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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Star Initiation - Lady Gaga

Here's an analyst of Lady Gaga that is very well done. The researcher comes to some of the same conclusions I did about the reoccurring death themes in Lady Gaga's work. They seem to have discovered a few that I didn't pick up on so look out for those.

Occult Analysis - Lady Gaga from Humanbatteries911 on Vimeo.


  1. DAMMIT!!! I hate when they delete these very valuable videos of truth. Could you please re-upload the video or find a working link? I think some of these videos we need to download ourselves and re-upload when trash like this happens because they NEED to be seen. Thanks for good finds as always Yeshua.

  2. I'm in contact with the person who created the videos and I will repost when they find a server. I have some suggestions I will send to them later.

  3. where can I find your just dance post?

  4. Lady Gaga is my favorite pop singer and she is one of my favorites singer in my life, I use to buy some Gaga's albums and listen with my friends.

  5. As a summary, Contrary to her outré style, the New York Post described her early look as like "a refugee from Jersey Shore" with "big black hair, heavy eye makeup and tight, revealing clothes.


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