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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Nicki Minaj and Mind Control

Rapper/pop star Nicki Minaj has taken pop culture by storm in the last couple of years guest appearing on hits from Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, Usher and a slew of others. Her debut album Pink Friday has already broken records worldwide becoming the fastest selling rap album by a female artist in music history. As we have come to find out here at MK Culture, just about every notable figure of influence in pop culture has ties to the ruling elite (often referred to as the Illuminati) whether it be through mind control or occult symbolism.

So far the career of Nicki Minaj appears to be strictly a catalysis for Monarch programming for the masses. Nicki's entire image  is one of the most blatant I've seen in terms of programming codes and themes which makes her popularity among children and young adults alarming.

Nicki Minaj was born in Saint James (a suburb of Trinidad and Tobago's capital city Port of Spain). Around the age of five she moved to Queens, New York with her parents. According to Minaj, he father had an ongoing drug and alcohol problem and was abusive to her mother. This fact is the first alarming sign in Nicki Minaj's personal life. Children of Project MKUltra and Project Monarch often come from abusive households with parents who are on drugs and suffer from alcoholism. The children are sold at a young age and remain slaves for the remainder of their lives. Suspected MK victims Rihanna and Chris Brown also come from abusive households.

Nicki has revealed in several interviews that the abusive nature of her upbringing forced her to create alter egos to escape her troubles. She has stated that her first identity was named "cookie" and it "stayed with her for a while". Her next identity was "Barbie". Barbie and dolls are programming tools for Monarch victims who are often programmed with doll personalities.
The photos above exemplify Marionette/Doll programming. The first picture is of Disney child star turned sex kitten Christina Aguilera. Many have commented that in the photo Christina resembles the doll next to her. This exemplifies how children are programmed with alters of their real life dolls which stay with them and help reinforce their programming. Hopefully you noticed the leopard print sheet she is laying on which is standard for BETA programming where cat/kitten alters are stored and are sexual in nature (see Beyonce's "Kitty Cat" music video). It is also important to note that Christina was a Disney child star. Disney is important in Monarch programming as their films are used to program MK children and programming and abuse take place at their amusement parks.

The second photo is of Avril Lavigne. As you can see she is sitting like a doll. MK victims who were programmed with Marionette and/or doll alters have alters who believe they are the doll that they were programmed with. Avril Lavigne has been used her entire career. In her music video for "Losing Grip" she is literally shown performing in the middle on a pentagram. She is also wearing a skull and bones belt. Both the skull and bones and checkerboard were/are constant themes in her videos and performances signifying who owns her. You will see this same symbolism in the career of Gwen Stefani both with her band No Doubt and as a solo artist. There are also photos of Avrl throwing up a common trigger which is also known as "devil horns" by many conspiracy theorist. Gwen Stefani frequently flashes this trigger as well. This sign reinforces the programming of any viewers who were programmed.
 All seeing eye and skull and bones hidden in plain sight in Gwen Stefani photo shoot.

Trigger flashed briefly during J. Cole's "In The Morning" music video (J. Cole is signed to Jay-Z's Roc Nation) and Nicki Minaj's "Your Love".

Gwen Stefani and Avril associated with checkerboard patterns. You can find this in dozens of their videos/photo shoots.

In the first photo Avril performs on a pentagram and in the second we see the skull and bones symbol on her pants.

The Marionette/Doll programming is evident in a music video called "Walking on Air" by Kerli. This music video also features many black and white patterns which are also used to enable duality in the mind of the programmed individual. In the video Kerli is also seen spinning which is yet another programming tool used to dizzy up the mind before and after abuse. In Kylie Minogue's music video for "Shocked" you will see her in a revolving door as well as many other programming themes which I covered in MK'd KM. The rocking chair is also an occult code. Kerli also appeared on the recent Alice in Wonderland soundtrack, a soundtrack that also featured Avril Lavigne. The dolls are once again a prominent theme in the music video for "Tea Party". Avril references "spinning around" in her song "Alice".

 Alice in Wonderland/Through the Looking Glass are one of the most known programming tools of Monarch programming along with the Wizard of Oz. While being programmed and abused, victims are hypnotically instructed to go "over the rainbow", "follow the yellow brick road" or go to "wonderland" which means to dissociate from the abuse/programming. Nicki Minaj recently did an Alice in Wonderland inspired photo shoot which also included butterflies, some of which were even Monarch butterflies which is the official symbol/trigger for Project Monarch.

Nicki Minaj's "Barbie" identity seems to have stayed with her as she often refers to herself as the "Harajuku Barbie". Gwen Stefani is also obsessed with the Harajuku culture which is ripe with Monarch symbolism. Coincidentally, or not, Gwen Stefani released an Alice in Wonderland inspired music video in 2004 titled "What You Waitin For".

Nicki Minaj not only refers to herself as Barbie but she calls her fans Barbies or Barbz. The Barbie theme is all over her work.

In both of these photos we see her in a Barbie box. On these boxes are butterflies. Mariah Carey is in one of the photos and I'm sure all of you are aware of her butterfly obsession.
Nicki with butterflies all over her jacket.

Nicki Minaj graduated from LaGuardia High School which is the same school Lourdes is currently attending. Lourdes is the daughter of pop icon Madonna who has long been suspected of being a Monarch slave who is probably now advanced to a handler and a sorcerer/high priestess. For the most part programming is passed down to slaves children. Lourdes is often seen wearing black and white which, as I mentioned earlier, is used to create duality/split within the mind of programmed individuals.

Lourdes looks dazed here as she leaves the Kabbalah centre with her mother...

Speaking of programming being passed down, Mariah Carey recently gave birth to twins. Twins are programmed with a programming called "twinning" although twinning programming does not always require the two programmed slaves to be blood twins. Sometimes children around the same age are being programmed and initiated together and go on to live parallel lives like Disney stars Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera who both appeared with Madonna on the MTV Awards in 2003. 
Mariah Carey had a butterfly painted on her belly while she was pregnant. She also named one of her children Monroe after Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn Monroe was a Presidential Model which means she was a Monarch slave who was programmed with the purpose of having sex with the elite which would explain her sketchy relationship with the Kennedy's. Female programmed slaves are often programmed with "Marilyn" alters. Many stars such as Madonna and Scarlett Johansson (both of whom have dated/been married to Sean Penn who told Madonna he owned her while beating her for 9 hours in 1988) have been known to dress up as Marilyn. Pretty much every actress and some singers have dressed as Marilyn as some point. Some such as Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith and Megan Fox have weird obsessions with the tragic blond icon.
Monroe/Leopard print (BETA programming/cat alter reinforcement)

Madonna seems to be used in the same way as Marilyn Monroe as far as programming goes. Many stars also have weird obsessions with her, most notably Lady GaGa who appears to believe that she is Madonna.
Recently Nicki Minaj's video for the song "Superbass" premiered and of course these same programming themes were exploited in the video.

The video beings with the standard "one eye" symbolism.
As the video continues we see a pink Barbie car. When I saw this scene I thought of Lil Kim and her Barbie car she used often in the 90's/early 00's. These two women have been making headlines recently for a feud over their similar image and paying homage. What is really sad is they don't realize they are fighting over who gets to program the public with Monarch symbolism. Lil Kim also referred to herself as "Barbie". In her iconic squat photo she is wearing leopard print. Nicki Minaj recreated this photo in 2007 and used candy instead. Candy is an MK code word. MK slave Candy Jones was named Candy for this very reason (she was born Jessica Wilcox). 
In a Barbie world...

Nicki Minaj dressed as Marilyn Monroe in leopard print

The Barbie brand was created by Ruth HANDLER. 
Check out this Barbie car with a butterfly on the front.
And again...

I could really go on and on about the Barbie brand. They have really been instrumental in reinforcing Monarch programming. They have been instrumental in reinforcing the princess theme which is another programming tool used on young girls (this theme is also most notably exploited by Disney). 
Kim Kardashian as Barbie with "Ken". Only half of Ken's face is shown which represents a split mind. Check out the cover for Girl Interrupted (so many programming themes in that film) and Daft Punk Interstella 5555 (the characters in this film are literally mind controlled and turned into a band in this film) for more on this symbolism.

Speaking of split mind, Nicki covers one eye as the video progresses. This whole pink hair thing is yet another programming tool believe it or not. Sexual alters often don pink wigs when they switch. When Britney Spears broke down she often donned a pink wig. As the paparazzi stalked Britney they used their brains long enough to notice that when she wears her pink wig her personality changes. There is reportedly a sex tape where Britney is wearing nothing but a pink wig. Remember the sexual alters wear pink wigs. To take it a step futher the paparazzi revealed that Britney invited them into her home. She then proceeded to her dressing room. When she returned she was wearing a pink wig and had no recollection of ever inviting the paparazzi into her home.

To end things off, the video for "Superbass" ends with Nicki Minaj in a black and white striped skirt. As I stated earlier, black and white are used to create duality within the mind on Monarch victims.

In conclusion, Nicki Minaj's entire career exploits symbolism known to be associated with Project Monarch. She and other stars also exhibit questionable signs including blackouts, loss of memory and "personalities" which are also symptoms of trauma based mind control. On the surface pop culture seems fun, you watch these stars and it takes you out of your mundane existence for a moment. You are led to believe that you are less than them and these ideas are reinforced as you look up at them as they are on stage in concerts, you wait for hours in a line so that they can sign their names on a paper for you and you buy tabloids to read lies about their personal lives. What I am presenting here is the idea that maybe you have been lied to and their lives are much worse than you could have imaged. Maybe by buying their products you are contributing to the rape of millions of children and empowering an elite group of people who only interested in enslaving you.

If you are tired of chanting "it's Barbie, bitch" and frantically searching Moequesha's beauty salon for a pink wig to wear at the next date of the Pink Friday tour (which for some reason takes place on Tuesday), I will leave you with the names of three key books to read, let the information marinate and come to your own conclusions. From there you can take it further and continue the research for yourself.

The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier

Trance Formation of America by Cathy O'Brien

Thanks For The Memories by Brice Taylor


  1. I have always felt that today's pop icons are not behaving like a normal human being. Many are flashing weird hand signs and are highlighting one eye in their videos, like a programmed slave. These pop stars are corrupting the minds of the young, and are only promoting the culture of materialism.

    I have read "The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave" - in this book fritz has also discussed about the torture based mind control, being used in secret societies like freemasonry. It's a pyramid scheme, where few at the top are controlling the many by using mind control techniques. It's time that everyone should stop listening to the mainstream music.

    Nice blog MK culture, Keep it up.

  2. Keep Bringin' It!

    more MK'd Nicki Minaj @ITKEK7 Certified MK's

    Be Well & Stay Vigilant

  3. I haven't been on here in light years. Still one of my favorite truth seeking blogs. Nicki Minaj has a lot of symbolism and programming in every aspect of her work. I need to do a post on her I haven't done anything on my truth seeking blog since forever (Blind Sighted By The Light). I tried to go on A Daily Dose of Deprogramming the other day and you need a special invite. I would love to see what's on there still. Keep up the post and I love your YouTube channel.

  4. ConspiracyRealist, it's good to hear from you again! A Daily Dose of Deprogramming is on hiatus but I recently received a message from the author stating that it may be back soon. Could you leave the link to your blog? I forget the address.

    ITK7, I recently read your article on Michael Jordan and it was great, as usual. The photo gallery you just left with Nicki Minaj has a photo of her in zebra print. Here's an interview from that day where she describes her personalities: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFYou-c7HKE

  5. I know I been on hiatus with my non-truth seeking side of life, so to speak. LOL. Ima fashion major and my boutique opens this fall. I live in the Bay Area too. You should come by sometime. I have a fashion blog and website that I focus on and I keep the two completely separate there is a lot of occultism in fashion. I'm thinking of shifting the focus to that on my truth seeking blog. Since this is the industry I work in and I see it everyday. Up close and personal.


    I actually did a post, today. It's been a year, smh, shame. Please tell her I want to access to the site again once it's up. I'm looking forward to your next video or post. Thanks Yeshua(Spell Check)

  6. Well if anyone had any doubt about Nicki "Super Bass" should have made things clear now. In "Moment for Life" she shows off and brags about her now dream-come-true life. In "Super Bass" she shows you what she had to do to get it. Foolish girl even said she's "no longer struggling to survive" but who knows how messed up her head might be and if it might even start coming to the surface.

    So, yeah, after acting like a robot (and talking like Ke$sha?) she covered her eye standing between two pillars, of course. And she showed us that her purpose is to make as many young, dumb girls as possible become like her, which is to say mind-controlled sex slaves as demonstrated in the end of the video making being a harem worker look so girly, romantic and magical.

    It's very creepy and disturbing for a video that entirely in pink, green and blue when you actually see what's going on in it. IMO I don't even like the lyrics.

  7. Oops, almost forgot to mention the cat print stuff she wears.

    The real point of this video I think is as a showcase of Nicki. The lyrics are mostly meaningless as their possession of her is more important than anything she has to say. To show that she's one of theirs. The differences between her: When she's not programmed she's arrogant, mean, emasculating, they show things that she likes and then when she's under she's an obedient, robotic tool useful in converting girls to other tools, and that creepy first dance with all those girls, then the same ones in the end scene!

    That's what it seems like anyway, I'd hope I'm wrong.

  8. great post: http://justifytheory.blogspot.com/2011/05/occult-fashion-alexander-mcqueen.html

  9. when i got deeper in this analysis of yours and searched in other places the same themes it striked me how powerfull this is even if at first sight it sounds just like "anoter conspiracy"...
    i thinck these simbols used in the programming are verry powerful for the human brain.
    i was mollested when i was a child so I KNOW the dissociative abilities are real.i felt it.it makes you not care about what happens to you because trauma affects the split parts of your mind,not the core deep inside of you it's your soul that you can protect it's like the pure child inside that you are able to hide
    what strikes me the most are those hidden symbols you talked about...because I always had an attraction for these things for no reason:the monarch butterfly,alice in wonderlands,red shoes,owls,cats,egipt gods,pagan goddesses,the chess board in design..now for pink,blonde hair and marylin look...it's kind of a creepy coincidence to find these specific things all gathered here so i assume they are powerfull archeypes hidden in our brains because i don't work in their industry so no one manufactured me this way

  10. Here's something interesting about "Fritz" "Springmeier." May not be easily digested by people that are triggered by Christian language (even though "Springmeier" is of course a "Christian" himself), but useful for those capable of achieving an objective lens:


    The blue box contains the most relevant information.

  11. I find it strange to never read anything or even a mention about 90's rapper Foxy Brown aka "the ill nana" (ilnanna)

  12. I briefly mentioned Foxy Brown in my post Aaliyah, Left Eye, Horus, and the Moon back in 2009.

  13. Thank you so much i just read that post today. I noticed that the Foxy Brown's pose in the screencap looks exactly like Inanna. Curious that Lil' Kim was the original Queen B, and Foxy was Bonnie to Jay-Z's Clyde, before Beyonce who now embodies both. Can't all can't be an accident. Babalon Working!

  14. Sorry about typos, etc.

  15. " Moequesha's beauty salon "? A bit stereotypical, no? You can buy a pink wig at party city. Outside of that, good article.

  16. Thank You Anonymous for commenting about "Moequesha's beauty salon". You can buy a pink wig @ Party City and it did distract me for a sec while reading.

    IDK what race the author is I just want to say you have a great article with info. I plan to share, but please don't say things like that it just takes the focus away from this vital information.

  17. The comment about the beauty salon was not meant to be offensive. Nicki Minaj's image in itself is a stereotype. As a black man I find her image to be offensive and I wanted to make a tongue in cheek comment on it. This is a woman we have seen wearing a fried chicken necklace and an exaggerated size butt invoking more stereotypes.

  18. i have been reading your blog for a few months now.thank you for taking your time to post all the info. you have.i feel alot of people who are NOT 'in love with the world' have always thought something is not right with the entertainment industry.to many things that are strange which you have covered.you can tell alot of 'stars'are programmed to program us away from God. this is what they are paid well for.

  19. i feel like your reading into this stuff too much. since when was it not alright to put a butterfly or wear skulls on your clothing? if i was a celebrity and wore butterflies and skulls i guess you would call me an illuminati puppet too right? would you rather me go nekkid then to show that i'm not apart of anything? or should i not even bother to wear a wig of any color on stage. this is just nuts and very idiotic. and about nicki minaj. so what the girl wants to be bizarre. i notice whenever a person tries to be out of the box people take it the wrong way. i like being bizarre myself. so if i was a celebrity and i walked on stage wearing all red with a big medallion or something hanging from my chest, guess what would happen next. ppl like you will be making long pages accusing me of being in the illuminati and that red is one of their symbols and i'm sporting it around. when i'm just wearing it becuase it's my favorite color. i know you will deny and probably have something to say back but i just think ppl are blowing up over nothing. and yes the poses are similar because nicki is copying her pose because kim used to look up to kim until the whole beef thing happened.

    1. The history of mind control is serious. There is an established group that literally learned how to control a persons mind to get them to do whatever they wanted including become talented in a given field. Nicki's insistence on multiple personalities along with other signs strongly suggest she to is a victim of mind control and the tricky part of it all is she doesn't even realize it. She didn't realize her Grammy performance was an occult ritual. In her interview with the Breakfast Club she was more into her name-brand dress and all the other exclusive gifts she received but she had no comment for why she chose that concept as a performance.


  20. error on last sentence. meant to say nicki used to look up to kim before the whole beef thing started.

  21. Wow, that picture of Avril Lavigne as a doll shocked me. I mean the thought of her also being a tool is so weird :S I thought she just did her own thing and never saw anything about her that points to illuminati. I was a really big fan of her for years. Still am actually.. :( Thanks for this article.

  22. The point of Nicki sticking her hand over one eye where she sings in the song "He's sicker than that dude with a dick in his eye" Is to show how some men are dick heads, visually rape people from their perversions and this inequality in the social system can equal to emotions being encompassed as a person has a cocky eye and by moral, they won't look as good as if they weren't around dickheads. Jeez, it's perfoming arts, don't take the moral's and theme's presented in the song to a void arena. This is real life situations with real life people.

  23. What The Fuck Did I just Read?

  24. What About Her Wig ? Its Half Pink , Half Blonde .

  25. I am currently writing an article about Barbie and her subversive influence on the masses, I was about to start my research on the Barbie brand and MK Ultra, I think you could probably write much better on this topic than me, any chance you could do a blog on Barbie and MK? Have you seen the very first Barbie commercial? It is loaded with triggers!

  26. God what a crock of shit.

  27. Brilliant article, thanks!

  28. Anonymous... And women. The average group to attack any view that points out the fish lives in water

  29. what the fuck is this shit

  30. I've literally just started to read up on this stuff and so much makes sense now. Lyrics to songs moreso, especially I'm a slave 4u

  31. People do more reaserch... This Mk media mind control stuff is just the tip of the ice berg..ITS TIME TO WAKE UP AMERICA...WAKE THE FU#% UP!!!!


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