"It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it" - Aristotle

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Poll!

I'd love to hear your feedback.


  1. I voted yes! When I ended my blog, I was at a point where everything was pointing inward. It was driving me nuts. I wanted to share more about myself as a woman... who is embracing abstinence and possibly celibacy. My hopes is to build higher vibes/energy and gain more knowledge of self/spirit. Your blog has always had a spiritual feeling, therefore a natural step.

  2. You know what? I was thinking about making it a more collaborative effort with different people posting personal stories, suggestions on a healthier diet, music, books, and ways to increase energy and stay spiritually afloat. If you're interested in contributing let me know.

  3. Hey MK Culture,...Plenty of esoteric spirituality sites out there; no doubt you would bring to bear your exquisite talent, none the less: Perhaps you need two Blogs, because IMHO your MK Ultra work is essential to the cause.

    The collaboration thing sounds cool though, many heads etc.

    On the topic of spirituality, you should swing past my Blog and hit on the Templar Link. We have some incredibly interesting info' and you would probably not be surprised to hear that all the baphomet crap and wierdness accusations are hogwash.

    Deus Vult.


  4. I should have clarified that I will continue on with MK Culture but the idea that I'm thinking of will be a separate blog with many contributors. Veritas6464, I will check your link out.

  5. Yup, I'll subscribe for both, better than the tube! And I can read at work lol!


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