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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Beyonce's Shattered Dream

"I'm going out of my head..."

The video for Beyonce's "Sweet Dreams" is finally out. As expected, there's major MK symbolism involved.

The video begins with Beyonce dreaming. She then begins to levitate with a dove flying above her. This scene reminds me of ChekSewdah's analysis of Maxwell's "Pretty Wings" video. I wish I could post his/her analysis here but for some reason it's no longer on their Youtube account; anyone know why?
Beyonce inbetween one of her dancers who has a double. The duality theme has begun.
Beyonce herself is then shown with a double as she descends deeper and deeper into her sweet dream.
Next both of her dancers are shown with doubles as they stand in mannequin poses (remember mannequins appeared in Beyonce's Diva video and are often used as MK symbolism).

There was also this scene where it switches from three Beyonce's to Beyonce and her mirrored dancer. Could Beyonce's dancers represent two of her alters? This is her fouth video featuring her and two female dancers.
Beyonce and her dancers perform in a hypnotizing spiral later on in the video.
Multiple Beyonce's in front of a mirror.
Beyonce then shatters the mirror. Anyone who knows a little about the MK symbolism knows that shattered glass and/or mirrors represent the shattered mind.
Her robotic alter, Sasha Fierce, is born out of the shattered glass.

While we're on the subject of Beyonce, I recently ran across the making of the "Crazy In Love" music video and found a few interesting things.

First of all the video is directed by Jake Nava. Jake Nava is also set to direct Shakira's new video which, as you can see by my recent entries, I expect to be highly symbolic. Pretty much all of his videos have been symbolic. I'm sure you guys have seen Orange Moon's analysis of "Crazy In Love", if not click on her link in my Truth Seekers section. Besides that, he directed Britney's Stepford/MK video "If U Seek Amy" and the Spice Girls' Occult video for "Holler" which was the subject of my first blog entry.

Also right at the beginning of Part 2 Beyonce says "I think he wants to do like a fashion shoot..." and she clearly has no idea what she's going to do until the director gives her orders. That's why it's always weird to me when people want to vilify the celebrities when most of them have no clue.

Also at 1:56 on Part 2 you'll see the director reveal the mannequin theme. It's interesting that she had this theme going on way back in 2003. the mannequins and the car that explodes were picked up again in the "Diva" music video. There is a very ritualistic way in which they do things.


  1. incredible. I was surprised that she actually opened the new video with such an obvious reference to trance (even threw in the dove); there's no way Beyonce mistook that symbolism for something else.

    I've been wondering about the color in her vids as well. All except "Halo" from this album have been in black and white. In "Sweet Dreams", the coloring switches to black and white after her shattering trance-sition.

    great stuff. will be using some of this in my upcoming Beyonce conclusion (if i ever get around to finishing it).

    The official version of the vid is up now

  2. Glad you did this:) It is easy to blame the face/ and the one who appears to be reaping all the benefits. If the mood hits, do more on Shakira?

  3. I will probably do more on Shakira once the promotion of her new album starts.

  4. cheksewdah;s videos are now on eclippsetv....here is the maxwell episode link:http://www.eclipptv.com/viewVideo.php?video_id=6413&title=Check_the__Lyrics_Episode_4

    i mentioned this post in my latest blog post. you always inspire me...and yes i'm gonna jump on the bandwagon and request Shakira analyses, maybe even mention her parallels with Beyonce and how they curiously look similar? (Bey's Beautiful Liar vid with her)

  5. Thanks 48lawsNdreams, I enjoy cheksewdah's videos.

    Also thanks for the comment. I've done an entry on Shakira. I did not mention Beautiful Liar though, maybe in the future. BTW, nice blog.



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