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Monday, November 23, 2009

2009 American Music Awards

The always boring American Music Awards took place recently and lived up to their reputation of being the most cringe worthy music award on television.

As you can see from the picture above Whitney Houston was in the house. They pretty much went all out for her honoring her with a special award. She also performed a boring ballad. I was surprised by the Goddess-like worship she received including the halo behind her head.

Rihanna also performed. Her performance started with a video interlude of the song "Mad House". The song samples her own hit "Disturbia" which mind control and Occult influences have been covered extensively by sites such as Vigilant Citizen. In the video she is pretty much depicted as a robot which could be in reference to her status as a corporate sponsored programmed performer.
Rihanna being built

She is being built by some strange looking translucent figures. They remind me of "grays".
They even implant her with a chip. People need to ask what does all of this have to do with the song or the rest of the performance?
The performance starts with various televisions behind Rihanna. Her people have been using this set for her entire promotional tour. Of course this could represent her real life horror of her personal trauma with Chris Brown being so highly publicized but it could also represent the "mad house" we are all being invited into when we watch these celebrities.

Rihanna herself is mounted on a giant X. I posted about the X symbolism here in my write up on the music video "Run This Town" so it's interesting that Rihanna is being associated with that imagery again.

The Los Angeles Times described the thing Rihanna is mounted on as a torture device due to the fact that she is being turned upside down and she is mounted. It's very similar to a Britney Spears performance during the symbolic Dream Within A Dream tour.
Since we're on the subject of Rihanna I might as well go ahead and post some of the pictures from her album booklet.
Rihanna in her Masonic Top Hat. The paparazzi are depicted behind her; flashing lights are used to induce disassociation.
Devil horns. Oh my God, she's so edgy!
Dolls/one eye

Lady Gaga also performed. For "Bad Romance" there was obvious influence from the film Alien. She then shattered glass (shattered mind) and sung a song about the trauma of her father's recent nwar death experience. When I read that her song "Speechless" was written about her father I expected something different than I heard. Check out the song for yourself. To me the song, as well as the many other "pop" and "papa" references in her work are highly suspect. Also notice the heart references in the lyrics.

To end things off here, I don't usually post random pictures of people thrown up the "horns" hand sign but this one was just too good to pass up.

At the end of her performance of "Empire State of Mind" with Jay-Z Alicia Keys threw up the horn. It was so obvious the way the camera zoomed in on her hand. She also touched her heart while turned towards the Master which is a common Masonic gesture.

You can watch all of the lame performances here.


  1. Yeah, blogged about it! Glad you put in Akeys hand jive. Whitney's blinding light,lol I am sure I saw her do the "rock sigh on the dl during her performance. Good stuff as usual

  2. lets all get over it now i am certain everyone now realize that the industry is shaddy and filled with devil worshippers after all it is his play ground for those of you who are ignorant of the bible lucifer was over music.now lets get to the truth the entertainment industry is being used to keep people in the dark about what is really going on so wake up america stop being deceived get on your knees repent and get saved before it is to late read your bible


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