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Friday, August 14, 2009

Britney officially passes the Lolita crown to Miley

Teen sensation Miley Cyrus appeared on the Teen Choice Awards this Sunday to present a Your Ultimate Choice award to Britney Spears. The walking Disney brand gave a speech about her "hero" and proceeded to show a montage of Britney's most famous sexually suggestive video clips to an audience full of teenagers. Later Britney herself appeared with her hair all over the place looking more like she did during her breakdown (she has been appearing like this a lot lately).

Later Miley once again caused controversy by dancing on a pole. This is interesting considering this recently happened.

Remember this episode of South Park?


  1. Looks like Britney couldn't get off strange fast enough, that was odd. How can these people claim to be kabbalist when they are pure ego? not that I care about that religion but it's just a thought.

    Never heard that Miley girl sing wow, just wow. She makes Britney's packaged shit music sound like Beethoven.

  2. Well well well .... 3 years later , look at miley now


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