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Friday, May 13, 2011

Luciferianism on your Tell-Lie-Vision

Recently on Facebook someone brought this particular ad back to my attention and I thought this would be a great reference to explore symbolism in the media.

On the surface the ad above is simply a glossy promotional tool by a corporation who's main goal is to garner attention in hopes that it would result in financial accumulation. While finance is one of the objectives, there is also a cohesive narrative on display amidst the seemingly mundane visual representations.

Let's start with the name Virgin. The name Virgin evokes the universal mother goddess archetype which plays a much larger role in esoteric symbolism within the media than it is given credit for. As you may know, all huge corporations have names and logos that correlate with esoteric schools of thought. These symbols become codes within a larger framework which results in a hidden language that most are unaware of but is used against them daily nonetheless. The word logo can be traced back to the Greek word logos which means word. These symbols are a part of a language. They are icons that represent an idea which is understood by initiates and those aware.

Some of these logos are Mazda which resonates with the god Ahura Mazda. You can also see an Owl within the logo if you look at it correctly. Owls are another representation of the goddess archetype as it is seen with goddesses such as Isis, Athena and Ishtar. Most of you also remember Alex Jones sneaking into the Bohemian Grove and capturing footage of the elite worshiping a giant Owl. Other logos include CBS with it's eye logo, NBC with it's Peacock (the Peacock means knowledge and is associated with the goddess Juno) and Master Card who's logo represents a vesica pisces.

The song used in the commercial is  "Feeling Good" by Muse. The inclusion of Muse in this commercial reminds me of a heated debate that took place on Facebook regarding rapper Lupe Fiasco and the legitimacy of his rebellious image which seems to question the elite and it's social structure. While some support Lupe Fiasco and his message, others pointed out his use of occult hand signals (used by Lady GaGa, Jay-Z and other suspected mind controlled/Illuminati pawns)  and his unwavering support from music industry heavyweights such as Jay-Z and 50 Cent and his backing by huge corporation such as Time Warner.

Muse, even more than Lupe Fiasco, toe the line between alternative research and corporate conformity. On one hand they have explored such concepts as MKUltra, HAARP and the Illuminati in their work but on the other hand they are backed by Time Warner, the second largest entertainment conglomerate outside of Disney. They have also performed at just as many award shows as Lady GaGa. In other words, the industry and the corporate hierarchy support their message. The Industry Exposed has done great research into the use of predictive programming in their work in relation to riots and Martial Law.

The Statue of Liberty will make more sense once you finish this post. Nice peace sign. The peace sign has meaning in Cabala (which Freemasonry is based off of) as V is the Roman sign for the number five. The meaning for the Hebrew letter V(Van) is Nail. Nail is one of the secret titles of Satan. The Pentagram (Penta means five) has five sides.

The lyrics to the song "Feeling Good" fit right into the symbolic narrative within the ad. The use of the term "new dawn" in the lyrics refer to Lucifer and the doctrine accepted by the elite. Lucifer was the morning star connected to Venus. Venus is also relates to the goddess archetype which is also referenced in this ad as we will see later. You may think that I am reaching with this connection but as we continue you will see that the theme is carried out through the entire commercial.
The use of dawn and the rising of the sun (light) is continued with the reoccurring exposure of the right eye in this ad. In the Horus myth (Egyptian mythology which is worshiped by the elite) the right eye represents the sun. During the battle of Horus and Set, Horus' left eye was torn out. Thoth magically restored Horus' left eye. The myth is representative of the restoration of the moon every lunar month.

In this ad the actors walk on a red carpet frequently. The red carpet was once a symbol of the elite and their bloodlines. The red carpet was only walked by the heads of states at one point. This is also exemplified as the royal color purple is used throughout the commercial.
To drive the point of the commercial home Lady Liberty is shown with her torch with fire. As I have said before, the Statue of Liberty is yet another representation of the mother goddess archetype. Her torch is shared by Columbia who also carries a torch. She is the light bearer and is connection to Lucifer and Venus. The shootings in Virginia Tech and Columbine are interesting especially when you consider the Manchurian Candidate aspect of it all. The Statue of Liberty was also made by French Grand Orient Temple Masons. The torch represents the "Torch of Enlightenment". The flames represent the sun. Illuminati means to bare light as does the light bearer Lucifer.
 So now that we've covered the symbolism within the ad let's take a look at the picture that it all paints. The song used in the commercial that a new dawn is approaching. The right eye is focused on twice; once with the eye being closed and then opening. As I stated, the right eye represents the sun. We then see a red carpet and the color purple representing royalty and bloodline. We then end as the torch of Lady Liberty (representing the sun) is lit and blazing.

As you can see symbolism is used in the media to exploit narratives that are only meant to be read (through logos;words) by initiatives. These symbols seem random but paint a very clear picture once one is educated on the meaning of esoteric symbolism. I encourage you to take what I have written here and go back and watch the commercial with new eyes.


  1. Another great post MK.

    Also notice how the Columbia clouds (in every version of their logo throughout the decades) forms a pyramid of which the torch is also the eye.

    And you might like to check out Michael Tsarion on Virgin's original logo (starts about 9 mins in)


    Also look at the modern day red Virgin logo and tilt your head 45 degrees to the right. The V becomes an 'S' the 'irg' makes an 'E' and the tail of the 'g' and the underline combine to make an 'X'

    This spells 'SEX'

    So the modern Virgin logo =
    Red logo + the world 'virgin' + the subliminal word 'Sex'.

  2. What happened to your Twitter??

  3. Their ad doesn't make me want to fly with them at all.

  4. What do you mean by, you don't wanna fly with the them?

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