"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" - Aristotle

Friday, February 18, 2011

Not Born This Way


  1. Brilliant! I've always had a soft spot for Anne Heche but I never realized she had a butterfly tattoo. So sad...

  2. I hate the way Oprah talks to McKenzie

  3. what version of 'the Knife - Heartbeats' is played in that video?

  4. I appreciate your work. I have to tell you that while things seem to point in certain directions, we do live in a mathematical universe in which symbols are produced by the unconscious as clues to the metaphor. What we see as a web of "coincidences" are in reality messages of the unconscious and not necessarily a complex plan by a ruling few, although granted, I do believe they have a hand and are active. For example, religious cults of America were created by the CIA. Children of these cults have been programmed. I know, because I was one. But, it is not done as intentionally or as sinisterly as presented. Nor is the programming overt or as decided. Certain developmental stages that persons of mk are arrested at, are attracted to certain symbols. This is merely a developmental fact and not due to programming. Most trauma occurs to children under 6 and thus dissociative states are created. When a child is dissociated, their being is suspended over their body light as a butterfly, and the world looks like a doll world with plastic dolls who have no feeling. This is how what you term as doll programming happens. From this day forward, aesthetics can trigger a dissociative state. Handlers are sadistic narcissists who merely mirror the original abusers. this is about child abuse and the system of narcissistic sadistic tolitarian abusers who profit from their talents gained through dissociation (reflection of the macrocosmic society). Through dissociation you experience the totality and can harness abilities that to many are non human. But you also are split, between a human, locked away deep in a doll world and the plastic version that must come out to survive. If this happens young enough and the child is retriggered and never finds safety in order to be itself, it turns into an entirely dissociated being, containing fragmented mirrors of it's split self to function.
    I suggest looking into Jung and the unconscious archetypes. The few who have awoken from programming know what's going on. However, I must give you credit for your work. It is though a more widespread issue than people knowingly programming. Children are being programmed unknowingly by parents who are employing no such specific programming directives. Alpha, beta, etc are not being used. Those states and symbols are produced naturally from traumatic experiences.


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