"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" - Aristotle

Monday, August 3, 2009


An interesting point of view from Lostworld (a member of various forums):
It's not about religion for me. I've never been a religious person, my search has never found its answers within religion.
Religions are being used as an opium to the people, to keep them occupied and away from the real truth.
Still, religons, although the writings has been altered many times, share some common ground - the ancient (alien) gods, that IMO are the key to our background.

Perhaps, religious persons more often use the names "Satan", "demons" etc. On the other hand, I think too much nowdays have to be explained within psychology... Before everything was blamed on demons, now everything must be explained as "mental problems". I don't agree with that. Why can't it be both?
Yes, you can be damaged in the head, just as well as your arm may hurt = nothing demonic about that. BUT, there are people who are being haunted and "bullied" by demons too, and they refuse to call themselves mentally ill etc, they just KNOW.
I've seen too much and experienced too much myself to say this doesn't exist... On the contrary, to me it explains a lot!
And I do think lightbeings are more likely to be victims by these beings, due to their energy...

They attack you cause you are good, so you will not be able to do what you were meant to do; spread the truth, help chilren & animals etc. They want you to not function, cause when you do you are a threat to them. A threat that must be stopped...
Notice; there are a lot of sheeple who doesn't know about the NWO, the Elite etc who are good people and who do a lot of good things and don't get attacked as much so IMO we who know more/who are different, lightwarriors/starchildren etc are more targeted.

I also think that if you're feeling really bad & get dragged down by them it will only get worse and they will attack you even more. Cause then they have a "free way" into you, the door is open so to speak. It's a negative spiral... That's why it's important to try to stay active, keep negative energy away, eat healthy, surround yourself with good things etc.

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