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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Introducing Ke$ha

If you haven't already heard of current pop sensation Ke$ha chances are you will in the coming months. She has emerged as the current pop princess, breaking records set by Lady Gaga and Susan Boyle. She currently has the # 1 album and song in America and has two songs in the top 10. Although it seems like her explosion on to the pop scene happened over night, it turns out she's been lurking in the back ground of pop culture for a few years now.

She first appeared in an episode of The Simple Life which was a "reality show" starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. She appeared on this episode with her entire family including her mother who is a famous songwriter in Nashville focusing primarily on Country music which is interesting if you consider the speculation on mind control in Country music and the image Ke$ha is now using.

According to Ke$ha she became friends with Paris Hilton based on her appearance in the show and she became a session singer for Hilton when she bagan recording her flop debut album. They eventually had a falling out but Ke$ha remained in Hollywood and made some notable friends that would help in advancing her career.

One of the friends Ke$ha made in Hollywood was then up and coming singer Katy Perry who is known for her kitten symbolism. Ke$ha appeared in Katy's debut music video "I Kissed a Girl".
Ke$ha and Katy became friends based on their association with producer Dr. Luke who produced "I Kissed a Girl". Based on the success of Katy Perry, Dr. Luke was called in to produce the most annoying song of the last... well, ever. That song was "Right Round" by Flo Rida. Ke$ha is the annoying chick singing on the chorus. So now we know who is producing these horrible songs. Between Dr. Luke and RedOne I don't know who's worse. Eventually Ke$ha recorded her own album with Dr. Luke and the rest is history.
Not surprisingly Ke$ha has emerged with the usual symbolism associated with these pop princesses. Her debut album is titled Animal which is a pretty common theme. Female singers have been symbolized as animals, most notably cats, for decades. This symbolism is shown in the picture above by Ke$ha's leopard print pants. Her debut single "Tik Tok" also plays into that animal feel as the subject matter is very similar to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance". The song is pretty much about partying, getting wasted, and letting go.

In the photo above the standard one eye symbolism is displayed. Skeptics will say this is just a coincedence and means absolutely nothing. Let's take a look at some other photos of this young lady.
This photo was used for the cover of her single "Tik Tok".

No one eye here but I decided to post it based on the animal print clothing.

I could go on all day but let's not.

Ke$ha seems to be exposing the same eye that Lady Gaga often did when she first came out.
She's now being instructed to expose the other eye as pointed out in One Eye of Horus. This is the same eye used by bigger stars such as Jay-Z, Madonna, and Bono. A sign of Gaga's increasingly important position in the industry?

If Ke$ha becomes a more important star I'm sure we'll see her using this same symbolism. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on her.


  1. I kinda get pissed at people using occult imagery for money. Not speaking of the $ as a sigil for ISIS, cause it is. But people like JayZ and the Johnas Brothers who steal Alister Crowley's thunder and keep their occult feelings in the closet.

    I pray that there is an afterlife and these people will get to meet AC himself and maybe he will tear their souls to shreds. I can dream can't I!

    PS think of Harry Potters Tom Riddle, based on Crowley (no credit givin). He never charged for teaching his magick, except maybe some sex here and there.

  2. just what the world needs now - another crap female popstar!

  3. Courtney Love believes newcomer Ke$ha could become prey to the music industry and its hawks.

    Love has praised Ke$ha’s thumping breakout single TiK ToK and said she would like to take her under her wing.

    Love posted to her Twitter page: “Ke$ha is in dire need of a vibe that matches her… shes being moulded into something not her that will fail. I want to save her… f**k Ke$ha I need to school her… Ke$ha I will save you (sic).”

    Love continued: “[Ke$ha] sweetheart you make me go all maternal, I want to save you from the jaws of impermanence and soul death… When I watched the Youtube of [Ke$ha I saw] a lost little soul… the u tube had a lady from [record label] RCA /Jive/[CEO] Barry [Weiss's] nightmare correcting her every time she spoke, they grabbed pushed and she’ll be gone.”

    Ke$ha has a raunchy yet sweet blonde look that is reminiscent of a younger Courtney.

  4. Ditto on jessica's comment about Courtney reaching out to Kesha. There is an endless factory of girls waiting in the wings for their time. I believe she wrote songs for Britney,no?
    Side note her entire flow seems like a rip off of Kid Sister.

  5. Ke$ha is the American version of Uffie--whom I realize IS American but she's really more of Europe's problem, the way Kylie has never really been big here in the states, where we've been force-fed Madonna for 20+ years. Its like these girls have their own territory and even if they reach fame across the pond, their exposure is extremely limited and well controlled. Uffie is no stranger to the one eye symbolism or black and white checkerboard and stripe pattern either.

  6. Never knew that she appeared in Katy Perry's video.

  7. This is incredible"!! but why do these women make us suffer like this? I like all of these photos because these women look so sexy and provocative specially the Katy's photo where she appears seeing the buttocks of the other girl, I got so crazy.


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