the show and the same symbolism was carried out in her performances. Her dancers were dressed as red unicorns and they were soldiers again using predictive programming of the police state/martial law. As you may have guessed black, white, and red were the only colors used in the performance.
In the photo above we see a pyramid blatantly displayed in her performance.
"Drink that Kool-Aid, follow my lead
Now you're one of us, you're coming with me
It's time to kill the lights and shut the DJ down
Tonight we're taking over, no one's getting out
This place about to blow!"

Interesting lyrics...

Towards the end of Ke$ha's performance she screams "We are taking over! Get use to it America! This place about to blow!".

Nicki Minaj and Britney Spears closed the show with "Super Bass/Till The World Ends". I covered the mind control symbolism within the "Super Bass" video in Nicki Minaj and Mind Control. It's interesting that Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj are collaborating so often now consider my video on them from months ago. 
As you can see black, white and red were used again in this performance. The same theme from the Britney and Rihanna performance were also used as the programmed high priestess Britney in black initiates the younger Nicki in white. Predictive programming is also used in the lyrics which relate to the apocalypse.

So as you can see this ceremony, like all others in the music industry, was used to push agendas promoted by the Illuminati. The performers are programmed to be idolized are merely tools being used to enforce programming they aren't even aware of. The performers themselves are irrelevant as pop stars like Madonna and Michael Jackson were used before them and others are being groomed to be used after them. These agendas will continue to be pushed in entertainment and other avenues as long as we keep devoting energy to the cause. Remember, the audience plays an important role in all rituals. There will come a time when we will wish we had the choice of cutting our tell-lie-visions off and avoiding our fate. Let's hope we are all awake before that time arrives.


  1. great article i learned a lot i watched this last night also

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  2. Fantastic Article!! I didn't watch this but thanks for suffering for me :) Great break downs and explanations!

  3. Thank you for sparing me from having to watch this... fascinating analysis!

  4. I'm afraid to live in America. I feel like I am being punished by having been born here.

  5. Oh crap. I just fell into a trap by thinking that. GAH! Endless frustrations...

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Spot on as usual! it's so blatant now one has to wonder will the masses ever awaken from their slumber...

    more Rihanna/Britney/Beyonce wrapped in MK Prog'mg Modes
    ITKEK7 Certified Monarch Slaves

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  8. Excellent post. The agenda is so in our faces now.

  9. Meghan M, be on God's hand. Look for Him, call Him. Lord is our salvation. You are right, USA isn't a good place to live anymore. Even so, God can change everything. Pray for your nation. I'll be praying for my nation and for yours. Read the Bible. God bless us all.

  10. *shaking my damn head*
    Show's over kids, you can't wear red, white, and black together ever again. Or like any musician that uses them.
    (Sorry, White Stripes)

  11. This video alone should have raised a red flag concerning The White Stripes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J2QdDbelmY

    They are a band who have went as far as to perform at a Masonic Temple. The ENTIRE music industry is under control.

  12. One thing I think you're wrong about is Beyonce not being apart of a desired race because she's Black. Race is irrelevant here, they want all minds. And what makes her relevant and the desired "ONE" is the fact that she's FEMALE. Women play a big role in this if not the biggest role in mind control because of their sexuality--hence her song "[women] Run The World".

  13. When I said Beyonce wasn't apart of the desired race I was referring to Nazi Aryanism and ethnic cleansing. I completely agree with you that any race is used in mind control.

  14. I'm not even gonna click that link, but I bet it's Seven Nation Army. Good song...

  15. Good to know I wasn't the only one. I said to my Mom, "You notice how ALL the performers are wearing only black and/or white? That's by design."

  16. Orunitier, you don't have to click the link if you choose not to.

    For the people who are following along with the symbolism the video I linked above fits right in with what I've posted in this blog post. I also noticed that the commercial from my previous article, Luciferianism on Your Tell-Lie-Vision, has this theme too.

    Anonymous, I'm glad you spotted the pattern. This was my first time watching an award show in a while and I must say they have become more blatant.

  17. Geez, it's not that big of a deal. I'm just guessing that you posted Seven Nation Army. BTW, what happened with Twitter?? And what's wrong with your blog? It refreshes when you try to comment...

  18. I never said it was a big deal. All I said is you don't have to click the link if you don't want to. As far as Twitter, I deleted my account because it was useless. I rarely updated and when I did it was information I was already sharing on the blog and Facebook. It's also time consuming running a blog, a Youtube channel, Facebook and Twitter. One had to be eliminated. I'm not sure what's wrong with the comments. Maybe it's a problem on your end. As far as I see people are commenting just fine. If anyone else is having issues let me know and I will look into it.

  19. I never said you said it was a big deal.

    Anyways, when you click "post comment" the captcha doesn't show up. Do you always have to "preview" before you post? Even that takes 2 or 3 tries sometimes. It could be IE or Blogger in general, though.

  20. I apologize, I took your initial comment as one of those sarcastic comments that I frequently get in response to my work. I should have recognized your screen name as a long time reader.

    As far as the comments, you can comment without previewing. Are you using a cellphone to view the blog? People who browse with cellphones have complained about not being able to view several things on MK Culture.

  21. It's the first time I have seen a text like this "Princess of the Illuminati" in a music video. It scrolls away fast, but recorded in the subconscious.

    (At 2:45)

    I think the music industry is being run by some kind of a sex cult, and why people are so addicted to such kind of music that has no positive and peaceful impact on human mind and soul. It's high time that they should wake up...

  22. Nope, I'm using a PC with IE 9.

  23. I have a serious question.

    Why do you care? It has nothing to do with you, and really isn't your business who others work for or believe in.

    I'm seriously interested in your answer, and not really taking a dig at you, because no one's perfect...but I want to know your reasons because I think it's interesting.

  24. Oh yes. America is undrseige. From obama to the least. There are millions of cults in america. Recently obama signed a bill on same sex marraige. Churches in america are so worldy. Sodom and gomorahOh yes. America is undrseige. From obama to the least. There are millions of cults in america. Recently obama signed a bill on same sex marraige. Churches in america are so worldy. Sodom and gomorah

  25. its a world with full of filth and people are being controlled by the puppets of the demon. lets spread the truth to the world........... KILLUMINATI

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  27. I've been aware about this for sometime now, I can't believe this it makes me so mad at these weak people soo money hungry !!??? To sale there souls to the devil ..... And brain wash people with there music ...its crazy ....it makes me sad..it trul.. .. feels like we are in the end of days they do this so bluntly...I'm sad for them and was afraid of wat was to come but have became closer to GOD ..now I feel a bit of peace ... For those that don't believe how the industry is satanic are seriously stupid ..there really slapping us in the face with signs .

  28. Jeez, I like black and white colour (design together in clothes), I also love lions and Egypt. So does that make me a devil's worshiper . Lol you guys are crazy.

    1. I never said you said it was a big deal.

      Anyways, when you click "post comment" the captcha doesn't show up. Do you always have to "preview" before you post? Even that takes 2 or 3 tries sometimes. It could be IE or Blogger in general, though.

  29. It's stuff like this that makes me wish I lived In a diff era.oh and by the way if you hear someone (illuminati) sayin anything about the light just know they mean the sun or the eye of Horus(the sun god). Katy perry did a song called circle the drain and I think at 2:57 play it from here And try to figure out what she is sying because I don't have a single clue. But I did play it backwards and I heard he say six the times and Horus but if you want to here it you can. But be prepared for what you hear cause it WILL make you feel... Different. I cannot explain the feeling but it makes me feel odd not normal. Anyways there is another song called peacock were she just makes the messages in a previous song out loud. But try to look into itt if you can.

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  31. Very interesting expose. Really like this blog alot. If anyone wants to see WHY the illuminati hide these things in plain sight and what the story is behind it they may want to check out this article


  32. Here is an AMAZING article series on illuminati symbolism hidden in plain sight. http://consciousliberation.com

  33. Excellent post. The agenda is so in our faces now.


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  39. Dnt nun of dem represents our sign very well in fact it doesn't represent dem @ all az much az it dose uz real true ones & nt no fake puppets or wanna b puppets 2 our sign cuz dey just representing our sign 4 their lives

  40. Learnt alot of new things about the illuminati from this article. I'd like to say Thanx for taking ur time out to compile this for us-the general public

  41. A lot of this is really 'reaching'. I can think of other ways to interpret these things and am sure many can think of endless other ways as well. It's good to think....but over thinking and over analyzing is a sickness. I suppose it makes people feel important somehow though, to feel like they've cracked some secret code. I wouldn't be surprised if the people who come out with this crap are the real ones we should be afraid of.

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