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Sunday, February 22, 2009

If U Seek Esseker

A few weeks ago someone suggested a supernatural thriller to me called Mirrors. I watched the movie and I was a bit surprised at just how many MK Ultra themes were shown in the film. First of all the movie stars Kiefer Sutherland. Kiefer is the son of Donald Sutherland and Shirley Douglas, so like Illuminati icons Angelina Jolie and Drew Berrymore he was born apart of the Hollywood bloodline. He has Scottish ancestry from both of his parents and his grandfather is Canadian politician Tommy Douglas (Illuminati). Most people probably know him as the star of the hit television show 24. If you look at the ads for 24 you'll notice a lot of the Illuminati/mind control themes that I, and others, have been discussing for a while.

Both of these promotional ads feature the one eye symbolism. The second even features the green eye which is another theme used a lot in this subliminal programming. Madonna, and I believe George Michael, have been shown with green eyes in their work. Kiefer has also fell into the "hollywood break down" trap that so many MK stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears experience. He was arrested for a DUI (aren't they all at some point?) and reportedly has a drinking problem. I'm not saying he's MK'ed, I'm just pointing out a few signs. The bloodline, Scottish ancestry, the way the big corporations portray him in ads, and the standard "hollywood" break down points to some sort of Illuminati involvement and/or mind control in his life.
Amy Smart plays his sister in the movie. A lot of you will probably recognize her from BLATANT MK Ultra film The Butterfly Effect starring Kabbahlist Aston Kuther. I will most likely do a whole blog on The Butterfly Effect in the future. So yeah, she has a history of MK films. Like many MK Sex Kittens she was trained in ballet at a young age. Another red flag is she was also a model for a while and as a teen went to Italy, France, Mexico, and Tahiti alone to pursue her modeling career. First of all, if you read Pseudo-Occult Media you knosw how Mk oriented the fashion industry is. The fact that she went to all of these places as a teen just puts more weight on it. Amy is often portrayed as a sexual object. If you google her images you'll see just about every part of her body. She appeared nude in the 2000 movie Road Trip and is even nude in Mirrors. In The Butterfly Effect she played a child sex abuse victims who grows up traumatized. As you know, sexual child abuse is used to create Sex Kittens. Look, I'm not saying she's an MK'ed sex kitten but if it looks like a duck and it talks like a duck...
In 2005 she starred with Ryan Reynolds in the movie Just Friends. I only bring this up because Ryan is the double R resonator in many films and if you look at the Mirrors ads I will post below you'll see the double R symbolism featured. Watch this video for more on that:

She's also going to be in the new movie Crank in which Psedudo-Occult Media has already done a blog entry on. Click here to read it. So yeah, two stars with an MK history.

Here are a couple of ads for Mirrors. The first one features the double R symbolism and obviously the mirror symbolism since the movie is titled Mirrors. The second ad featured the fractured glass (fractured mind) symbolism. So anyway onto the movie.
So in the movie Kiefer's character is a divorced father of two. In this scene the mother asks "Where are the kids?" to her helper/baby sitter. At this point you see "Oz" on the refrigerator in the standard blue and red colors. As the mother goes upstairs the children are shown
Here's the daughter with a rainbow colored butterfly on her shirt. This is the first real Mk hint in the movie.
The son is played by Cameron Boyce who also acted in Eagle Eye which I briefly discussed in this blog entry.
As Kiefer's character starts to see things in the mirror he is shown with more "split mind" symbolism. Mirrors are used in mind control to create a split the mind and create seperate alters. Mirrors were used by various spiritual practitioners to transport to alternate realities. When creating MK Ultra, the CIA studied various spiritual practices. So here we see Kiefer with the split mind symbolism because he can now see things inside of the mirror. He is now "in 2 worlds" as he can see his world and the alternative "Oz" reality.
The movie is about Kiefer's character investigating a fire that took place at a small. The mall is called Mayflower. Learn more about Mayflower and the Illuminati here. This picture features a Caducesus.
There are tons of shots of mannequins. Mannequins are used as symbolism a lot because it symbolizes the emptiness and void of real personality aspects of mind control victims. Remember the personalities you see are alters, the real personality has been stripped from the victim. Anyway, doesn't this mannequin look like Angelina Jolie? LOL. I will get more into mannequin in my future Britney Spears entry.
In another scene the son wakes up scared after seeing a woman in the mirror. The mother consoles him and assures him she's right around the corner as a sun and rainbow are shown. So she's just "over the rainbow".
"Fire at Mayflower"
The first victim in the movie died on a checkerboard floor after his "mirror image" (alter, mind control trigger) killed him.
In this scene the doctor says some interesting things to Kiefer's character. This is when they really get blunt with the MK themes.

"You know Mr. Carson, when one starts to perceive ones own reflection as a completely seperate being, one is suddenly confronted with two entirely seperate egos, two entirely seperate worlds that can strip us at any given moment -- the feeling of self hatred, usually triggered by a psychological shock, can split the personality in two, hence creating two or more personalities with distinct memories and distinct behavior patterns within the same individual. The patient then has the false perception of the existance of two distinct worlds, the real world and the world inside a mirror."

How much more MK can you get? They are basically spelling it out for you, this is a movie about MK Ultra veiled as a Supernatural Thriller.
More hints on the frig with the maid/helper. It's hard to see due to the size of the picture but if you look at the drawing there is KM on the picture which is MK mirrored.
Another butterfly in the daughters room.
All of the victims in the movie are told to "find Esseker" by their mirrors. It is later revealed that Esseker is actually Anna Esseker, a formal mental patient with a "personality disorder". She was admitted to a psychward and they put her under treatments where she was strapped to a chair and forced to stare into countless mirrors. The new treatment didn't work. This section of the movie reminds me of this.

That's pretty much the main themes I wanted to cover but this movie is filled with so much symbolism. I will leave you with this picture.


  1. Very good article. Looks like Kiefer sign up to Illuminati crusade of subtle themes propaganda.

  2. i looked up 24 and saw that it began a month after 9/11. a show about counter terrorism? pretty perfect timing huh? then i looked at the dvd boxart (the pictures you have here), and i was like well, shit. this show is clearly illuminati as evidenced by the boxart, and just propaganda for their war on terror project. the show is also notorious for being anti-muslim


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