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Sunday, July 5, 2009


From Wikipedia:

The music video was directed by Jake Nava. It was shot from June 9 to June 12 in Los Angeles, CA.[7][8][9] According to one of the participants in the shoot, the video features live wolves.[10] A video for the Spanish version will also be released.[11] According to Shakira's official website, the video will be released in late July.[12]. Shakira's official website described the video as "An inventively sexy video directed by Jake Nava and featuring the metamorphosis of a woman told through her unique dance techniques".[13]

[edit] Critical reception

The song has received positive reviews. On June 16, 2009, Pop Justice got an advanced listen of the track, describing it as "literally very good".[14] "It doesn't sound like anything Shakira has done before - it's a bit dancey and a bit electronic with a quite organic disco feel - but even as an instrumental there would still be a feeling that this is very much a Shakira-sounding track.

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