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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Whoa, Nelly!

Nelly is one of the many celebrities controlled by the fraternal organizations that are controlling the music industry (I will go into details later). You see the symbol he's making with his hands? It's an upside down pyramid. It's used often by Masons and if you look closely you'll notice many stars like Denzel Washington and Will Smith are often photographed with this same symbol.

freemason by Khalil...BluBlak Music.
This is the symbol of Freemasonry. If you look closely you'll see this symbol in the painting above along with the symbol that Nelly is photographed flashing.
Here Nelly uses the repetitive duality theme used by many MK/Masonic stars with his Sweat/Suit album. The double album is meant to showcase the two sides of Nelly. Very similar to Beyonce's new Sasha Fierce theme.

More celebrity duality/alter egos/split minds.
t.i.vs.t.i.p. by fabi_test05.
(Also note the checkerboard)
Watch the first video from this album. Notice the Masonic masks similar to Eyes Wide Shut and the checkerboard floors.


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